Monday, January 31, 2011

RPG Dimata To The Rescue!!!

Dimata runs and leaps through the jungle in the light of the early morning. It's heat energizes him as he prepares for another day of incredible adventure thanks to Urbanmusiq!

I have been keeping this one horded away all month. This has been one heck of a month from start to finish. I figured I would end this months blog posts as epically as possible. This incredible masterpiece by Urbanmusiq is beyond description even from me. I was pondering what I would write about this for some time tonight. I realized the image has a little bit more of a story then I recalled. Urban requested to do something with RPG Dimata for some time. I was very flattered to see him take an interest in the character. See, Urbanmusiq worked on this in late last December, during a time when I was at the sickest I have ever been in my life. You might have wondered why there were so few blog entries that month. Well, let me tell you, it hurt just to sit in front of the PC and type. I wish that was an exaggeration. I used to slump over e-mailing people. I ended more then a few conversations after less then 10 mins!

Still I pushed myself when ever I felt a bit better. Being a stubborn male, I would go outside with my dogs and more often then not, wind up regretting it. Many times I came back in with the chills so bad, I would shake for hours, huddled on the couch. I lost my voice more then once too. It was the worst cold, cause you would feel good, do something and then the bastard of a virus would hit you so bad, you felt 100 times worse. Every part of me hurt and hours felt like days.

So what does all this have to do with the image? Did it save me? XD LOL well, I think all the wonderful art and e-mails I did do helped a lot. But, this one almost killed me! I just read the e-mail I sent to Urban and I really should post it here. It was an actual play by play of my reaction to and the images lasting effects on me that day! I opened it and got really excited. I was very overwhelmed by the steamy hunk he had concocted. A little too overwhelmed! My heart started beating fast, resulting in my breath becoming very short. I had a hard time catching my breath. LOL. It literally took my breath away as I entered a really bad coughing fit! XD I actually had to get up and get a drink to handle my dehydration. Then I took a little Nightquil, to calm the cough. Afterward I tried to relax to calm the resulting shakes! After that, I rested a bit before continuing the e-mail. XD No other image ever had that effect on me. LOL. ^_^ But I didn't care, cause I was in love with this awesome image and I was gonna type my thanks no matter what! I laughed and typed all through that, making light of my ridiculous condition to Leon.

I certainly didn't feel worthy of such nice art. He's a vision of loveliness. An echo of the spirit of his creator, being strung out across the page. I had sent many poses to Urban and was very glad he chose this one. It shows a lot of motion as he leaps over a log/vine and into adventure. This is the kind of pose that makes you stand up and take notice of an image and character. He just bounds towards you and grabs your attention right away.

Love the way he mixed the black and skin/item and cloth outline colors. It's so Disney! By doing this the cock head has this very soft squishy look to it in comparison to the hard strong shaft. The shadowing effect is really something to admire. Leon got the arms and bottoms of the legs to look so plush and warm. The shine on his legs make 'em look like they were just shaved! LOL. Every inch of him is perfection.

Now, I shared this with a couple friends and they were all astounded by it as well. Adonix went as far as to make a neat 3D version of it! With his permission I am proudly presentiing that as this months closer! Thanks everyone for visiting the blog so much this month. I have never had so many visits before! All the artist should take a big bow.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines in the Kingdom! Yelmo retuns to Tonia and Adonix contiunes his Bara Quest!

Happy Valentines day! XD I always do these kinds of posts the day of, or a day before the holiday, so for once I am gonna do it early! Valentines is the one holiday I seem to forget about till about a day before. I had to buy Valentines the night before on more then couple occasions as a kid. This year I will with the help of some friends show this holiday a little more love!
A couple weeks ago my muse of a buddy Guytoonist gave me a challenge and we sat and thought up dozens of holiday themed ideas. One of the ones I came up with was this image below of Cupid wearing a parka. You often see Valentines specials were it's spring out, but not where I live it's not. It's always during the dead of winter!
I decided that instead of a regular Cupid, Tonia should be put into the role. I knew just who to ask to get it done...Yelmo the man who first gave him life! XD I was happy to find out he had opened his commissions and took one! He worked feverishly and boom here it is for all to see!

It's a big thrill to see Yelmo work on Tonia once again. He has not drawn him since his creation in 09. That's just too long a time span between sweet art! XD He always does an exceptional job on faces. Tonia is very handsome! Love that rich and smooth hair on him. Some polar bears are gonna wanna dip in that honey! The parka is exactly what I had in mind. Sexy and fuzzy! Note the tan is strongest on the head then gets lighter as it moves down the body. This was done to show Tonia has been covering up these days as the temperature has dropped. His legs look very cold! Nice touch! Yelmos veiny cock looks very real too. The fact that they stick out on that pale skin also help establish the chilly feel. Excellent work as always Yelmo! If you are interested in a commission from him, I believe he has some slots open still.

Now on to the second image! This big burly guy is none other then Kid 'Pit' Icarus by Adonix! Adonix has opened up his slots once again and I took a couple. He wanted to challenge his skills by doing more Bara! This one as he put it, almost killed him! XD LOL. He worked really hard on this going over tons of bara images to make sure he got something we would both be pleased with. He wound up with a little big boy overload! I can understand that. XD He did a really cute first draft and about an hour later used that design on a slightly different pose. It was at this point he worked on it really trying to nab the style found on bara bodies. I have to say mission accomplished cause this is as perfectly bara as Icarus will ever get!

Palutinas magic has once again made Pit into a grown man, but this time, something went wrong! He grew up too fast, before his clothes could adjust. His chest burst forth ripping and tearing all but the very top of his shirt. As his cock grew as he got excited and the boner that resulted, tore off his toga. His cock moaned for attention and even in front of the goddess he could not resist taking his burly hands and gently stroking it up and down. The cock bouncing and pulsating towards her begging for attention... The goddess blushed at the sight of the young stud glistening with lust in heavenly light...

Thanks Adonix! You are superb man!

Since we are celebrating the day of love, how about a little Joey and Shyne in the heat of passion? Looks like the men have been struck by Cupids arrow below. WTJohn gave this sketch as a gift to me last year. Johns been going through some tough times, so to cheer him up I sent it off to Caravaggia. She added some color to the encounter. She did a great job, giving it the look of a painting. Her colors really strengthen the lust between the two characters. What I like about it is the way she outlined the boys in certain places. Around the legs and shoulders they look like cut out figures placed on a background like in Paper Mario, or Little Big Planet. It's a very cool touch. I thought the dark subdued tones along with leaving in some of the sketchiness make for a gritty, rawer portrayal of this perhaps inappropriate advance by Shyne. Joey looks like his cock is ready, but his mind is not so sure about doing this at the moment. XD In the soft light, not too far from prying eyes the two will partake of each others flesh. It's a beautiful image and I just wanted to make any excuse to post up the combined efforts of these two artists ASAP!

You know, seeing Yelmo do Tonia as a cupid is fitting because Tonia got a bit of inspiration from Brad Patton. Brad you might know played an Angel in I think his final movie with Falcon, Heaven To Hell. I have included a gallery of his promotional images below. (Made for net distribution.)
I did a review for that movie back in the day, I would post it here, but it's not very relevant 6 years later. XD

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Bone Hunt Begins, Lastmanoutheres Newest Boldest Hunk

Hey guys! I got something truly awesome for you this evening! I have been iching to post this for a couple days now. Tonight I bring you the grand premiere of a brand new character created by the dangerously imaginative mind of Lastmanouthere. The worlds most hard core Paleontologist: Ignatius D'Marrow! I got to sit back and watch Lastmanouthere's creativity run rampant this week as he doodled, sketched and wrote up tons of concepts for this guy! He is one well chiseled mountain of a man, that would love nothing better then to extract your fossilized bone! XD

Here is his story, which would make a great little mini comic intro to come with an action figure of him! ^_^

Geeky Iggy D'Marrow was fresh from his paleontology degree when he was appointed as deputy curator of the city's natural history museum, as means to earn his graduate title.
Not long after, he was asked by Dr. Steinson to join him in a little dig near the city, in a promising venue known as Hellcreek.
Among the various fossils, none of which seems entirely familiar to the team, a strange talon was found. Though it resembled a dinonychus piece, the material was nor organic, but rather a carved piece.
As soon as Iggy touched the claw, something strange seemed to occur to him. As though thousands of memories rushed into his mind--except that those memories were not his at all!

Seconds later, Iggy found himself recovering from fainting in the middle of nothing, in a valley that was not quite Hellcreek. His team was nowhere to be found. He laid naked, barely aware.
"And who might you be, young portent of a man?"
Iggy was startled by the old man voice, mostly because he hadn't realized the man approaching.
"I'm Iggy... Ignatius D'Marrow. This is not Hellcreek, isn't it?"
I obviously wasnt. The entire landscape there seemed not as barren as it looked primitive. Strange.
Where he was, or how had he arrived there soon became accessory questions as he tried to raise. He was taller, handsomely muscular, and needed not his glasses to see anymore. As the other had stated, he was indeed a portent of a man! Except for the strange claw in his hand, he held nothing from what was now his past life. The old man, though, didn't seem to even notice his nakedness, or the obvious bewilderment. Moreover, he was apparently glad at both.
"So you are from this Hellcreek place, then." said the elder. "Very well, Ignatius of Hellcreek, follow me. I need to explain you some things."
"Or at least, those I do understand."

What will his powers be? Will he join the side of good, or greed and evil? Only Lastman knows for sure!!!

Ignatius blew me away right from the start. I love a ceratopsian skull, but I find them so impossible to draw. So that fact that he had drawn one with so many decorative ornaments, like a jewel eye and added gold endings on beak, cheek bones and middle horn and placed it smack on his shoulder was pretty freaking cool. This guy just demands respect. From his dino-damage face paint, to his cold steely eyes, right down to his eye popping claw cod piece, you know this guy isn't fucking around! Gotta give a nod to that protomammal like skeleton he is wearing. That thing is the ultimate in prehistoric armlet fashion. The piercing is really hard core...I mean, talk about taking things to the extreme to make sure a waist necklace stays fastened to ones self! Maybe he can magically heal that puppy when he takes it off...if not, well, he can certainly cum and piss three ways all over his lovers bodies! Wicked... :P
Lastmanoutheres coloring is always great! Against the white background it has that animation cell look I love so much. This time he applied some creamy skin tones and a shock o' hair, red, like the fires of hell to his hunk. That hair style is just so perfect on him, it just grasps his head like the claw of the beast that lurks deep within his heart.

Man's it's been a little while since you last drew a character and I am glad to see the time away has conjured up such a created stew for you to serve up to the world!
Hope you guys dig him! (I could not resist okay?XD) More is comming from Lastmanouthere soon!

Rikuo and Donovan by Illuminate001 and Lux!

A little more Capcom catch up before the weekend starts. First off is an image by a fellow Canadian Illuminate001. This was great cause it uses and actual attack from the game and makes it very naughty. Actually, when ever I saw Rikuo do this move in the game, I used to swear there was a frame that showed his package a little too well. :P So that is where my inspiration came from. I don't see Illuminate001 around much these days. I was lucky to be part of his final batch of commissions. He was super nice I gotta say. He even sent me the male Felicia separate, which was really cool. If he ever returns I would commission him and again and I do highly recommend him!

My response, I was so in love with this! XD

I love that wave HAND thing...That is awesome! This whole thing shows you did your research big time! It's so hot, just the way I wanted Rikou to be posed, and the foreskin on Rikuou is just where I wanted it too! Man excellent background, gotta dig that moon light! You know Donovan is just loving that wave, who wouldn't. I bet he's hoping to get a little more then that water on him too. :heart: I love how Felicia is holding his tail and a cut cock is just what I would assume he would have. Guess cause Felicia is American and has that religious background..It just fits with him so well. He is so hunky and looks even better as a male, at least the way you handled it he does!:heart: Dare I say it? I will: MASTERPIECE. This will be talked about for ages. Every time Rikuo does that pose I swear you can see his penis in the game!!!! Now you have made a dream of mine come true and I can't thank you enough!:heart::heart::kiss:

His response to that:

Hehehe well its quite a cartoony idea with teh hand thing but then again DarkStalkers was always super cartoony rite DP? :tongue: Omg im soo glad u liked male felicia. this is actually my 1st time ever creating a female character into a male version of them and i was soo not sure how to go about doing it. do i make his hair short now? Do i make his attire more masculine? i didnt know but i tried to stay true to her original design. Ur most welcome!

This is a very cool picture of Rikuo and Donovan done by Lux! I commissioned this in early 09 and he had it surprisingly for me in May just after my birthday. I wasn't even sure he was doing it! XD It turned out to be very popular. Here is the uncensored version. I wanted Rikuo in swim trunks, cause I thought it would be hot! For the first time I requested Rikuo to be cut with Donovan uncut. I like how he got the very 3D effect with the fins.

Well check you guys next time!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Anyone know what happened with SaruX?

I commissioned SaruX on the advice of a friend. He had come to this person wanting help in early 2010. That Feb I paid him for a commission of Nova and liked the initial sketch enough that I inquired about a second. He asked me a question about the second, I replied, payed for Nova, and never heard a word back from him. Since then he has posted one commission in the start of April. He did a blog stating he was tired of dealing with commission customers after having a Homer Simpson in New York type escapade occur in his life. I wanna know just how bad those guys were, cause I couldn't even get a response from a question he asked me! XD He did one more post, then vanished. He has been spotted around and I tried to make contact several times, just trying to answer his question at first. It's really sad cause he got a lot of artists to do a 'help me journal' for him to advertise his commissions in his apparent time of need.

I am sure I was not the only one trying to make contact with him during the year. Around October I thought, the heck with it, just e-mail him about getting the image in high res. Weeks went by, no response. So I actually got blunt and asked him straight up if he could send me at least the high res of this in October on his front page. I like the image, so I thought, you know get someone like Caravaggia to color it, if he won't get off his ass. Well time passed,and still nothing. Was he even online? Did he die? I found out, he had been on the site several times after I asked and he just ignored the message. That's just terrible.

My advice? Don't commission this guy. He basically did a dine and dash. I have no ill feelings towards him, cause I don't know him, or his situation. I really just want this done to be honest. I do gotta say anyone that can't reply to customer that was answering their questions after a year, with payment sent is not in the least bit trust worthy. I know the person that talked me into this commission was very ashamed of him.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New Thundercats? '__'

If you saw this on an art site, I wonder if you even give it much of a second look? Would you be mean and just comment about how off it is, or make a nice remark about the artist doing a cool variation in their style?

Hooooooo boy....this is a stretch. It is going to take me a long time to get used to these designs. It's really hard to see my beloved childhood characters go through so much of a dramatic change. A friend of mine was horrified and remarked that it seemed to him like every time they try to do updated versions of American franchises they end up looking generic and slightly underwhelming.

Well I don't know about the underwhelming, but man is Lino-O generic looking! Lion-O is a boy...ugh..what on Earth? He looks like the bastard child of Goku and Pickachu. :( He is supposed to be a hulking warrior much like Conan and He-Man. That costume is just not showing enough skin for my tastes! XD LOL. Still he is different, I will give them that. I don't hate him.

Tigra looks pretty cool still. I have no complaints about him. Then there is my man Panthro. Mutton chops on Panthro? REALLY? Panthro is a proud, bald, sage inventor. He's calm and wise, like Lion-O's older brother, or father he never had. He's also in my mind a black thundercat. Here he looks like he is going to sound like the crazy Scottish guy from Samurai Jack. He looks more like villain then a good guy. He reminds me more then a little of Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop!

Cheetara...don't get me started on!!! She looks like she should be spending time cruising shopping malls for boys and putting beads in her hair. She has some sprouting to do before she can ever compare to the sexy woman of style and grace she was depicted as in the 80s. Still, she is a very cute teenybopper. At least she has a nice rack. XD But she is so pale and thin. Did she learn to stick her bo staff down her throat after every meal, or something?

I hear tell Snarf will be in it, but he won't talk. Okay so someone found him annoying, I get that whatever. So here's the deal, why not apply some writing skills and make him into a proper nurse maid??? That does bode well for my confidence in their writing department if they just want to mute a character instead of actually trying to develop him. They did this with Cringer in He-Man as well, but since he was a cat, I did my best to over look it. Snarf however I will not. When I was kid I liked Snarf, other kids like Snarf, cause well it was a kids cartoon. I don't know why everything has to be geared for adults these days. It's not like America will ever embrace cartoons like Asia does anyway. XD Sounds like they are taking steps so sap all the humanity out of the cartoon already in the name of action and dark themes.... XD *Rant Rant Rant*

What will become of the Thunder Kittens?

I was on board for the whole new He-Man in 2002. I actually found myself liking that more then the original. I usually like all the different X-Men variants too. Sadly...I don't know if I can like this. What have they done to the CATS? XD WHAT IS WITH THE FURRY BODDIES? XD
Oh well, I will give it a chance! LOL. It doesn't look TOO bad, but definitely loses a lot of the original style. The old show plays here every day now. If this one sucks I can just tune into it instead. I better get my old man Cranky Kong cane out so I can start practicing waving pointing at the TV and in toy stores in the Fall. You dang kids, don't you know Everything was better in the 80s?!!! :P

I will say, there is a little part of me that is excited about walking into a Burger King and getting a Thundercats toy, or cup with my meal once again. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day Mates! Meet Nate!

Bloody chunder! It's Australia day today (Already past in the actual country at this point) and do you know what that means? Little Joey is a year old today! XD In celebration of that I thought I would do a little retrospective type post today. Present a little bit 'o the wonderful images of him and his rival Nate Cha Boi that have never appeared here, or at all! Can't believe these never got posted.

So, okay Nate hasn't really starred in a heck of a lot images at this point. He's an interesting character, who has been slowly been evolving in my mind. Basically he's an Aborigine who seemingly views Joey as little more then a Kangaroo to hunt, despite his obvious human qualities. Nate was inspired by a lot of things, not the least of which being my obsessions with Australia and Bugs Bunny. Most of my original ideas stemmed from trying to create a Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd relationship between the two. (His name obviously a tip of the hat to a Loony Tunes character.) One day while looking through some travel magazines, it hit me and I started to doodle a rival from the outback. A co-worker saw my original sketch and name and took a liking to him. So I kept doodling him.

Coming up with cartoony ideas can be a lot of fun. You can come up with some cute stuff. It's not always the easiest platform to create steamy image off of. I find they work best if you use multiple images to really get the joke, or message across. So I started to explore other avenues to take in depicting their relationship. Nates appearances were cut a bit short, because I planned to do up a series of images, even a comic to flesh out his back story and relationship with Joey. Since this never happened I didn't move forward with the character. With any luck, this will come to be this year.

So how did Nate evolve? Well the first person to draw him was Maduinshorn. I talked about him and described him one day, even sent out some images. Mario is quick with a pencil and intrigued by the character, sketched up a sexy representation I am proud to show off today. Marios enthusiams in my little doodles always gives me faith in ideas and concepts. This image, way more then my sketches became the image I used for artist to base him on. I was really grateful to Maduinshorn for creating such a delightful image of him. His portrayal gives one the image of a strong, silent, diligent hunter. The woodsman is a respectable, strong and wise representative of his tribe.

Caravaggia was on the case at the same time as Mario from what I remember. Her image really captured that Loony Tunes feel. I showed her a few images of Bugs and Elmer. At first I thought about using a bow and arrow, but I remember she suggested using the boomerang. It makes the image a little more playful and light hearted. That and I also think everyone just likes a giant boomerang! XD She changed his hair to make it slicker and dropped the dreads. This was something that I really liked. (I love both styles equally however.) She did a great job on this one. In fact if you watch the cartoon A BUSHY HARE You will recognize the background here at about 2 mins in! I don't know if Caravaggia even realized it! Her Joey is like a cute 'plush boy toy'! I love those big toes! LOL. Ah, if Winnie the Pooh was naughty.... XD

Now to get the fully story on this, you have to check out her blog link below. I can't do it the justice she did. XD She even has animated images that show the creation of the image from start to finish:

Next was a combined effort between Sirio and Caravaggia! Again going with the hunter and pry idea, we mixed in some light water sports as well. :P Sirio did a fantastic job on Nate. He turned into a big cuddly bear of a man. He looks so dang huggable! He's one of those characters you wish you could pull off the page and squeeze! His nudity is just so natural and playful. :P Caravaggias coloring really brings out his every perfect muscle on his body! She's a saint. This image was HUGE and she incorporated a foggy early morning into the background. Perfect for hunting! XD You guys might remember Sirios 300 image. Well, this was actually sketched on the same page! It was a lot to take in with all these hunks staring at me at once! Her Joey is really cool, cause she made him so very tall! LOL. I asked her if I could see him that way and he looks great this way. It makes him look light and quick. Being taller then your hunter adds something to the saga.

Finally, an image I could have sworn I posted here, but found out I didn't! This one is of Nate Cha Boi by FallenAngel. He went with my original sketch, making Nates frame smaller, but still very well built, instead of big and beefy. He looks like a spinter here. This body would provide speed he would need to chase after Kangaroo men. His hair once again is depicted as thick and smooth. In this picture, Fallen gave him a different style of face paint. He took inspiration again taken from my very first sketch of him. (As best as anyone can interpret the lines on that doodle, lol.) He gave him cool armlets and a really funny bit of war paint showing a 'no kangaroos' sign. XD His awesome image of Nate is that of a lean mean hunting machine.

Well that's about all I have regarding Nate at the moment. I am in the process of requesting more of him with Joey and hopefully his story will be revealed before Spring comes! :D

One of my original images of Nate. He looks very elfish here for some reason. I got a lot of nice comments regarding this one. I was surprised. XD

Couldn't resist posting this! My Boomerang Won't Come Back used to be played on the radio here and at school every Australia day. I don't know if they still play it.

A little Classic Bugs Down Under for ya!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful Painting of Tonia and Smilo in love by Shuuyo

I have been holding on to this little piece of heaven since August. This was masterfully done by the artist known as Shuuyo. Here Tonia and Smilo defiantly have a touch of Bel Ami in this extremely life like representation. Shuuyo really went the extra mile on their designs. He gave them smooth sexy bodies that embody the very essence of young men in their early 20's and late teens. If you look closely you will notice he even gave them freckles and birth marks.:D Smilos penis has a beautiful circumcision mark on it. I find it very cute how his tummy is kinda popping out slightly due to the way he is sitting. The realism is uncanny! Tonias face looks so human, you can feel the tender emotions these two are sharing just by momentarily glancing into his eyes.
Simply gorgeous stuff! He was even nice enough to give me a sweet little sketch of Smilo as pirate! Thanks so much Shuuyo you brought them to life, almost literally! XD

Monday, January 24, 2011

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Magic Sword Gag

FallenAngel caught me in a playful mood the other day. We had talked about doing something with the game Magic Sword since the spring of 2010. Here the Hero has opened the door to find Tarzan is enjoying his imprisonment very much. Conan the Barbarian stands waiting impatiently...who will the hero choose to accompany him further?

The picture turned out nicely. Fallen had fun doing the mock up game screen, which was a big surprise for me! He even did up a version minus it. I had this handed to me a few days ago, but my weekend was busy, so I will be playing catch up today and tomorrow. XD Fallen did an outstanding job on the penises I thought. We decided t have each one uncut, to give them more of a 'time long ago' feel to as Fallen put it. I really like hot big he got Conan here, it's a great body and pose. The Hero turned out to look very cute in his style. It's fitting to see such a classic dude done this way. Tarzans pose is very ape like. XD Poor guy, he was probably in there for days and the second he wanted to jerk off, there was someone at the door. Isn't that always the way? XD

This was fun to commission, cause we had been bouncing ideas around for some time. For what ever reason, something else would always come up and Magic Sword would be once again put to the side. Lord knows how many ideas I had jotted down somewhere. Getting refs was not easy let me tell you. We both scoured the net looking for character images back in the late summer months to see if there was anything out there we didn't already have. Actual art of the main hero character is pretty rare. Screen shots from the game were the most useful thing we gathered. If anyone wants to do something with the characters from this classic game, I think I amassed a pretty decent collection if anyone wants me to share it.

Since I was on the theme of Capcom I decided to add this great image from Rackun. My gosh, this is from mid 2009 and I never actually posted it here! This was done during the gender bending phase I had with Darkstalkers characters. Rackun does a lot of really hunky anthros. I gave him the ultimate challenge of trying to make a stud out of Q-Bee and he did a wonderful job. The piece proved to be popular and I have since seen a couple other artists successfully attempt to do similar things with the character. Rackun did some kick ass foreskin action and really made Q-Bee and Rikuo into some cuddly bears! XD I had plans to commission Rackun again, cause once he started on the image he was fast and very friendly. Sadly, as with many best laid out plans, things got pushed to side time and again and nothing further ever came be. I regret that, but who knows what the future will hold? :) He certainly has not vanished and you can check him out at the link below!

My reaction at the time:

I wanted to see a really pumped up Rikuo and a Drone version of Q-Bee and
I just knew I had to call on Rakun for that! As one look in his gallery will tell you he knows how to do anthros and muscle men like no body's business. It was really great to work with you.
I figured if Q-bee likes to eat, he will love to be eaten too!
This is awesome man, better then I could have hoped. Q-Bee is a tough one and you really pulled him through. He is exactly what I was looking for! I knew I could count on you! Love the stretchy foreskin on Rikuo, that is so hot. Nothing like a a good foreskin pull!!!:heart: And you made Rikuos face so cute in your own style! I love it! :heart: :happyhappy:
I hope we can do more projects together in the future.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Brother of Lum By Huulli!

He's leaking precum and charging up to fire,
I would run if I were you! XD

Yeah I went there! Come on, you all knew this was coming right? XD As I mentioned I am really getting back into this series. I was going to commission the great artist Huulli originally to do a Disney themed image, when a friend prompted me to work my imagination a little harder and present him with something a little more original. So I thought why not request a male version of Lum? Though, he really is more then that. By selecting various aspects of Lums many outfits, Huulli and I have come up with what I would call Lums brother. (Huullii as you can see had a great time with the costume and got really creative with it.) I suggested things like a square chin and some facial hair. Asked him to please work in the bangs and the long hair, but make it a little more manly. Instead of going for a twink body, Huulli made him really strong and tough looking. He turned out to be a bad ass. He didn't make him super huge, but instead made a frame that is comparable to Lums, only that much bigger, with well toned muscles. He boasts strong powerful legs, a well formed chest and a delightful six pack.

What I think is great is how scruffy and manly looking in comparison to Lum he is. He's got a sort of rock star look to him. You know this guy doesn't care that his undies are too small to contain the thick uncut dick Hullii created for him. His untended armpit, pubic and facial hair give him a nice rebellious, devil may care appearance. His horns being longer then Lums also add to this wonderfully. Certainly Huulli has provided more then I originally envisioned for him! So I decided upon seeing it that this guy needs more credit then just doing a gender bender. He has indeed created a whole new character that would fit very well into the world of Urusei Yatsura! One look at him and I say he would be Lums older, very protective brother. One of the guys, who probably would have a strong brotherly affection for Ataru. Getting the young man into dangerous adventures he would have no interest in would be a staple of each visit. Maybe his name would be Mul! XD Enjoy guys and girls.

I believe I was Huulli first commissioner, so I guess it is only fair to review him for others. Communication was very good. I would send an e-mail and get a response faster then I could respond back to him at times. :) Payment was up front, but Huulli worked very fast and he had this done in less then a weeks time. He sent me the sketches of some poses and we openly talked about aspects that would be cool to add to him. From there he sent me the final and asked if any changes were needed and what little touches that needed applying, were done in less then an hour. So I can highly recommend this budding young artist. If you like Disney, Street Fighter, or DC's Superboy you would do yourself a major service to take a look at his blog and Deviantart pages below. :) Oh, that Eric... XD

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Discovering Foreskin the Shower Encounter

This set of images I am sharing today comes from the fall of '09. Working with Fallen on this was one of funnest experiences I had doing commissions that year. FallenAngel was so intrigued by the whole concept. We had tons of fun with character creation, the poses and the story. HE used to send me cute little head shots as and things as we developed the characters. This is where the 1990's characters of Matt and Roshawn were really developed. Roshawn started out as a fairly plain, tall, lanky man with his hair parted to one side. I sent a few model images to Fallen and from there we picked and chose features that we liked and applied it to him. I would often e-mail FallenAngel from work with descriptions of what I wanted to see next. I used to sneak peeks at his sketches at my desk. I must have turned red a lot on those late evenings. :D The whole thing went on for quite some time and got more and more exciting with each new image.

The entire project was huge turn on for me and got tons of praise on the site he posted this on. The first image became his most popular for some time and they others were not ever far behind in that regard. FallenAngel was just fantastic doing this 'comic.' He is constantly proving himself as one of the best artists to work with and looking over these once again reminds me of how solid that fact is. It was the first story driven set of drawings I ever worked on with anyone. Since then we have worked on others.

The story is about young Matt who decides to go swimming early one morning at the city pool. He is about to encounter a man with something he has never seen before. In front of him is an older man in his 20s. He is a gorgeous East Indian, who has already been showering for some time. His body is radiant. His long hair is so beautiful. Matts teenage hormones take over his better judgment, as he spies a foreskin for the first time. His towel involuntarily starts to lift as blood rushes to his young meat. His heart beats so fast, he is scared and nervous, but curiosity and lust now control his mind and without a thought he asks a question.....

Matt swallows hard and takes a step forward. He looks down at the cock and sees it's already growing. The foreskin remains over the head. Matt's mind is filled with a million thoughts, regarding the stranger and getting caught. The pool is empty this early, but will anyone enter? Still he pushes forward. The Stranger introduces himself as Roshawn. They get a little closer. Matt slowly reaches for the giant cock. He feels the soft foreign skin encasing the head. As he touches it, the skin slides back, it is so cold and soft in his young hands. Roshawn reaches over and grabs Matts Towel...

Matt stands full exposed. There is no turning back now. As his cock is released, it smacks down on the purple head of his new friend. He feels the warmth rise up from moist head. His cock head feels locked between the older mans piss slit. Roshawn prompts Matt to lift up the foreskin and feel beneath it. Matts fingers excitedly explore under the thick skin. The young man then begins to tremble....

Roshawn stands close to his new found friend. He presses his warm body against him. The heat and comfort of another man stops the trembling. He puts his hand on Matts cock and strokes hard below the head. Just as the blond teen is fascinated with foreskins, Roshawn has an obsession with circumcised penises. He loves them, he so enjoys pounding below the mushroom head with all his strength. He knows he should not apply such vigor, the pleasure will be too much, but he cannot help himself. The young man is doing such a wonderful job with his cock. His foreskin has never been played with so intensely. Matts fingers pull on it perfectly, constantly they explore every inch of this cock, trying to see how far they can dive under the skin, how far it can be pulled down and then all the way back up again. Faster and Faster they stroke. Roshawn knows they will both cum very soon and gets a great idea to make is even more special.

Matt cannot take the joy of a foreskin wrapped around his head for the first time for very long. After a few seconds his cock starts to erupt wave after wave of hot cum deep inside of Roshawn. He cannot hold back either, the feel of the twinks head and shaft rubbing against his head and pulling so tight on his skin, sends him right over the edge! He starts cumming all over Matts balls.

Matts lover Danny had secretly been watching from the stall behind them. His cock had been fully hard and aching the entire time he viewed them in silence. He waited for Roshwan to leave the Showers. As he left, Danny makes his move.....

He takes Matt by surprise, lifting up his leg and sliding half his cock in his butt hole with ease. Despite his initial shock he starts to thoroughly enjoy the rhythm of Dannys 14 inch cock moving in and out of his ass. Feeling that big black cock massaging his prostate causes him to grow instantly hard.

Danny Shoves every last inch into Matts ass. As he does this he is driven over the edge. He pulls his lover closer and passionately kisses his back and neck . Between heavy breaths he whispers "I'm cumming." softly in Matts ears. Dannys body shakes with each shot of cum. He feels his sperm pour from Matts ass and cover his balls and legs. The ejaculation causes Matt to shoot a hot jet stream of cum high into the air.


The Real Jacob Black NUDE! -not... XD

I found these last July. I found them while looking for images of this model online! They are of course photos of a model Kayo Felipe who looks very similar to Jacob Black from Twilight. They were taken some time ago for I think G Magazine. They certainly did a much better job then the crew that did the laughable 'This Ain't Twilight' straight porn parody. They did a great job on the tattoo and even did shots of long and short haired Jacob.

Well, well, well look what I found. Better watch it while you can. XD


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