Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I have Been Naughty! A Visit From Krumpas!

Guytoonist thinks I have been a very bad boy this year.  Krumpas is supposed to punish naughty people, but his version of the Christmas demon only left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside!  (And still and hard on the outside!)  This well groomed, graciously hung goatman, does more then just spank asses on Christmas Eve.  I am very smitten with this one.   He can purple rain down punishment on my ass all night! I think Guytoonist just created a character that's gonna have a holiday tradition of showing up around here, much like his JD.  Thank you Guytoonist for giving me the honor of posting this here!  You can see more of Krumpas on his blog!

Disney's Hercules 1997 Doll Has A Gay Audience!

Since it is Christmas morning, a little post about a doll seems fitting. I found these images on E-bay long ago and since I found them, I found others.  I guess it is not surprising to see a Hercules toy with this style of design actually targeted towards gay men.  (And straight woman too I would suppose.)  I was just kinda shocked at the time to see close up photos of the dolls crotch and ass on E-Bay of all places. XD

 Now if I was after a Hercules toy, I would much more prefer this set! XD

Blast From The Past Christmas Ken

Made all the way back in 2009, I do believe I have yet to actually post this.  (Though I did share it with many friends since then!)  It's a Christmas variation of Nookiedogs wonderful Ken Masters from Street Fighter. Hard to believe that was 4 years ago!!!  I found it this morning, just in time for Christmas day! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Magic Under The Mistletoe

Looks like Vann's been hit with a magical mistletoe curse.  The thing hovers over constantly, him making him very amorous.  It will continue to do so until his kissing desires are met. He will do anything to steal a kiss from Acamas. (including gift wrapping himself.) I hope you don't have to go to such extreme lengths to get what you desire most this Christmas.  I am sure Vann Illia will be back to his old self in time for New Years.
Merry Christmas!  

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hope Your Christmas Is Pac'ed With Delights!

Hey guys and girls. FallenAngel and I want to wish you all a very fun and safe holiday. Fallen created this magical Christmas card based on a sketch I did. Pac-Man found his way into many a childhood Christmas for me and I am sure many of you as well! I routinely watch the old Special each year. hee hee. Since Namco and HB aren't exactly pumping out the Pac-man related holiday stuff, so we decided to make our own card featuring the cartoon version of the characters. May all your video game wishes come true! :P I hope I get Super Mario 3D World this year. Fingers crossed. 
Earlier this year I found this image poster size on E-bay. It's awesome. I have to frame it up!

Stuff My Stocking With Some Bara Toys

I picked up this awesome set of Olympus Heroes figures at Toys R Us on Saturday. They were on sale. I couldn't resist a set that includes a super muscular Hercules, Zeus and Perseus. There is a hydra set advertised on the back, but they didn't have any left. The True Heroes line (that they are from) is a bit cheap, but I like how they take on various characters in 80s action figure style.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Guin Fucks Istavan Spellsword

It's a sad fact that tragedy can beget great art. Earlier this week after Tragedy indeed did strike me, I looked for something to get me through it. I remembered years ago, it was either Crimsonblood, or Ephorox that mentioned to me, an anime called Guin Saga. I remembered that I had the series and began watching it. 5 episodes in a row later, I was fairly hooked. I could see why, even beyond the sexy eye candy that is Guin, they had recommended it. It's got a lot of that classic anime/Lodoss War vibe going through it, that you just don't see all that often these days. (Or at least, I don't.)  It's probably due to the fact that a lot of it's source material was written during the sword and sorcery hay day of the 70s and 80s.
Guin is a sexy, strong and sympathetic warrior.  Cursed with the head of a leopard, his searches for answers to his past, while helping others, especially two royal twins along the way.  I decided to pair him with his mercenary friend Istavan Spellsword.  Fallen felt my loss and decided upon himself to set out to make the best damn picture he could.    He really put his all into this one.  He does great justice both characters, giving them massive, sweaty, muscles that shine in the quite ambiance of the moonlight. He gave them both dicks bigger then their arms, thick with lovely tight foreskin.  Their cock heads inflated with lust, pushing the hoods back ever so slightly, so to make sure their fountains of cum have no trouble reaching their target.

 I chose Istavan's pirate outfit for this image, because I felt it a lot sexier then his usual garb. That is also how the setting was chose.  I'm not sure if he had a butt tattoo, or not.  It seems that he does, but the episode wasn't clear enough to tell if it was a shadow, or ink.  We chose to leave it off due to this uncertainty.  Having a tattoo above his ass may explain what kind of pirate he was...

 This might not be the last we see of Guin around here.  What do you guys think of this character and pairing? 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Intergalactic Incest With Camili-Cat Mounted...

Class Comics current move to include incest in it's comics of late may shock some.  The first mild attempt was in Felinoids #3, between Cam and his sister.  (Though nothing came about it and she's bat shit crazy anyway.  She wasn't attracted to Cam, but only saw him as a piece of meat to exploit anyway.)  After that we had some hot twin Action in Mako Finn #1.   Last month they tested the waters a bit further in Ghost Boy and Diablo #2, with some Father and Son action.  The scene was a teaser more then anything having Ghost Boy and his father being tied together.  They acted all turned off, but their cocks told a very different story.

Then why did they have erections, eh?

(More on that whole situation and cool comic another day..) Moving forward with the father and son action we have Camili-Cat meeting his long lost father in this newest book.  Cited as the first fan made and wrote Class Comic, (oh my heart!) to become part of the official story line...(Oh never mind then.) Before anyone posts any comments, yes another comic came to my mind too.  The Yaoi style comic called Camili-Cat Diplomatic Immunity claimed that record about 8 years ago. (However, I'm guessing it's a fan fiction as well.)  I really liked that one by the way. I have the print version and it's really lovely.  Try to get a copy if you can! It's not as hard core as the other comics from Class, but it's take on the characters is so fresh and it's very nicely drawn. I appreciate it more today, now that I am more well read then I was in 2005.
GETTING BACK TO ICEMAN BLUE...We have Class Comics again dipping into the incest pool.  Unlike the Ghost Boy and Diablo #2 book, where they teased us, dipping in a toe, this book has Class going a bit further and putting a full foot in!  Cam and his father are taking a dip in their family gene pool and the water is hot, boiling hot.  You best jump in!

 Watch where you aim that thing! JEZZUS MURPHY MAN!..

 The story takes place before Cam was all Bara Bad Boyed up. That's fine by me, cause a little of old school Cam is always nice to see.  Getting a story set in the past occur more often then not with Class characters, so fans should be used to this.  Though I might guess the reason it features old Cam, judging by the quality and Icemans busy schedule, is that it was in production for some time.  And yes, as someone who has followed Iceman off and on through the years, I can honestly say he is bringing his A game to the table.

The story is simple.  Cam is being chased by that yellow asshole Gammu after what he did to him in their last encounter.  Poor unlucky Cam.  He's got the whole universe to run around in and he keeps bumping into this shit head!  I think Cam at this point should have been a black cat, but I digress.  Cam flees, gets stuck in cement and well, the rest just writes itself, doesn't it?  Or does it?   After their first 'session' Gammu hits Cam with a laser gun that knocks him out cold.  When he wakes up, he's still in the cement, but his position is mysteriously flipped, so he is facing forward.  Carbonite Cam awakes to the shocking site of his Errol Flynn meets Don Carnage looking father, who is stuck in the same position across from him.  Ffom the moment your eyes meet father dear, you are gonna be begging to see some action, cause brother is he hot!  I tip my hat to Iceman for creating such a fine feline man.  He's deserving of his own series, based on looks alone.  (By the way, what is this new "hanging men up" fetish called?  If it were not for the brilliant art of Jubell, I wouldn't even know it existed.)

So what conspires between these three massively hung men?  Again though I must stress that Class Comics is only dipping a foot in this time.  Some fans of Iceman who know his incest rich comics may be be slightly disappointed that this only goes so far.   But like a clever porn star, doing something new with each shoot, Class is exploring into this new foray bit, by bit. Giving fans a hotter and hotter taste each time. 

So what does happen?  Well, I will leave that for you to explore and find out.  I will say this, I blew my load and that gives the comic and A from me. :P  But sadly, after the inevitable escape, the meeting between father and son is brief.  Not much information is giving regarding this new character. He vanishes as soon as he is freed.  Why did Gammu know him?  How did he come to capture him?  What was Gammu involved in that somehow involved Cams dad?  Sadly we may never know any of these answers unless Class moves forward with this story.

As for the art, like I said, it's one of the nicest, if not THE nicest looking pieces of work Iceman Blue has ever done.  Not only does he take time drawing some gorgeous cocks and nice foreskins, he actually colors the characters cock heads a different colour then the shaft.  That is something I have heard many times as a criticism towards him.  (Critics, can we get a Hallelujah?)  Though I did spot one hot dog looking cock on the page above, I have to give it to him for doing a great job in regards to his dicks presented here in. As a friend of mine says, he's leveled up.  His take on young Cam is super sexy as well.  Now while there was just a couple facial expressions I wasn't too fond of,  (one middle panel on page 3 and one of the final page if you must know)  every other image of Cam was delightful. He picks out some beautiful poses for him and draws him with great passion. I especially like the way he draws the characters hair.  He plays with the fact that his hairdo gets messed up during all the sex and that's a very sexy detail.   There's an image taken from Gammus perspective of Cam getting fucked that is just too awesome.  He does Cams eyes unlike any artists I have seen before.  They are very large and expressive at times.  I thought that was pretty cool.  It's always delightful to see someone add something so cool to a character. I found Icemans Cam coming off as a little Asian looking, something that I probably picked up on and no one else ever would.  (And that's a big plus in my world anyway.  LOL)  Icemans good at big bulky men and Gammu really shines here. I would have liked to see more of him and his cock to be honest.  There's a panel of him inspecting both men really shines.
So yeah, if you are looking for something to turn yourself on, or the boyfriend this holiday, I recommend checking out this book.  It's hot, naughty stuff!!! 8/10.

Taking on fathers in the world of Class Comics has been something I have wanted to dabble in for some time myself.  Last year I wrote a full story between Diablo and his son.  I am still looking to have that done by someone.  Earlier this year around March, I drew this little diddy and shared it with Aneros and FallenAngel.  It was going to be a present for Mr. Fillions birthday, but for what ever reason I let it slip through the cracks.  Basically it's a spoof of the Hippety Hopper Cartoons staring Sylvester and his son from the Classic Looney Tunes.  Yeah, I watch waaaaaaaaaaaay too many cartoons in my free time. :P  Cam is Ashamed of his father, who is getting fucked by a giant mouse, who is of course Joey.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stretch that Foreskin Joey! By PrinceofHearts

Hey guys. I had a pretty tragic week.  I'm doing my best to keep strong and move forward. In going along with that, I started a few projects with some friends.  This is the first one that was completed.  It's by PrinceofHearts! I think you will find this to be a very sweet little pin up of Joey.  He is using his fingers to dig in and stretch out his foreskin a bit for you all.  He's so arrogant with that big toothy smile! :P  Prince of Hearts did a lovely job on him.  I hope you guys like it!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Remembrance

Permit us a little holiday sentimentality this December evening. Despite Belvdars usual reluctance towards Jaspers advances, he knows that the little blue ghost spends most of his year alone in his grave. Trapped in the cold, he is unable to partake in any Christmas festivities. With all his family long gone, buried from from any graveyard, Jasper is set to spend the holiday in isolation. So late on Christmas, Belvadar makes a solitary journey to that lonely grave..

Belvadar doesn't know if Japser is conscious of his visit, or not, but deep down he sure hopes so.  
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys.  
All our love to those we have lost along the way, 
those that filled our holidays with joy and love, 
and continue to do so through wonderful memories


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Check out Maduinshorns Tumblr

Hey guys.  Been awhile!  I have been meaning to post about this for a number of weeks.  Madiunshorn has been busy sketching and sharing many of his works in private.  I was really happy when he told me that he opened up a tumblr site to parade his many sketches and new pieces to his fans. ^_^  This is great, as posting here lacks the restrictions of many art sites. The tumblr is just starting, but there is already a lot to see! I am sure it's gonna explode in time. Maduinshorn loves to sketch and draw. He's already got many wonderful images from the anime Kill La Kill and his favorite Rival Schools characters Batsu and Hayato!  Here is a little preview for you all! 

Check out his tumblr: 

Got some stuff in the works, including a little Christmas magic from FallenAngel and I coming up soon.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Animated Comic #2 The Horny Halloween Hot Tub!

I just got home from some Christmas shopping, but I am already ready to jump right back into the Halloween spirit. As I said before, everyday is Halloween in my world. ;D  I am super excited to share this with you guys.  Gene worked his ass off on this! ^O^

DinosaurPrince's Kingdom Proudly Presents:

 Horror Of the Horny Halloween Hot Tub! 
Staring: Belvadar,  
Class Comics Zahn Son Of Winter 
FallenAngels Kappa Master, Oni 

Art By Genelightfoot  Story By Dinosaurprince

Belvadar came to my window on All Saints day morning.  He woke me up from a deep sleep.  The sun wasn't even up yet.  He couldn't wait to tell me the details of his Halloween night.  I listened in quite awe to his tale.  Belvadar had brought his new friend Zahn to his neck of the woods, so he could enjoy Halloween for the first time.  They wound up exploring a house that had more tricks then treats.  Help  yourself to some stale Candy Corn and prepare to enjoy his yarn, as recreated for you by Gene and myself.
It's never too later for Halloween fun! Look!  I still have some decorations up. :P  Coming in February, we will have tons of Christmas comics! Hee hee.  Just kidding.  Actually since I was not very well during the Halloween season, I feel like it went by way too fast, so a little extra celebration is just what the doctor ordered.  Believe it, or not, this isn't the final Halloween themed image on the way.  (Though I may just save that one for next year.)  
I want to thank Gene for working so hard on this comic.  He filled each page with a ton of unexpected effects and details.  He cranked out each page at a very fast pace too.  He did a spectacular job on all three men.  I think this is his first time taking on all four.  So that present a challenge for him from the get go, without a doubt.  I also want to thank FallenAngel and Patrick Fillion for their support and for letting us use their wonderful characters.  Also want to thank Adonix and Aneroes for their helpful input and kind comments.  Thanks guys!

I'm still discovering new Halloween stuff.  I missed the new Stripshow.  Luckily, this cool Halloween Stripshow Comic was posted about a week ago in the Class Comics Tumblr.  You gotta check out Jacob Motts funny one pager, featuring Diablo!
To view it, click here! 

Check out more animations, comics and hot fun at Genelightfoots official blog site HERE!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Muscular Mummy Man March

It's never ending Halloween around here still. Continuing that, I have a massive image FallenAngel completed working on, just as the that deadly storm left his country. He and his family are fine, but he has caught a horrible flu during the events of the storm, so send him some well wishes if you can! This is his biggest single image ever!  I got this idea in my head after watching the Mummy on Turner Classic Movies.  I wish there really was a mummy movie with this kind of threat!  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Halloween night has fallen on Egypt.  Time for our Mummy Angel to get to work.  Here we have Immatopmon leading the legions of sexy undead for some scary seductions!  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thoughts on the Beautiful Dead Comic

Halloween certainly was a busy time for Class Comics. They released 2 books that went well with the holiday. I want to talk a bit about my feeling towards the Beautiful Dead tonight. I've been DYING (yuk, yuk) to do this review, but personal health issues have prevented me from doing much of anything this week. I was suffering from a bacterial infection that caused, headaches, dizziness, confusion, fatigue and horrible dripping sores to name a few things. I guess you could say I got a bit of zombie experience, cause I was wandering around at times, mumbling and groaning incoherently and almost fully unaware of it! LOL okay I was aware...but it sounds cooler to say I wasn't!! Anyway, enough about one cares anyway!

A little history on the title.  It's a comic with a lot of mystery behind it, both story wise and in production!  The book was written by Robert Fraser, who as many of you know, does the super hot Initiation series as well as contributing to many of Class Comics other titles. His zombie book has finally risen to life after half a decade of it going through the creative process. From what I have read about it, the book is a labor of love that took some time to plan out. Once things were ready and rolling, it hit a snag when the the original artist discarded the project. Class wished him well, but many fans were frustrated, because they had fallen in love with the few images he had produced. Some time after the fact people said they saw it coming, as his output in the gay scene had begun to sharply dip. His art, sad to say, all but dried up in less then a year after leaving the project. As someone that has been left hanging myself with projects for long periods, I commend the artist Silencio for coming forward and admitting he couldn't work on it, rather then leaving the good guys at Class to wonder and watch as many of us have been left to do, with less professional people. And so the project, once full on it's way, was back to square one. (art wise anyway.)  SIGH!  BUT there was a shining light at the end of the tunnel. A light named Butch McLogic. (A fellow Canadian regular at Class, who is well know for his imaginative, sexy hit series Tug Harder.)

With Butch, the book took on a whole new look. The characters were completely redesigned. I don't know the full story behind this. I have no idea if Silencios designs were not what Fraser was looking for in the first place, or if Butch and Fraser had just decided to wipe the slate clean and go in an all new direction. Either way I am glad they did. I personally like Butches characters much better. They characters felt like they fit into the theme more. They were more rough around the edges, sexier and a little more real.  They have unkempt body hair.  Their cheeks are flushed red from fear, adrenalin and the cold autumn air.  They are hot guys, with little imperfections.  I like that. 

Gage is the first one in the story we are introduced too.  He's a well built blond, with a deep circumcision scar and remnants of his Frenulum.  (Hey I like dick details, you knew that when you came to this site!)   I personally wasn't a big fan of Silencios Hayden. Hayden, from what I can tell went from having a medium build, to becoming a bara giant with a big red nose all in the span of his first preview images to his second.  Butch and Fraser reeled the design back to the medium build and made him a blond instead of a ginger.   I wonder if that the innocent giant was retired due to further evolution of the story involving Gages character?  Hayden is a sexual deviant and a lure for Gage.   Maybe the roles were reversed at one point. On a personal level I thought that going back to this was a great choice for the character. 

 Gage, the bartender tough guy as drawn by Butch McLogic.

 This is Silencios first take on Hayden and really like it.  He soon after changed the design to the character  you see below on the left.  (Though it is said that this image was never meant for the comic.  Maybe the change would never have happened???) 

Gage is actually the main character of the book.  He took took on a whole new look and from what I can only guess a whole new personality as well.  (See his original design above.)  Gone are his his plethora of tattoos, body piercings and (a little sadly) dark complexion. He went from bad boy, to awkward closet case.  Something that adds a little more tension and fun to the story line, then would have otherwise.  I have no idea if he was a closet case before hand, but having to admit you are gay in the middle of a city wide zombie infestation, in hopes of getting laid for the first and possibly last time, lead to one of the more intense and comical sections of the book.

Gage is an awesome teddy bear.  (Or what ever it is you call a twink bear!)  He's got sprinkles of body hair on his chest, a light beard along his jaw line and really hairy legs.  Yum! He's a rock hard geek, with a sweet uncut cock to boot.  Couldn't ask for much more..Are those broken nerd specs? My heart just melted...

Alright, enough on the history and character designs. What about the story you ask?  Well I have something to admit here. I am sick of the Walking Dead.  I know, I know, it's soooo good right?  Yeah...I am soooo bored of it! Sorry folks!  I'll probably go back to it, but for now I was looking for something to fill my zombie fix.  Something with a story...a plot that has somewhere to go...and Beautiful Dead has that in spades.  Yes this book has both an explanation and a possible resolution to this problem at hand! WOW!  A well thought out piece of zombie media!  ^__^  Who'da thunk it?  Although it is only briefly explained in book one, the reason for the zombies is in the title.  People wanting a quick fix to look their best have been experimenting and getting very fast results.  Men are bulking up and becoming uncontrollably horny. They are able to cum multiple times in a row, with out hardly being touched!  But as you guessed it's come with a price.  We all know what happens when people take the easy route!  

Now you are probably wondering what sexual atrocities are they committing after they reanimate right?  I mean I had worries that we were going to see things like the Dance of Dead Zombie Love Scene.  (Click that if you dare! I warn you, it is very disturbing.  Though not as disturbing as Chilleramas sex loving undead segment.)  Thankfully, the zombies act like regular flesh eaters, except that look good while doing what they do.  (Isn't that similar to Darkwing Ducks motto?) 

 Don't complain honey.  Now I can watch you when you fuck me in the ass!

The story thus far is very well written.  Every Zombie story has to have one of those inevitable bad decision moments.  You know the ones. As mentioned, Fraser uses his genius to create a tension filled situation that only horror characters finding themselves in the world of Class Comics could be in!   The first book goes into the history of Gage, but leaves most of Hyden a mystery.  Before the first book is done the men will go through so much together, that their roles will be switched.

 The book shows and talks about at least one mutation of the zombies.  It will be interesting to see what else comes out of this series.   It has a lot of avenues it can go down at this point.   I think it would be interesting to watch the events leading to this city wide disaster.  Seeing more of the transformation process in flash backs would be great.  It's talked about, but not fully explored.  It would be cool to see someone go from wimp, or fat, to hunk in a matter of days.  Watch their egos swell, then deteriorate as they lose control of their urges. See them turn into a sex maniac and then finally, despite all protests of loved ones keep on what ever it is and go full zombie. What future mutations lie in store for our heroes?  Zombies that got bigger cocks that use them as an aggressive weapon?  Non Violent sexual zombies? ( A little Warm Bodies type situation?)  The end shows that there is a lot more going on in the city then just these mindless munchers.  Only time will tell.  With Butch and Fraser at the wheel, let's hope the next issue is soon! 

Beautiful Dead gets a 9/10 from me. 

I love standies!!  Class released three sets of them just after Halloween.  You can find them here!

Oh You Bara Smurf You! Official BodyBuilder Smurf Toy

Well I take some time and work on todays post, I thought I would share this with you guys. I found this randomly yesterday. This is a real toy, the Smurf Bodybuilder. Due to the lack of arm tattoos I am guess that he is not Hefty Smurf. He's been lovingly dubbed Arnold Smurfnegger by fans. Cute. I tried to include all the images I found, cause none are that great.  He came out in 1993 and goes for a very high amount on sites like ebay.  (Around 25-40 dollars.)


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