Thursday, May 25, 2017

Busting Into Muh Birthday

Hey guys!  Well I made it...I hit the big four 'O' yesterday.  Never thought I would live to see the day.  Despite  having to spend the majority of the day in the hospital...I came out having a really awesome day overall!  My health improved over the day.  By night time I was feeling better than I had in weeks.  I had lots of wonderful messages sent my way, along with some out of this world pieces of art.  Not sure what cured me more honestly, the medication, or the love!!!

Well I decided to split the pieces sent to me into a few posts.  I will start with these two my Sirio and Yelmo, cause they have the same theme of being character busts!!  Now they just need a cake to be standing in!!!  These were excellent surprises.  Yelmo took on a character we have worked on together time and again, since I started all this, Smilo.  It was a joyous pleasure to see him once again bring life to the saber toothed warrior. Reminds me of so many lovely memories!!!
Sirios on the other hand wanted to do characters she really had not in the past, Apis Bull and the Dinosaur Prince. The pairing is one I would never have thought of doing, but am super glad she did, since it would up being really funny.  I guess the Prince of Dinosaurs is still a little confused on how this mammalian milk thing works!!!

Thank you both from the bottom or my heart!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Teen Peng Vs Teen Vann Illia

The Cuteness...the cuteness...cannot...cannot be contained.  FallenAngels super cute version of Teenage Peng is now unleashed on us all...How fitting that such a vision of youth and beauty comes at the last day of my 39th year on this planet. -_-  Someone get me a cane and some dentures...Old age here I come...(Cries softly in the background.)  Seriously though, please enjoy this adorable image by our legendary Angel.  Yes, Vann and Peng didn't get along all that well.  Truth be told though, it was Vann who was, at least in this point in time, the mature and caring one.  He saw a lost boy and wanted to save him.   You might notice a couple things different about Peng, besides his hair..........

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hype Is Back

Happy Victoria day 2017 everyone.  Today we welcome back the Hype.  The amphibian man of the Devonian swamps.  A proud and curious young being, held slave to the Trilobite Chiida. He's been hidden from us for 6 years now, but thanks to FalleAngel he has risen from the swamp, where he was held captive.  He is embracing the sun and is ready for us to behold once more.  This will not please Chiida, who as arthropod being, would rather the vertebrates stay below the waves...

It has been a very long time indeed, since we saw this character.  Maybe we will see even more of him soon.  FallenAngel was kind enough to do a clean version as well as a super naughty one!  He did an amazing job adding little ancient water dwellers and a sunset that echoes a forgotten age!  His image fills me with desire to do more with what would have been the most amazing leap evolution could have ever performed!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Smilo Spurts Onto Sunday

It's a dark and stormy morning here in Dinosaurprince's Kingdom....The perfect weather to sit inside and do a little exploring through old boxes and hard drives.  In my search I came across a few images I had forgot to post during 2013.  For you that know me, you may recall that 2013 was a very difficult year for me.  I lost 2 family members and struggled to keep employed at job where my contract was renewed on a seemingly monthly bases. I know for a fact that doing art projects with people really helped keep me focused and happy.  Sadly as time went by, I assumed I had posted more than I did.  So here is a first of a small number of images that I will be posting in the coming weeks.  This one, as you can see is of Smilo.  Here he stands on dry sun parched ground spewing his goo, as he thinks lovingly of Dimata.  He cock has been begging to be played with for hours.  It's throbbing and ballooning up like never before.  He can barely handle it as pulsates and gets bigger, heavier and fatter with each stroke.  Perhaps his love water will spring life into the soil.  It was drawn to perfect by Urbanmusiq and like the others is crime that it has remained hidden from the world for so long.  It's inspiringly sexy, I hope you will agree!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Artist Bakunawa takes on Milne The Forest Witch!

Hello everyone and happy May two four weekend! (The weekend the world celebrates my birth.  No ego whatsoever there...)  Actually what I want to celebrate with you guys is new art by a new artist.  A close personal friend of FallenAngels, he hails from the same locale as your legend.  This artist had yet to decide upon a name when we started this little adventure!  What began as a request for a chibi, escalated into a character portrait worthy of being in Fire Emblem!!!  I proudly present to you the art of Bakunawa.  A wonderful talent who is on the path to an exciting career in male erotic art!
This slightly younger, softer and lighter versions of the male witch, gives us a window into the days of his late teens.  That is, before he ventured out into the world and became the hard bodied hero.  His skin, like ivory, before being  exposed to the sun constantly.  Showing that in his secluded youth he would spend most of his days below the forest canopy, away from the harsh rays and prying eyes...  Well pry your eyes right below and take in the view of the art of Bakunawa!

Oh and speaking of Fire Emblem...I got an early birthday gift.  I am not very familiar with the series to be honest. I mostly watched friends and family play it.  I am a little nervous, but so far I am enjoying it.  Trying NOT to save if I get shit stats though.  The Amiibos are super well designed, but I am afraid to open them. From what I hear they are very rare.  The EB where I got them told me they were the only set to come in! O__O

Monday, May 15, 2017

Ixy Sprays His Load By Barnabi Art!

Tonights piece comes with a very special thank you to Maduinshorn.  Maduinshorn is extremely good at finding and reposting the works of artist on Tumblr, especially thoughs in need. His recent posting of the works of a fellow Mexican artist named Barnabi Art really caught my eye.  I was in the market for getting a picture for Lastmanouthere and decided to bravely ask if he would like to draw our Mayan dream boat.  I got a resounding yes, once he saw the subject matter!   The following weeks were met with pleasant conversations and fun updates.  He was a delight to work with and I fully recommend him if you wish to have a picture done to perfection, as below!  I think you will agree that the image has a Disney cell like quality to it, that brings it a huge amount of class and beauty!  Ixy is in amazing form.  After many gorgeous pictures from other artist, I am glad to have this to end Lastmans birthday with one final bang.. (and spurt of cum.)  Hope you guys love it!

If you would like to see more of his works you can check out his tumblr here:

You can thank me later... XD

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fantasy Hand Job At The Bath House

Good morning!  Time to rise and shine and head to the bath house located in Noctis Lucis Caelum Kingdom.   Here we find Noctis sharing a toast and a handy J with his protector Gladiolus Amicitia.  What are these two RPG hunks toasting?  Why the birthday of Adonix of course.  Our old friend adores the Final Fantasy franchise and FallenAngel and I couldn't think of a better pairing to present to him on his special day.   This was a lot of fun to research, as I still haven't played the game. (I don't own a PS4 sadly...too expensive.)  So I got to drool over the sausage fest that is the cast for the game.  Seriously, is this stuff primarily aimed at gay guys, or what?  Sadly, while trying to figure out the name of  the kingdom Noctis is from, I wound up accidentally skimming over the ending for the game. THANK YOU WIKIPEDIA. You can beg for money, but you can't put a fucking spoiler warning on any of your shit huh?  Well, guess that is $70 I will be keeping in my pocket. SIGH.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tristan Master Of Many Dubious Trades

Good evening everyone, this is Lastmanouthere's character Tristan.  He was formerly a street urchin, hustler, and thief, before becoming a spy and operative for the mighty Guild of Merchants. He plays an important role in an ever expanding story Lastmanouthere has been working on and off, for almost ten years.  So hopefully we will learn and see more about him in the near future!  

He certainly has a nice, sexy Roman/Greek warrior motif going for him.  It should help him blend in with any warring factions he may have to spy on.  Though, I think his tailor should be reprimanded a bit.  Amrour that makes a tank top is sexy, though maybe a little less functional.  That is fine...but as we move further That speedo is certainly waaaay to small to house his manhood.  Not that I am complaining, but he might inadvertantly knock someone over with that giant cock of his! :P

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Milne The Forest Witch

It's Sunday morning and time to take in the glory of a new OC! This handsome daddy was created by Lastmanouthere. Dang, I thought I was supposed to be sending HIM gifts at this time of your. (Of which I will also soon be posting up.)  Been DYING to make your dicks hard with this for a week now.  I hope you guys like him!!  See below for his story, along with a very special making of surprise!

Milne, whose name means Tanner in the Nexi language, grew up in the forest with his adoptive grandmother. The old woman was a sort of witch-druid, though neither she, nor Milne ever referred to themselves in those terms. They were just "people of the forest". In the rare occasions in which they visited nearby villages outside the woods, they were seen with a mix of reverence and apprehension. Milne's grandmother was good at finding strange herbs and substances which local alchemists and healers used to heal people, which put them in a sort of good stand with the civilized people. 

After his grandmother passed away, Milne left the forests, guided by the dreams of a strong warrior from a land far away. Milne was convinced his destiny was tied to that of the stranger in his dreams. Together with his swallow companion Toren, he travelled the kingdoms of the Areven region until he found the man he sought, Pretu Kerikan.  He found Pretu in Arcadia, the cosmopolitan city many referred to as the Capital of the World. Following Pretu, Milne enlisted in the task forces of the Guild of Merchants and travelled to the Western kingdoms, where they two were assigned to the team led by Tristan to keep the peace and investigate any problem of note in this frontier kingdoms. (D.P. Note:  I have a killer image of Tristan to share with you guys too!!!)  

Due to his training and upbringing, Milne has wide knowledge of herbalism. He also has a natural connection with nature, especially with his swallow, with which he can apparently communicate. (D.P Note, no Swallow jokes allowed.)  Milne also has an inherent talent for magic. In the weeks of his travel from Arcadia to the west with Pretu, he was given a tome on magical theory.  Without much effort managed to memorize a handful of spells. Simple and unremarkable as they were, those spells took scholars of magic and wizards-to-be months to learn. His prowess was noted by Tristan, specially after Milne commented how his grandmother all but forbid him from coming into contact with *real* magic while in the forest.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a start is born and brought into the DP Kingdom, thanks to our dear sweet friend Lastmanouthere. I am SURE this will not be the last we see of Milne. You can bet on that! 

Here is a cool little making of video that Lastmanouthere provided.  Sadly blogger isn't the kindest to videos so the quality might be compromised. 


Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Cleansing Bath

After a long and passionate encounter with the Barbarian God Acamas, it came time for the lovers to depart. The prince retired to his private chambers, soaking in a harm healing bath.  His thoughts still fixated on the hero, who abandoned his many conflicting emotions run through his mind.  He is at once frustrated and aroused.  His cock tingles for attention as images of the perfect body of Acamas  pressed against his race through his mind.  He sercums to his urges, that are stronger than he thought.  Images of the events with Acamas have him quickly spilling his royal seed all over the chamber floor.  He relaxes back into the tub.  His cock tight and sensitive, relaxes and soften in the tub.  He feels the foreskin slowly finding it's way across his mushroom head. A tinge of boredom falls over him.  Nothing in the near future has a chance of being as amazing as what happened this morning...

This lovely piece was drawn by my old friend Yelmo.  The image alone inspired the story above.  Originally this was going to be a bubble bath image, but I think you will agree that eliminating them to get a full view of Yelmos wonderfully sculpted prince, was a much better idea! :D

P.S.  I know I promised this a couple days ago, but I was in a car accident.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Prince and Barbarian God Dock Dicks

Good evening, tonight we continue the heated embrace of Barbarian and Prince with Xlyphs image for FallenAngel!  This was actually the fastest created of the gifts for FallenAngel.  Literally done in an afternoon by the artists!  I guess Xlyph took one look at their hotness and couldn't wait to bring them to life for all to enjoy! It's a pretty glorious image of the two docking their big caramel cock lips, while only warm breath stands between their upper lips from meeting....hard and passionately I might add.  I hope you guys love this super image!  The final piece is going up tomorrow!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Barbarian Sunset

Hey guys, what better way to end the weekend than a glorious view of two warriors caught in a passionate pose?  Here we have the God Barbarian Acamas and Prince Rah-Im lasciviously done by none other than Caravaggia.  The blushing barbarian erupting his godly load on the young prince, is quit a site to take in by any mortal.   It was such a delight to have Caravaggia contributing here again.  He really gave it her all.  I have to wonder about the nature of the structure behind Acamas.  Is it man made?  Is it Ivory, or bone? Something very large was stood in this quiet desert valley.  Perhaps it was part of the prince's kingdom?  Hmmm..Maybe I am asking the wrong questions here.  A better one would be if after unloading himself, will Acamas feel up to the task of taking all that big brown cock up his ass?  Rah-Im is certainly looking for a 'heavenly' time!

It is time to rise and take in the the glorious site of Prince Rah-Im by Urbanmusiq!  This hunky sketch was part of a little birthday surprise for FallenAngel.  A totally solid gift from one passionate Pinoy to another,  funded by yours truly. Leon De Leon pours on the beef for all to enjoy in his envisionment of the newest star in FallenAngels stable! You know I actually wonder, is Rah-Im a play on Ramen?  I certainly want to eat him up each time I see him.  There is still lots to come in our princely buffet, with Caravaggia and Yelmo contributing next!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Twink With Tusks

Today was the first beautiful day of the year.  The first real day of spring!  So to honour the suns return to splendor, we have another return I hope you will find a little wonderful.  Trish who is a prehistoric faun has finally returned to the kingdom, all thanks to FallenAngel.  It's been many, many years and I am happy to welcome him back in his first ever picture by Fallen.  The image warmed might heart even more than the sun this afternoon.  

For those wondering, Trish is neither a Water Deer, or a Chinese deer, but an amalgamation of Hoplitomeryx and a couple other long extinct animals.  Hoplitomeryx and it's relatives lived on an Island in South Italy.  The reddish nature of the bones and the fact that some were found to have dwarfism, made me think of twinky, permanently tanned Bel Ami men, who never really look their age.  All that combined lead to his creation years ago.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lounging With Prince Rah-Im

Rise and shine everyone. It's a lovely day on Aurth, the realm where Acamas hails from.  And in that realm, on a bed, laying on satin sheets and goose down pillows is the sweet prince Rah-Im. At 27 years of age, he is a model of perfect for all his people to idolise.  He is the newest character by FallenAngel, here drawn in sensual style by Aneros.  Rah-Im is the star of a new manga series that FallenAngel has been producing for his Patreon site, though the character does appear off site in Fallens galleries as well.  The image below was drawn as a birthday gift to our friend.  The choice of drawing the prince was made by the many artists I asked to take on this task as well.  In the coming days you will see a few images of him, by some very familiar pens!
Aneros bestowed upon the prince a penis of great girth.  You can feel the weight of it just by looking at the image alone. . Jerking if off would take a warriors strength!  It would be surprising if the prince DIDN'T use this as a weapon in the battle field and the boudoir!!!   His balls are like two perfect jaw breakers, begging to be sucked.  Such an awesome picture!  There are two versions.  One with the foreskin a little tighter around the head, then the other!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gladiator and Slave Perform At The Party

Siro's naughty boys Caio and Bell couldn't wait for guest to arrive.  True we started the party for Sirio a little late this year, but it's no excuse for such behaviour!  Getting naked, fucking like mad and eating all the party food.  Well Caio did. Not sure if Bell even got a decent piece of cake, from the looks of it.

A super huge thank you to FallenAngel for doing this awesome piece.  Many happy returns of the day to our mutual dear friend Sirio.  May all your birthdays have warriors in them!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Feeling A Bit Horse

Hey guys! FallenAngel is feeling really horse these days... So horse, it's coming out his his work.  He's fighting off his cold like a Lion with a horses body...The man is LEGEND.  I hope this image proves to be a breath of fresh air in your collection. A very wild image, of a horny centaur, three different ways for you to enjoy.  We got a nice switch of uncut, then cut and even clean!!! Poor FallenAngel really is battling a terrible cold. I hope the horses heat made him feel a bit better...

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Adventures Of Teenage Vann Illia

Okay guys time to reveal one of the ongoing projects I have for this year.  As you already know from the blog title, we will be exploring the early history of Vann Illia!  Over the course of the year I hope to introduce you to some of his best friends growing up, his teachers, his adventures and of course his early sexual explorations.  You will see how he grew and he matured...well physically anyway. :P
We start with Lastmanoutheres divine image! In this scene, we have a meeting in the enchanted fairy forest, where Vann happens upon his not yet friend Peng.  You see, like Vann, being half human has made Peng a bit of an outsider in the eyes of the young human warriors they train with.  Unlike Vann he can't easily hide what separates him from the other boys.  Wings are pretty prominent, unlike ears.  Not so easy to ignore, or dismiss.  And fairies, much more than elves, are seen as troublesome among most human tribes.  Ignorance?  Perhaps.  Unfair treatment?  For sure.  He has been teased a lot more because of it.  This has made him a bit of a loner with a rough attitude.  Vann sees through this front to the good in him though.  Vann knows all the boy needs is a true friend. At least, that is his speculation.  As sexy and inviting as that cock and perfect frame are, Vann knows that for now, it's best to admire from afar.  A complement offered, is a safer choice, than an unwanted advance.  Although, even at this age, Vann is enough to tray to take what he wants...Actually especially at this age, with his hormones raging like mad!

A huge hearty thank you to Lastmanouthere who even while traveling around Europe and workin his sexy butt off, made time to take my little sketches and create not one, but two images.  This is already inspiring a whole set of new pieces!!!!  Check out the inspiring Kaleidoscope Vann image he created!  Would make for a sweet card back!!! Hmmm...the Vann Illia deck building adventure game...I like the sound of that! ;D

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Logan Gag

This has nothing to do with the movie.  A friend of mine was going through some things in relation to this topic, I felt silly...FallenAngel felt even more silly and we did this. I have no words, except that we are just goofing around here.  Please don't put too much thought into the thought behind it.  (Cause there was zero.) XD

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Elk King In The Autumn Sun

Hello guys, as promised here is the second image from the vault.  This is the glorious Elk King!  A protector of the Pleistocene forests and the Prince of Mammals. The character was designed as a potential rival/friend of Dinosaurprince, both wanting the same thing for both their species.  He being next to possess the Earth Orb.  This awesome piece really should not have remained buried for so long.  Leon did a wicked job coming to him again.  We upped his design a bit, adding a few new features.  Leons style had changed a little over the years and you can really see it comparing the two images.  :D  After Caravaggia coloured this, I was going to save it for Halloween that year, but sadly it fell through the cracks as my life took a lot of crazy twists and turns.  2012, was a very life changing year for me.  I hope you guys enjoy this.  Elk King never got another go after this.  Maybe I should think about bringing him back and placing him with Vann and his friends.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Proud Dimata By Leon De Leon

Hey guys,  talking some time away from my vacation in Hyrule, to bring you an oldie, but goody.  An image I squirrelled away for years now!  This is Dimata as imagined by Urbanmusiq.  This was probably the longest dick Leon De Leon drew at that time! A real trunk of a penis for sure! XD I really loved this image and it was Caravaggia who added the volcanic backorund and all the lovely soft colours to Dimata himself.  She really brought what was a sketch to a beautiful completion.

 I actually have one other piece that Leon and Caravaggia worked on as well. I will be posting that next.  It's a real blast from the past.  I haven't done anything with that characters since then, to be honest!  Other than that, I don't have that much to post.  This is because I bought a Switch.  My commissions had to suffer for the last few months, cause that thing is not cheap.  That's why there were so very few images posted this year so far.  That freaking machine, the games, controllers and stupid Amiibos really set me back.  BUT I did save and did my best to keep in a budget.  So, yeah...I should be good to go starting this month in supplying this site again! XD  I actually already started work on some Vann Illia stuff with FallenAngel and Lastmanouthere.  I have a little series planned for that.  It's already well under way.  I hope you guys haven't given up on this blog yet. It's not dead, it was just hibernating. :P

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lounging With The Bull Aneros Style

Good Saturday moooo-orning to you all. I gots a sweet gift from Aneros a couple days ago.  One that I am very pleased to present to you!  It's Lightning, our Apis Bull demigod, straight from the shower and directly into your sights!  This muscled, massive, mancow is not doing a very good job hiding his meter long beef jerky under that towel is he?  Even covered this is not safe for work!  (Is anything Aneros does ever though?)  So scroll down (Like you haven't already) and unleash the beef lovers meat supreme!

Dammmmn Aneros is trying to give us all heart attacks with a view like that.  I can't just image the warm that that moist cock head breathing into my ass.  Feeling the sticky rope of precum, still attached deep in his piss slit, pulling my flesh as he moves his cock back from it's initial inspection!  If the cock head didn't pull you apart the massive shaft and snake like veins certainly would finish the job quick!   I hope you guys like this, cause I am done. I need towel and a shower now!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Alien 'Healer'

Hello guys, I have a new character to spring on you tonight.  He was actually created by me back in March 2015.  Yep, 2 whole years ago. (I have even older I have yet to reveal, believe it, or not, including a demon and a centaur.)  Anyway...I owe a great deal of debt to the artist Leonardo, as if not for him, this guy would still not be revealed to the world.  He offered to draw the character, upon seeing the sketches back in late 2015.  There was plans in 2015 to do a short comic with him.  FallenAngel started work on it, but it never made it past the first page before it was abandoned.  Maybe we will pick it up in the future.   Back in January he sent me this wonderfully complex image.

Known only as 'The Healer' this creatures descended long ago from trilobites that grew vertebrae.  The beings have over hundreds of millions of years, learned great healing abilities.  Here we find him on a ship filled with an unlimited supply of sexy specimens.  He has collect these in the pursuit of improving on their bodies.  It was very sweet of Leonardo to not only draw him, but a bevy of interesting alien and human men as well. (Some of which look like a sub species of his own race.)

You can check out his tumblr here for tons of more hot art!
Here is my first sketch of the Healer.  I think this was the only digital image I had done.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Caveman Cupid

Hey guys! Happy Valentines day!!! We have Dore Lockstone as our cupid for this year.  His kind of ancient love seems so cute and sweet oncoming, but once he gets you in the sack, it's gonna be a rough night!   A huge round of applause for FallenAngel who whipped up this delight!  I hope you all have an amazing day.  That it is if nothing else, filled with sweet chocolates from someone who loves you!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Amron Fucks The God Of War

This year for his birthday, FallenAngel and I decided to bring back on old love of Leons, Kratos the God of War. As a series, while it remains to be seen, it certainly appears to have seen the last of it's main characters iconic design.  We know the character will forever remain a favourite of Leons along with Lara Croft.  In fact I am surprised he never paired those two in any private images. :P  Well, this is a gay blog and Leon is definitely that wasn't gonna be our plan. (Hears FallenAngel quietly sobbing.)   We of course choose our favourite Filipino warrior Amron to bring the God of War to his knees! Of course FallenAngel did a smashing job of it!  Poor Leon got this on the train to work and dared not sneak a peek till after he got home.

We also decided to send him something a little less hard core!  A sweet pairing that I left entirely up to FallenAngel to conceive.  This came about through our mutual inspiration from Leon and his boyfriend Alex's images from their trip to the Cook Islands. We decided to show his heroes following their creators travel plans.  Amron has a nice golden tan, while Sabell is just starting hers.  It was lovely to see a sweet romantic side of the characters again after so long.

Last year for Christmas I got Leon the Kratos action figure from Japan. It was actually very reasonably priced, since I bought it FROM Japan.  His love for this figure is what prompted the image above!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Warm Thoughts and Hot Guys To End January.

Hey guys!  Been taking it slow with the commissions this month, cause I pre-ordered the Nintendo Swtich.  I actually got to play Splatoon 2 yesterday! I should do a post about that...but that is not why you guys come here.  It's been a miserable month of snow and ice, so I asked FallenAngel to send Vann Illian on vacation to the tropics.   Here he is with a young man named Poputola, who wants to get a better grip on Vanns snorkel. (Scroll down for that action.)  If you would care to see more of this pairing, please leave a comment.
It was great to do this, cause we had this pose in mind since the summer.  Fallens really has Vann mesmerized...I guess he will be putty in that young mans hands!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Brotherly Love: Durand Family Threesome

Hey Guys, I don't even know where to begin with this one....It's so sexy awesome....
Here is the exciting conclusion to the Brotherly Love comic, albeit in one frame.  A what happened next where you can fill in the blanks and give captions to the goings on as you see fit.  Maybe one day we will expand on the comic.  For now though, I am presenting this to you with a huge amount of bride (and a used Kleenex) much as I did to Patrick Fillion last summer!  This imagination sparking threesome of Byron, Emil and Sheldon was done by none other than Leon De Leon: Urbanmusiq.  I cannot tell you how many times I have coupled this with a the comic pages and let my imagination run wild.  Byron is the favourite Class character of Leon and myself, so as you can see he put a ton of love into this.  Just wait till you see all the versions!

This is the standard version, which would take place during the comic.  All men are as they are in their 'current' state.  Sheldons pounded Byrons perfect ass just past the safe point. He pulls it out too late and starts to spew a massive amount of nerd cum on his brothers back.  Byron is so enchanted by everything going on, his own low hanger force spunk out his lovely helmet and onto his papas legs. 

Byron just couldn't be kept smiling alone at Daddys dick. Oh no, in this version, he licks it like a big old fudgsicle. Looks like he's got Daddy Emily Gasping.

Here is the Classic Space Cadet Edition, with Byron once again sporting a circumcised penis!  His dick is actually a little bit longer here!  

Emil and Sheldon have taken a nap in Emils machine and grown back their foreskins in this 'what if' image, where all three Durand men and uncut! 

Which is your favourite, if any? XD 
Shall we continue the threesome in comic form?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Brotherly Love: Space Cadet Comic

Hey guys! Gonna start the year in a HUGE way, with this amazing comic!  As well, I want to take this opportunity to note that last year we passed the one million visitor mark!  I never thought I would see the day!  So what better way to ring in the new year and celebrate that, then with what I hope you will find to be a sweet story from Sirio and myself!  We actually completed this in August as a gift to Patrick Fillion.  The story takes place while the Durand family are still on vacation.  (See Hook-Ups #1.)  I personally wanted to see Sheldon and Byron together FOREVER.  Of course with these two at such odds with each other and Byron taking on a new role, I doubt that is going to happen in the comics proper.  At least not any time soon.  So, I asked Sirio if she would be interested in taking on a little idea I had.  She agreed that it was a great idea and started work on it right away!  So with the greatest of pride here is a tale from the Last Diaries Of A Space Cadet!!! Enjoy!

Sirio did a splendid job on the entire shot.  I had such a thrill watching, as she worked at a feverish pace to complete the comic.  Sadly my work schedule took it's toll on me, so that hampered the completion time a bit.  Still, we had a blast the whole time.  It was fun to watch her add new ideas and watch them expand on the action.  The actual original layout was only for about 2, possibly 3 pages.  Sirio was really careful to keep Sheldon thin, while still maintaining a nice build for him.  Speaking of that, we were met with overwhelming praise by Patrick.  I was very happy to hear that the characters were interacting with each other just as he imagines them in his own imagination! :D

And this is not the end!!! This weekend I will be posting the exciting conclusion!!!  All the best in 2017 and thank you so much for all the visits!


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