Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dimata gains wolrld wide fame thanks to Mr. Fillion, Fydbac and Szadec!!! Meets a Sega Super Star! Introducing the Dinosaur Prince and so much more!

Hey what can I say, it's been a rough rough rough week. Dealing with artist, forget about it. There are days you just want to JUMP off the Brooklyn bridge, splash...
Time and the comfort of good friends heals all wounds. New prospects on the horizon, a 5 picture deal with Szadek and so much more. Not to forget a lovely family BBQ where I ate my fill after not eating for a loooooooooong time. It was a crazy week to say the least.
Now the BIG BIG BIG News!!! Dimata just appeared on the cover of BOYTOONS MAGAZINE! The article is filled with wondrous fan art and TONS of my commissions. Many of which are not even on this site yet!!!

Come on take a look you'll love it:

Boytoons for the love of Zahn

My good buddies Sirio, Demona, Nookiedog, Fallenangel, Fydbac, Szadek, little Busiris, my bosom buddy and so many others have been honored here. And of course there is Cruxion who created the Zahn meets Rikuo series for me! He's a master of the pen in both art and text. Though he has gone pretty silent these days. Hope he snaps out of it soon. We need him in there fighting and supporting the community! Guess a blog post might cheer the dear man up!

If this article showed me one thing, it's that I have been slow as a tranquilized turtle getting my commission on here.

Well all sorts of cool stuff happened this week, so let's take it from the top!
First off we have Jaytee's wonderful image. This was commissioned way back in April before even Dimata was around. I was goofing with the idea of sexual OC's. However while Dimata was inspired by sexy men of Class Comics, Dinosaur Prince was the result of me trying to humanize a character that has been trapped in my heart since high school. Yeah Jaytee turned my boy into a sex God.

Hey everone meet the Dinosaur Prince!

In high school I wrote a sad tale of a boy who at 18 becomes the prince of all Dinosaurs. I wanted to do an original character with that old character wedge in there in a way, so sent Jaytee a God awful image done with my mouse and a complete description. He came up with the simply breathtaking creature you see in front of you eyes!!! The proud ruler of the Prehistoric Paradise!!!!

And of course I wanted to have Mr. Fillions Cam lost in the valley of Dinosaurs. This lead of course to Zahn and Dimata. Hee hee this was my first costume design as well, for Cam anyway! XD

The super talented Jaytee has turned him into a sex god!!! XD Jaytee was tons of fun to work with.
Jaytee your Cam is just amazing! I love how you drew Rikuo, you gave him a sorta beefy body and the pose helps make him look like he really belongs in the the stone age! Nice job!!! :)
I love the colours you chose for the skin on Dinosaur Prince and the enthusiasm you showed while drawing him. It was very touching and meant a lot to me.
Jaytee would e-mail me with designs and ask things like, 'How about giving Dinoprince legs like Goliath from Gargoyles?' And how do you like these spikes? Cool huh?' LOL
He was super good too me.
I love the colours, the expressions, the attention to all the details I wanted and all the wondrous things you added yourself. You really outdid yourself! Such a wonderful Moon and Volcano!
I am honored to once again to have a hero of mine create something so special.
I hope to commission you again in the future. Dude gave me the confidence to make more OC's!!! I have yet to hear from Jaytee, but I hope he enjoys this blog. I have not heard from him as he is doing a move. He was good enough to get this done during that time though.

OK and now here it is, a major OLD SCHOOL Cross over!!! Dimata as so lovingly done by the man that first gave him life Ink-B, meeting the Sega Classic star Wonderboy!

While I was really down, Ink-B sent me this with such wonderful words of encouragement. Reminding me despite the bad times, I have so much behind me and so many adventures ahead. I thank the heavens above that I have such a wonderful young man at my side!!!! What a wonder this image is! I love his take on Dimata here, he is so cute and fuzzy! Check out that bum! Look how the sun shines on Dimatas penis!!!! How does he do it? Every time he draws Dimata he brings to him to a new level of cuteness!
Wonderboy is just to beefcakey for words. A total drool worthy hunk!!!!!
I love the sky and the cool cool grass. I can feel the spring breeze! Just gorgeous!!!!

And let's not forget about the SUPER Talented Fydbac. I just had to have the lightning fast artist whip out one of Trish Elk and Glypto. This is HAWT! Pay attention people! This is how you make me stop and drool!!!! BUM ACTION!!! OMG! LOL Trish is amazingly cute and Glypto looks like he is trying in desperation to hold in that cum!!!!! Fydbac you ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!!! XD Love ya! XD

Hey it's wouldn't be fair to mention the Zahn article and not show ONE image from the list now would it?
Well here we go with naphtali another great artist I had the honor of working with. Excuse me if this seems a little silly, but I just had to see him handle all three of these boys at once in one Crazy HOT Cross Over!!!

My reaction:

Hee hee I have always been a huge fan of yours. But ever since I saw your property of Superman picture a while back, I knew I had to commission you!

I was dying to see how you would Draw Zahn, Rikuo and Kid Icarus. So I threw them all together and I couldn't be happier with the results! What a fun and hot picture! Your Zahn is uber sexy!!! I love his face as he squirts his load all over Icarus!!! And Icarus is just so smexy!!!! I love his lazy face and that huge uncut dick! What a great pose for him!
Rikuo is a dream come true, a slip sliding Merman from hunk heaven! I just love his feet!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
The way you draw foreskins is just so hot!

Naphtali was a pure pleasure and answered all my questions and requests. Once started, things moved very quickly! :)

Thank you so much for drawing this for me! I will be in touch soon! And big congrats on getting this on Mr. Fillions blog! :)
You can see the no cum version there!!!!

You rock!

Oh the boys can't hold back anymore!

I am already working with naphtali to bring you a brand new OC and a take on Dimata! Get ready!!! XD
Kudos for being so professional with me and applying the logos to my images! Logos done by the super awesome Nookiedog!

Ok that's enough for one night. XD Much love to ya all!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lastmanouthere once again adds his passion to Skelldon and now Tonia!

As promised my older OC's are on their way back. Let it never be said that I forget my boys who moved. And who better to draw Skelldon again by the kind young man who first gave him life? lastmanouthere Is so good at drawing my boys. I swear I was so turned on when when sent me the first sketch I couldn't hardly contain myself!!! XD He is very modest to say the least, cause his Dinomen are super sexy!

Tonia and Skeldon making love for the first time as lovenly done by Lastmanouthere.

My Reaction:

Thanks so much again! I so love your take on Tonia! You made the twink a hunk! Looks Like Skeldon was working his whole body, not just his cock!!!!
This was so hot that when I first opened it I couldn't control my hands! Your Grindage is just too desirable :lol::heart::heart::heart:
AHHHHH YELLOW NIPPLES! XD SO cool! XD I like the long Torso it's smexy. I think it looks really cool. Makes the character Skelodn look taller and kinda lanky. It's sexy how he is so thick and muscular on top and so thin at the hips!!!! Love the cum! And I just noticed the thumbs up Tonia is giving! That is just too cute!!!! HA ha, thumbs up for cumming!!!! XD Awesome!!! .

I can't wait to do another picture with you! You my friend rock! XD

He produce a version based on my idea that they should be inside a tent as well. SO here it is a blog exclusive!!!

I like this one so much more! The wavy grass hiding the two lovers as they make love on the soft pillows takes me back the great Herem stories and images you would see from the early 20th century. Very sensual indeed!

I hope to work with Lastmanouthere again soon! He skill gets more amazing with each new piece!

Kentro Goes Colour! Sirio and JCArtblog bring us more Jurassic Love

Ah two of my old friends returned last month to breath life into my boys. I couldn't resist asking Sirio to continue to draw Romer. And at the same time Sirio was actually the first one to take on Kentro. Sirio was full of questions for me. Giving me choices of colours to use and wanting many examples of the animal that he was based on. The work is a masterpiece of power, passion and excitement.

Kentros Skin was based on this creature here.

His spine and plates were based on this fellow here.

Now with Romer we have a dilemma! The people at the Y!gallery don't like a Penis with a Frill! So Sirio was kind enough to create a couple images for me!!! There it is folks, Romer with a Frilled Penis!!

As well Romers head seems to be a subject of debate. Should he have a head frill, or not? Well I designed him with a frill. BUT never let it be said I am not flexible. Here he is with out it. If anyone wants to colour this let me know. Also feel free to comment on the two types.

My Reaction:

Oooh I love this so much! Sirio was the very first person I asked to draw Kentro for me! I had just sketched him out and sent him out right away! I was dying to have Sirio draw more Romer for me too. Dinosaur Frot Rocks!!!!
And there will be an alternate version of this on my site tonight!!!! XD

Your Kentro is so cute!!! XD I love his big black eyes. Those spikes are perfect! He certainly is a top!!! I love how their tails are together! This is so sexy!!!!! Faints!!!:exclaim:

Sirio took the time to read up on my description of Romer and include the place he loves to make love. That water and the splash is sexy and cool! DINOSAUR ACTION!!!! I LOVE IT!!!:lol::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Sirio, I thank you so much for this! You brought another of my characters to life and made me feel so special. You are a wonderful and VERY talented person. I thank my lucky stars everyday for meeting you and having you draw for me!!!! :kiss:
The only question is...what do we do together next?

The First sketch Sirio sent me. Not much to change here!!! XD

Now right after Fydbac and Sirio I asked Jcartblog if he wouldn't mind doing some of my boys in his style. The results are breath taking!!! Here we have his amazing take on Smilo and Kentro.

I just love commissioning you JC! You're such a sweet guy and such a fast worker! I mean I commissioned this on Saturday right and had it a few days later!!! XD

It really makes me happy to hear his appreciation in his comments. JC your art gets even more amazing with each piece!

I love this picture of Smilo and Kentro!!!! It's a Classic already! Your Kentro is just too much. He is so sexy! Awesome job on his plates and spikes! And amazing job on the hair/spikes. That is just an uber sexy pose! Dude people are going to fap to this! LOL!!! XD (I know I did! LOL) Those are some hot cocks! I like the circumcision scar on Smilo, nice touch! I really love how Regal and alert looking Smilo is, very cat like! And he is getting licked!!! That is so freaking hot! His pony tail resting on his shoulder is cute! Thanks for adding those butt dimples! Hee hee!!! You just want to pinch those cheeks!

I really love the background and foreground you added. Ah man takes me back to Jurassic Park! All I can hear is that line 'Don't go into de tall Grass.' lol Of course in this case I would LOVE to jump in!
You are sir are awesome!

JC really loved drawing Smilo. So much so that he gave me a couple bust shots that have become very popular as well. I think they are very frame worthy!

Awe man! He is so kind! What a killer gift! Your smilo is just so hot!!! I was so thrilled when I got his e-mail! I think I will ask for more Smilo and Dimata from JC very soon! Big kiss to you for this one!

Kentrosaurus pictures take from these sites:

Artist unknown.

Art for Trade: The Gorgeous Portraits of Kyung

A little while ago I was given a set of Kopic Markers as a gift. I have no idea how to use them. And after trying them once I decided that such a precious is better offered to someone with the power to use them. I offered them up on Y!gallery for a commission of equal value. The wonderful artist Kyung took up the offer first and I happily agreed. I was not prepared for the wondrous images she would create. Many of these started when Trish and Trevor were not much more then a couple sketches and character descriptions I had lying around. Now I proudly present these masterpieces to you. East one an exciting a vivid portrait worthy of hanging on any wall. Each one hand drawn and coloured.

This first image is just so cute and wonderful I cannot describe just how in love with it I am!!! I mean talk about a over the bed wall hanger!!!
This image came into existance way back when Trish only had a described body and a couple images of his head. In order to give him the pose I wanted Kyung really improvised. He was made into a centaur. And so from this was born the fact that he can switch between two forms. I say why not!!! As long as his human 'junk' is in the right place!!! LOL. Very inspired! I love the design and the colours are amazing. That foreskin is so cool looking! Neat pubes too! LOVE IT!!!! Trish is a super Twink here!
Ah and then there is Diamta! LORD how cute is he????? I mean talk about total innocents as he plays around with his huge boner and cums!! HAWT! He melts my heart! What nice Tusks you gave him too!

Another gorgeous masterpiece done by hand! Kyung was the third one to take on Trevor Dactylous and I love him this way! Kyung really went after my original concept of him and I appreciate that a lot. No offence to the other wondrous takes on him. I adore them so much as well. I dig how Kyung made him so thin and tall, giving him a combo of dreads and long stringy wet looking hair. Originally he was depicted by others as having it was pulled back, which was hot too!

Kyung even thought to include the light mane I had in my very first image. That rocks! Many people forget that Pterodactyls had hair. (Well some species.) I love those ribs!!! XD SO cute!!! I do believe we have a winna!!! Deff setting a standard for others when drawing him in the future.

And Steko is so hot too! I love his belly! Kyung gave him a very 'real' body type. Fitting of someone who hangs around the beach eating fish all day! That neck and face rocks!!!! Amazing colouring job on both! So much detail everywhere. From the sparkles, to the scales, to the spikes, it blows me away that each of these was done by hand. What a privilege to see my boys done in this style!

The dark sky in the background brings me back to so many old books on prehistoric life. (Those old tomes from the mid 2000th century always seemed to depict the Earth a dark place to live.)
The motion here of predator and prey, in pursuit of love is so graceful and sexy! Glypto is amazing. I love his build and how shiny he is! He is just outstanding! What a face!!! :)
Smilo is a wonder to behold here as well. Just so sexy as he hunts down his victim of love! They are both done so perfectly. Again Glypto had very few images of his body to go on at the time Kyung started this image. They are pretty much right on model here! Wow...And at the same time Kyung added so many charms to them! This begs for a sequel image! I swear I can feel the grass and the soft breeze passing my my body when I look at this!!!

Well Kyung I hope that this will lead to many future encounters and commissions. You have my undying thanks!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Magic found in a Silver Ruby

While looking through gallery of Silver Ruby I notice she was not shy about drawing anthros, especially ones found in the sea. So I thought, hey she has commissions open, why not see how she would handle Chiida? Nothing could prepare me for what was about to unfold in a very short time.

Wow, what a first meeting with Ms. Silver Ruby!!! What a hard and fast working artist she is!!! Let me just say anyone that wants to commission her, don't hesitate to do so. I was up till 2 am the first night talking and laughing and going through images with her as she delightedly dabbled with my boys! (FYI I am a 12 am right to bed kinda guy! XD) You can see her spirit in every line and every expression. The piece just flows!

Ha, ha, like Fydbac I guess I am a bad influence on her? She was shy about drawing penises, but a few dozen Patrick Fillion refs later she was eager and ready to give it her all!!! That's the nature of this beast I guess!!! I Love to make artists draw Pornz!!!

Here it is her wonderful take on Dimata and Chiida! Poor Poor Dimata! XD

You really capture the penises perfectly. I am beyond impressed with both so much that I couldn't let you not show the version with Dimata's exposed head! That huge uncut cock is a wonder to behold!!!! XD

Your Dimata is so innocent looking. For some reason he reminds me of Don Bluths style of characters in Dragons Lair. And I mean that as major complement. He's just so animated looking. I love him!!! Nice butt, cute face and wicked pose!

Chiida my hard sell Voodoo arthropod is friggen amazing. I will never forget how, in what seemed like in no time you were showing me his completed form. I almost feel out of my chair.
He's gorgeous and perfectly balanced between human and ancient sea dweller. I am so happy you put the armor on his abs, it looks so crazy hot. The way the armor on the hands looks like it is more and more joined and fused together with the nails as the viewers eyes moves from the index towards the pinky is an inspired detail. Gotta love the feet too! And all the 'legs' on his back are great!!!

A bonus Cum version! Awesome ancient goo!

It was a joy and an honor to meet and work with her. SO much so that we started on the next idea as soon as this image was complete!!!

The second sketch Silver Ruby Sent me. Done in a very short time, less then an hour I believe.

In less then a few days SilverRuby came to my aid and provided me with another pure masterpiece!!!

Presenting Dimata Meeting a very Egyption Brakari!

Talk about being into the commission. As always she had tons of questions for me. Getting this right was very important to her. We went through Various colour schemes, potential costume and make up ideas. SilverRuby is bursting with ideas! Ever since I first drew Brakari I wanted to bring the concept of him being Egyptian out and wow did you go all out! Pharaoh Phallatops!!

Love the costume! Ankhs rule!
Love the colours befitting a ruler of the desert sands!!!
Love the little beauty mark!!!

Yep a warning to all future commissioners...I expect no less then this EXACT colour pattern on him from here on in!!! Kidding!!! XD
I was afraid to ask you to add the pattern to his penis, but I am so glad you went ahead and did it with out me having to! LOL, it is truly a penis for the ages now!!!

Man I wish I was Dimata, who would not want to frot with with a 3 and a 1/2 foot penis???? Hope he doesn't ask for anal!!!
Your Dimata is lovely as well. I really love his big blue eyes and the delighted expression you gave him. You do him so wonderfully and I thank you for taking him on again so soon!
You added a lot of fun and laughter to a cruddy day of rain and tires that needed to be replaced.
All I can say is, who's next?????
Here's to many more to come!
(Takes a sip of Root beer!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dimata is everywhere! Presenting The Original Dimata!!!

To think, it's only been since very late April that I first came up with Dimata. I lot has happened in such a short expanse of time. Today I have something very special to share with you all. Back around April 27th, I decided to commission Dimata out for the very first time. These images I am about to share predate Ink-B's work by about a week. And my images, yes I am showing you my images, were drawn around the 23rd of April.

As mentioned before Dimata was made for Zahn at first. I envisioned him in a mutual hand job scene with Zahn, but changed that to Frot when presented with the opportunity. Let's face it, everyone knows I love it!
So don't take a sip of anything cause you are liable to laugh and spit it all over your computer screen, but here is my first sketch of Dimata, known only then as my Mammoth boy:

I looked at a lot of Class Comics to come up with this!!!

Handsome bugger! As you can see even from the start Dimata had trunks in his mouth. The nipple hair is almost never represented by anyone.

As you can see I had drawn the penis somewhat like a Trunk. That feature had to go somewhere and I wanted the face as human as possible. My original concept had the foreskin lips looking like the end of a trunk. They would be on the side of the head and not on the tip. (I have seen messed up foreskin like this, with the hole on the side.)

Well I whored dear Dimata out and I got a bite with the amazingly talented Szadek. The man was a total Gentleman. He was determined to have tons of fun with Dimata and make Zahn as much like Mr. Fillions version as he could and well as you will see, you will think you were looking at a page from Class Comics. Szadek is know for ability to mimic any art style he sees. The man is about as gifted as you can get.

After I sent him to Szadex and he gave me 3 version of him and I had to choose. None had the tusks in his mouth, or at the edges of his lips, as he is now known for and as was in my original concept. Maybe it was due to lack of faith that I approved a couple concepts and went with the tusks on the side of the face. But I DO know I just loved his take on him!!!! XD (Sorry to every artist that wanted to do this as well, but I made you put the tusks in his mouth. This Beta Dimata is the first and only of his kind, sorta like long billed Donald Duck, or shoeless square footed Mickey Mouse.) And as I said I do love him. Every good character has a unique start and Dimatas is darn sexy!

As you can see I fiddled with various features from each version, before making my final choice.

Here he is! A after much decision and a lengthening of the Tusks Dimata was ready to into action! He just needed to lose the darkness in his eyes.

Szadek you really out did yourself. You gave him many mammoth features such as wrinkles around the eyes and extra hairy shoulders. I didn't realize you had given him a goatie until I saw the final! Neat!!!
For anyone wanting to commission him, I have to tell you that he got me on Yahoo right away and not only showed me the various character designs quickly, he gave me optional jewelry and accessories that could go on Dimata as well. He then showed me various poses that could have been used. I mean talk about an expert!!! I was floored. He even showed me the Background separately!!! He kept me informed as he went to each step. Always making sure I was happy with how the picture was going.

The final image to the far right was the one I originally wanted done. How could I go against Frot? I may ask him to do that one next!

Thanks you for drawing this wondrous masterpiece. I would swear Mr. Fillion himself drew Zahn if I hadn't seen you do ever step!!! I mean, the northern lights reflecting on the two of them is just amazing. I never would have dreamed you would have given me such a wonderful background. :)

Thank you for taking my once unknown and having enough faith in me and him to do so before anyone else. You made me very happy, treating me with respect and asking questions about him while doing research on the animal he is based on. You even gave him a Class Comics feel and look! The trunk like cock with unretractable foreskin is so perfectly designed.
Your faith was the stepping stone that prompted me to move forward with all my Original characters and I am in you debt for that my friend.
Big hugs and thanks to you, you are a master of ink and paint.
Has Frot ever been THIS hot in such a cold world?

And to top it off, today I got the completed Dimata by Nookiedog! It is HOT literally! For in his version Dimata is on all fours ready to strike, while leaking out steaming precum on a Volcano! This could make a two page spread in Playgirl!!!! Nookiedog keeps raising the bar. I love his take on Dimata as I have said, it so hot it got me Fapping!!! XD

I really love the shadows and darkness here, very prehistoric indeed! There is a sense of danger and adventure that makes it exciting to look at. Takes me back to every Conan comic and Tarzan book I read as a kid!!! And I dig the half haiy body, very cool.

I really get inspired by all the various takes on Dimata. It's very pleasing to see everyone trying to give me something special, it really warms my heart!
Thanks to everyones support this is just the start. Wait till you see SilverRuby and Neos take on him!

Don't forget to check out Zahn at Class Comics!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Return of Tonia and Lil'Deep!

It's been pointed out that in a very short time I have sat with many artist and created many new characters. And in this explosion of sexiness, I fear some of my first characters might run the risk of being ignored. One of my Boys, Tonia, very lovingly created for me by Yelmo has not seen any action at all. Well all that is about to change. There are currently quite a number of Tonia works on the way. The first of these I present to you is done by Jacy-J! She took the original Tonia image and re-created him in her own sexy style!

This is such a wonderful and sensual picture of Tonia! I love the expression he has as the water cools and cleanses him before he swims. That tail and the armor is perfect! I love those soaking wet speedos with the bulge visible!!! Very erotic indeed! I would go swimming with him any day! And this image has prompted one of my up and coming images.

Today I got something very special in my inbox. A wonderful gift from Adonix. This as he puts it is one of first images of some hard core sex! The return of another of our boys, the super Sexy Megalodon boy Lil'Deep.

And OH MY GOD what an amazing return it is!!! It's beyond hot, without being too graphic. The muscle tone is incredible. Lil'Deep is really shark like here. In fact Lil'Deep has never looked so hot! Notice how Adonix made his elbow look kinda shark like. The dorsal fin really looks great too. I love the gills below his chest, great touch new touch as well. (Reminds me of Rikuo!!) His ass is so hard and hot!!!! XD I dig the beads in his hair and how he looks like he going to kiss Dimata.
And a new take on Dimata! WOW! I love Dimatas big full lips! Sooooo sexy!!! Faints...
Seriously that is such a cute expression on Dimata! That big dick on Lil'Deep is stuck right up Dimata's man hole and he is taking it all!!!!
Adonix topped it off with a background and cliff that reminds me of early morning as the sun rises over the primordial sea. This is one of the most beautiful pictures Adonix has ever created. I love it!!!!!!!

And speaking of wonderful pictures, here is the amazing finished picture by Conji of the Caveman and Dinoman. A wondrous birthday gift from the great Busiris. Big hugs to you man. You da Bomb!

Awesome colouring job! Love it! I like the pre-cum sticking from his arm to his cock! I will have to name these two! XD thanks so much again for working so hard and so fast too! This is one of the nicest birthday gifts ever!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet the Dune Mice as brought to goregous life by Zipopen!

It's no secrete that I am not only a fan of Patrick Fillions, but almost every sexy boy I have come up with so far was due to his inspiration and friendliness. Well a few months ago I was wanting to do a commission and the artist who I needed was not interested. So I got to thinking, 'what's wrong with me?' Fan art is amazingly fun to do, but why not make my own boys? I am someone that despite my lack of skills will sit and draw and write. I sized the moment and started in on some of my own erotic characters. I opened up Hot Chocolate and Bliss and set to work creating some characters that would fit into the world of Class Comics.

I wanted to do some mice for Camili Cat. I sent off my designs to various artists. I got a lot of positive feedback, but when one person jumped on it, I decided to respect that and wait for him to finish it. That person was my good buddy Zipopen, master of monster Cocks and foreskin!!!! Who else better to give my boys penises worthy of Class? XD

Zip did all this as birthday gift for me. What a super nice guy he is. He e-mailed me many times making sure he got everything perfect. He really wanted to make the image as special as he could. And man it is HAWT!

They are two Nubian Dune Mice, native to an Egyptian planet called Kumentutt.
Dune mice live for an unknown amount of time and pride themselves as guards of Tombs and Temples. Due to their rather large appendages they also have a huge sexual prowess and spend any free time using said members in any number of ways.

These are my two brothers separated at birth.

Travis has white spiky hair, white eye brows three tufts of white hair on his chest, white pubes, etc. He has rings of white hair around his wrists and ankles that end in fiery spikes. He like all Dune mice is cut. He is 14 inches with a pink head. He prides himself on his discipline and honor shown towards his friends, family and Pharaoh. He is calm, cool and an excellent lay! He is older then his brother by one year.

Troy is a little taller with dread locks. His hair is black. He is darker skinned. His penis head is Purple. He has no chest hair, or armpit hair. He has the rings of hair ending is soft spikes on the arms and wrists like his bro but they are grey. His tail is a lighter brown then his body.

He was taken to the Islands as child and raised as a DJ. He was never circumcised and is considered a rarity among the others. His brother especially enjoys docking and tugging on his foreskin.

This was my reaction:

I knew you were the perfect choice to help me create my Class Comics inspired Men!! Another little thank you to Mr. Fillion for providing us with such inspiration and wonderful comics!!!
Zipopen you really brought my boys to life!!! You took what I had sketched and presented it perfectly, from the hair, to the body types! Zipopen is a true master at making sure everything is done as per a clients wishes. I have never been presented an entire colour pallet to choose from before!!! And your kindhearted generosity will not be forgotten my friend!!
I love them to death!!! I didn't realize you had never drawn Cam before! He's got all your charms here! Very sexy and regal!!! As much as I am in awe of the characters I also cannot get over the throne!!! Wow!!!! So much detail!! :shocked::heart: I love that your name is mixed in with the hieroglyphs!:wink::heart:

As you have mentioned, these are characters I made after immersing myself in Class Comics back in April. I wanted to create a couple boys that would be constantly after Cam, to worship and have sex with him! So I went with the idea of two Egyptian Micemen Brothers that were separated at birth. They are from a race that prides itself on loyal service to Pharaohs and the protection of tombs. They live on a planet where Felenoids are treated as Royalty. Cam has become the latest recipient of there generous hospitality. Will he stay and lead them to a new age of ecstasy?
I know seeing this image has put even more and more ideas into my mind for their next meeting!
Once again my thanks to you Zipopen! I can't wait till our next project together!

At the moment Zip is working on a new picture. And I already have future plans for the Dune mice!

Zipopen's first Sketch, just amazing stuff. Love the Camili-Cat squint!

Check out all the Cool Camili-Cat stuff at Class Comics!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gifts of the Past

Like I mentioned I had one crazy week! I seemed to be getting art left right and center. All in thanks for my continuing support! Fydbac was so kind as I mentioned. She has so much talent and the fact that she applies it so wonderfully to my boys makes me swell with joy and pride. Here are all the masterpieces she gave to me late last week!

What isn't perfect about this???? I mean, an elephant trunk cock spaying cum just the right way! And Dildo Rocks are the perfect terrain for a world of Prehistoric gay boys! Fydbacs Dimata is just so breath taking. I love him. He has that crazy wavy hair and that laid back expression that is just so cool!

OH MY GOSH! Fydbac and Dinoboy butt checks! How can I write comments when all I do is stare at those big fingers spreading those things? FAINTS....
Ok uh where was I??????
Fydbac the fact that you opened up your wild imagination just for me has touched me like you would not believe. I mean, A Bone Dildo tied to Kentros tail? That is pure unadulterated GENIUS! Fydbac is the Wile E. Coyote of Porn!
I love Romer giving that uncut monster some tongue action, while Kentro buries the side of his face in Romers cock screaming out in ecstasy. Can't stop the leakage...

I love this, that drench hair filled with sweat after hours of love making is just too cool!!! Only a mammothman could possibly hope to wear out the Son of Winter!!!!
I really appreciate how Fydbac remembers how Dimata was drawn as fan art for Zahn. I mean that says so much about how much she cares and enjoys doing these pieces. XD I love how is legs are so sprawled out and so weighted down as he holds on to his balance and consciousness with all his might!

I really love how Fydbac positioned Dimatas face so the tusks are up in the air! Classic Elephant action pose! I can hear him Trumpet as Romer sticks his cock deeper into him! So freaking hot....can't stand up....

I this has to be one of my very favorite pictures ever! The two boys, Chase and Dimata sharing a double sided Dildo, looking so venerable, but so turned on at the same time. The precum just oozing from that cut cock on the Ceratopsian's chest drives me wild. His hair flowing with his head tilted back makes me so light headed. This is just too good.
I just love Dimatas Bum and how you thought to include his ooze all over the ground.
More Genius, Fydbac you are LEGEND!

And even after all this my new partner in crime Cruxixion provided me with an awesome thank you! The first completed image of Trish Elk as done by him! He is doing an orgy scene that will have 4 of the original cast members in it! It's going to be tight!!!

Notice how well designed the antlers are. They are exactly like an Irish Elk!

Oh man what a nice thank you!!! I so didn't expect this! His take on him is divine! This has got me really excited. I can't wait to see him take on all my boys! XD Cute tusks!!
Thank you my friend Crux!

This inspired me to create two new Deer characters! Anyone want in? XD

Thanks guys it'a stuff like this that helps fuel me more and more.
Coming a belated birthday gift breaths life into two Class Comic inspired characters of my own design.

A Trilobite Emerges from the Cumbrian age

It's always great to sit and think about a new character, draw it and then send it off to see how a real artists will handle it. This new character I will be unleashing today it something I had in mind since I was a kid. (Though in all honesty he wasn't sexy until a few weeks ago!) When I was small I would sit in the bath tub and think of large cities under the ancient ocean and the rulers of these waters would be the Trilobites. Of course my characters looked like physical trilobites and were not very human like at all.
So I set out on the task of creating a trilobite who's role was not as ruler of the ocean, but lover and mystic. Trilobites lived in the ocean for over 279 million years, so I wanted to put in him a good role to convey that. A creature that is not physically old, but very wise, armed with the wisdom of the ages. He was originally supposed to be a purely evil character, but I changed that concept when I saw the following two pieces.

And so I present to you Chiida the Voodoo Trilobite!

This is Fydbacs take on him. As you can see his head is half human and half Trilobite. He is African, sporting large arthropod eyes and bony armor. His staff has the skull of an Ichthyosaurus on it. Here is is accompanied by a new Ceratopsian character Chase! Chase is a Chasmosaurus.
Fydbac included him a package of pictures she gifted to me. Her generosity towards me will never be forgotten.

Part of my reaction:

I really love the Trilobite Voodoo Priest!!! He's dang sooo cool! He's a really hard sell too. Next time I am requesting more of him! XD The Triceratops Chase is really awesome too. And I love the way his hair and face is so flowing. I really like his horns, they're really neat. Especially the one that is his nose. Very reminiscent of a Chasmosaurus, a Albertaceratops! Thank you so much for helping me name him.

I am happy that you chose both of them to have expressions of happiness, instead of it being a rape, or forced piece. It makes for such a nice and pleasant picture!
I really like his antennas. Thank you for doing such a cool job on such a difficult character. I think I frightened a few artist!

Such wonderful gifts, amazingly thought out, just crazy hot and made with care and passion. I am so overwhelmed by your generosity. Such a kind unselfish heart will take you places in life I can only imagine. And you deserve to be there as soon as possible my friend. All my love to ya!

Fydbac was late with her commission and made up for it by providing a totally fapable orgy of pictures! I will displaying them as well.

Now at the same time that Fydbac was working her fingers to the bone, so was my good buddy Ink-b! Here is his gorgeous take on Chiida.

Ink's picture is a delight to the eyes. He took a really sexy approach to him. Instead of doing the shell as simple armor he incorporated it into Chiidas hair. This gives him an almost Arabic Appearance. He added two spectacular glowing eyes and glitter around his head. His pointed ears and his sweet soft expression give him such a sexy and almost genie like affect. (My original ears were thin and long! Yuck!) I love the arm spikes and the thick uncut cock is drool worthy!
OK I love him to death! I never would have thought he could be made to look so sexy. Ink-b you a pure genius, sex just flows from your fingers.

This is what made me decide that Chiida would be a character that lives in a hut by the Ocean. A young witch doctor whose appearance frightens others. He often uses force and magic to have his way others. His sex is actually a blessing as it results in many strange benefits.....

Thanks guys you have expanded my kingdom in a new and wondrous ways. I can't wait to see you both create more of him in your own fashion!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Greast Honor of all: Rikuo by Patrick Fillion

What an amazing week I had. This week many wonderful things happened to me. Among them was a picture, dedicated to me by the one and only, the master of Gay Comics, Mr. Patrick Fillion. What a dream come true.

Here are his kind words:

Hello Gang!

I drew this illustration of Rikuo as a special THANK YOU GIFT for my good buddy Dinosaurprince.

I felt it important to show him how truly appreciated he is. He has been so wonderful to so many artists here at the Y!, supporting and encouraging by generously commissioning artwork and being so enthusiastic about it all. He's a real inspiration and quite honestly I feel he's the embodiment of what a community like this one should totally be.:widesmile:

Dinosaurprince, my sincere thanks for all that you do. You are loved and appreciated, and this Rikuo's for you! :love::love:

BIG BIG BIG Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

My reaction came straight from my heart:

Oh man, what can I say? TOTAL DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Good sir, you words have left me with tears in my eyes. Huge HUGE HUGS to you my friend!!!
Rikuo my favorite character, done so gorgeously by your hand. If someone had told me a year ago this would be happening in my honor I would have just laughed!!!
It's been a heck of a half year for me. And this picture is all because a bunch of wonderful people allowed me into their world. I thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!!!
I want to thank everyone I have had the pleasure of working with as well. It was their hard work and kind attitudes that kept fueling me to come back and do more and more!!!

I love this pose! The spread open legs welcoming and beckoning the viewer closer. I love his sexy face, total Fillion style!! So cool!
That monster uncut with the pink head drives me crazy!!!! Any boy would love to cradle those balls!!!
The rock is just so well detailed and you can feel the cool breeze and feel the softness of the water. I love starfish!
The colours really balance Rikou in a way that he looks so strong, but he looks like he would be soft to the touch and so welcoming to a lover! I am so in love with this picture.

I can't thank you enough Mr. Fillion, but I promise I will continue to help out and create many more ideas and characters!
*Wrote with a huge smile and tears in my eyes*:
Long live gay comics and Yoai!!!
I bow down and tip my hat to you!!

Not only did he produce the picture, he included a thank you on the image and the page. What a truly amazing person to take time out of his busy schedule, during a time that Class Comics has been it's busiest ever. All I ever wanted to do was have fun, while meeting some of the people I admire. I still don't begin to fathom the impact I have had. But I guess I have indeed! I want to thank everyone who posted such wonderful comments on the page as well, I never felt so lucky and so a part of something like I do right now. You guys are my inspiration! :)

He had contacted me prior to the dedication and showed me his plans and asked me what poses I liked and how I felt about them overall. I loved both poses and I have to say it was a hard choice! But I went with the relaxed pose because it was just so inviting and cool looking!

I so love this image as well. It is very reminiscent of the character win poses in Nightwarriors, with limbs exaggerated and being flung towards the viewer. Is he reaching out for the viewers cock? XD This made for a very Hard choice.

This is the first view I got of Rikuo relaxed on the rock and spurting cum. It was love at first site, no doubt. It was those open legs and the fact that he was hanging on with all his might, trying to keep his balance as his orgasm overtook him that drew me in. I love how on the final his cum is glistening in the sunlight! SO COOL!

Mr. Fillion, you continue to inspire everyone on the net. Every artist I know looks up to you and are just as thankful as I am that you are such an encouraging part of the Y!gallery. I know I am not alone in the view that I feel you do more and are much more active then those that run the site. Your good nature and generosity will never be forgotten, you my friend are a real Superhero.
Raises cup of Root beer: All my love to you! Long live Class Comics!!!

Please check out Patricks sites, there is so much to see on each one!:


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