Tuesday, October 31, 2017

2017 Halloween Witching Hour Post!

Velcome to my secret Halloween post at the stoke of  midnight, when all the most mischievous spirits come out to play...We have a little something from Anoeros to share with all you ghouls.  All I can say about my involvement in this, is that I watch waaaay too many holiday specials every year.  I fished the idea to two artists I know that love to draw various dick types. I was overjoyed when, very close to the holiday, Aneros took up the task of doing this!  Couldn't think of a wilder way to end Halloween 2017, than having Bel bequeath with the many dicks of master Aneros.  Ho boy...He is NOT going to get any sleep tonight!
Thanks very much to all the artists that worked hard to make this a very memorable holiday.  It was only special because of them and their many contributions both to my site and their own sites and publications.  I hope you guys had a wonderful night.

Cum Covered Caramel Apples

Okay guys!!! Time for my traditional Witching Hour Halloween post!!!
This years macabre masterpiece was drawn by Caravaggia!  She helped me big time.  I sent her a sketch with a fairly badly drawn man witch on it and she turned it into tows incredible hunks.  Got some sweet Latino and twinky action for you below!!! These witches have heard of the lonely spirit of Halloween.  They know how feelings of sorrow, stored for a year within such a spirit, makes it extra special, extra sticky and extra scrumptious!  Pretending to be friendly, they lure poor Jasper to their enchanted circle.  There they bind him magically, as they drain his balls over and over.  They cover apples picked at sun set with mounds of his cum mixed with hot caramel, they injected into his ectoplasmic testicles.  Poor Jasper would have to suffer till sun up, if not for his friends.  Belvadar went looking for him, when he noticed Jasper wasn't floating around him like a moth to a porch light for most of the evening.  Seeing his friend in such a state drives the bat boy into a mad furry.  Those witches better know how to fly like the wind, cause if Belvadar gets them, they won't be doing much till they recover next Halloween.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Goooood evening and velcome to my devils night post!!! Sirio and I have a nice little treat for you (and for Belvdar.)  He was out trick, or treating in the nude.  Thinking his natural body is the best Halloween costume of all, he has been making old ladies blush and others drool all night long.  Well just as he dives into his candy bag, something instead dived at him!  Jasper was waiting, very patiently to teach Bel a lesson about making others amorous all night long. He grabs the batboys cock and sets to work stroking and sucking.  Bel tries to back off, but he is met by Vann.  (Freed from his imprisonment with the Warrior of Halloween.)  Bel starts to act cool and attempts to laugh it off.  Just as he starts asking Vann to release him, he feels his asshole stretched by not one, but two cocks at once!  Bel is in for it now.  A double dose...A Halloween Trick and Treat he will never forget!!! And I hope you won't soon forget this drooling inducing work by Sirio!!! Happy Halloween from Italy my friends!

Hey guys, Sirios dog is very sick and requires treatment.  As someone that just lost 2 dogs a couple years back, I know all too well how every pet is a part of the family.  She could really use some help with the medication.  If you would like a commission please contact her through one of the links below.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Peng Gets Pounded On Halloween

Vann is in trouble, so it's Peng to the rescue.  (What else is new?) Only for once Peng needs help finding a solution, as well as the location of his friend.  It is not exactly easy dealing with the warriors of Halloween. They have very mysterious ways.  In his desperation he calls upon the Owlman of All Hallows Eve to grant him knowledge.  That knowledge comes with a price, usually ones foreskin.  But Peng is half fairy and magic spells and bounding contracts do not easily work on him.  The Owlman instead only requires some sex. Not further payment, he claims. Peng agrees nervously and Otubishin readies his rod for entry.  After a gruelling session,the answer given to Peng.   Peng prepares to depart, only to be held down by a great force on his shoulders.  Try as he might it is no use.  Otubishin has summoned the living dead trees of the forest to keep Peng here all night if needs be.  "You will never save your friend.  You will suffer through the night knowing you could save him, if only you were smart enough to get away."  The Owl monster gloats as he fucks Pengs sticky, cum soaked hole for the 10th time.  Peng not smart enough? Oh...we all doubt that.  The Owl Man better pray to whatever dark gods he is binded to. Once Peng finds a way out of this, the owl is as good as plucked.

The image of horror and terror most sensual was drawn by FallenAngel.  I can only pray his imagination does not start bringing these visions to life on Halloween night!!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Hottest Halloween Fuck

Yesterday Vann pulled a prank on one of the oldest and most feared Halloween kings.  Tonight however, we find him paying for his actions.  Mess with one evil creature and usually you are fine to walk away. Halloweeniers however, have a habit of sticking together.  Through sneaky means, our hero was captured by a Jack-O-Warrior.  A defender of the holiday that tries to keep things in 'balance.'  That is, they attempt to punish them that have thwarted Halloweens big wigs, instead of doing so to the legend that deserved it for failing.
This particular Warrior has a special candle stick betwixt his legs, that he likes to light up and administer as punishment whenever the chance arises. Vann is gonna feel the burn of the hottest holiday fuck of all time, if he doesn't figure something out fast. You know our boy, he is full of surprises.  He might even just be playing opossum, just till he gets a feel of that waxy wang. I just hope he knows what he is doing...Rumour has it, that dick has magical powers beyond it's fleshy flame....

Super HUGE thank you to Yelmo you drew this up over the last week.  We have not done a Halloween project together for a couple years, so it was a delight to hand him the naughtiest thing I could think of! Just in case the 'wax' isn't  your thing, Yelmo did up a slight alternate image as well!  Happy Halloween from Mexico as only Yelmo can pen!


Friday, October 27, 2017

Vann Takes Over Halloween

Happy Halloweekend everyone!  I have a nice line up for you guys all the way to Halloween night!  Each day I will have a new image to post up to Halloween. :)  I hope you will come back to see each one.
The image tonight is a sweet mix of sexy, spooky and silly all thanks to FallenAngel!  Our crew has always given the headless horseman a hard time on Halloween night. This year is no different.  Vann has decided that this year, he is taking charge.  Looks like old Headlesses nightmare steed finds it as amusing as Vann does.  Old Headless isn't so happy.  I hope Vann can make it till morning, or he might find his golden locks replaced with a green stem!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Power Of Piss Comic

Okay...SUPER NERVOUS! LOL! This comic that I am presenting today was a long time coming.  It originated in an idea I had back in 2012!  I shopped that idea around and it was pretty much rejected flat out. LOL.  It was even more raunchy than this turned out to be, I have to admit.  Over the years and countless jerk off sessions, I retooled it and retooled it.  By the year 2017 the story was nothing much like the original.  It had taken on a new identity.  It had all new stars, save for one returning character.  It wasn't that hard finally deciding on this form. We do always wish we could do every idea that comes to mind and maybe one day I will do another in this series....

Golden Boy, a hero whom I love so much, became the star of this one, cause of soon to be obvious reasons! I also wanted to take the opportunity to pair him with two of the biggest names in Class Comics that he had never appeared with sexually before.

Sirio and I started this back in July. We finished a little over a week ago.  Sirio is amazing, picking my brain and nailing every single pose as I did my best to draw and write what was going on in my crude way. This actually was a birthday gift for Patrick Fillion. It started as three short pages, but we extended it to 5, cause we were having so much fun! hee hee.    I cannot thank Sirio enough for her hard work.  She was often done a page and on to the next one, with tons of questions, before I even had a chance to read it.  No lie... lol.  I hope you guys will enjoy this comic.  It goes into some fetish stuff, so be forewarned!!!

I do apologize for blogger sucking here.  This is about as big as I could get it and even then you can't really read it till you open it in a new tab. -_-  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Smilo Fucks Dimata Animated!

Hey guys, sorry for the two week hiatus. Not cool, I know, but...Well idle hands are the devils play things right?  So you can just image all the stuff I have in store after taking a brief vacation from blogging.  I have a big surprise for you all, several actually!  I am going to start off October with some animation.  Not Halloween themed, but certainly sweet as candy.  We have (like you haven't already looked down) Smilo fucking the cum right outta of Dimata,  This tribute at the temple of man boob booty, was drawn gloriously by Mr. Genelightfoot!  His newest drawing of the prehistoric men makes them even bigger and buffer than his previous images.  Must be something in the water at the temple!!! It seems to have given Dimata foreskin for days.  That is one think foreskin lip he is sporting...sure to cause more then just his precum to trickle out... Super huge thanks to Gene for making my summer go out with a bang!


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