Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not So Virgin Sacrifice For the Zebra Centaur

After Genelightfoot had completed the birthday gift for Aneros, he insisted on doing something for me as well. That was very kind of him.  Earlier this month he presented me with this piece featuring my Zebra Centaur, bigger and buffer then ever before!  In fact I think he's one of the beefiest men I have ever seen Gene do.  I think his neck is as thick as I am shoulder to shoulder! :P  In this image his character Gene has stolen Sebs clothes and is posing as todays virgin sacrifice.  Gene knows the score, he's been with lots of guys, but even he must be a little worried about taking his first centaur dick.  The was Genelightfoots first Centaur too and he did an immaculate job indeed.  The dark stormy sky background is so beautiful.  That would be a perfect day for a birthday. 

Well that about does it for my birthday pictures. I really stretched them out this year!   Thanks for all the wonderful gifts guys.  You made me feel like Godzilla on a tricycle...whee!

Yeah it's really a thing! :P

Monday, July 29, 2013

Belvadars Dildo

This wonderfully gothic image of Belvadar spread open for my birthday, was done by my old friend Cray a couple weeks ago.  It was very kind of him to take the time and effort to create such a sexy piece.  His art style gets more and more exciting with each image he draws.  I like that since Belvadar has his hands busy spreading his butt cheeks, he's forced to use his tail to shove the dildo more and more into his ass.  I wonder if that big pink thing is stuck on top of a cake like a candle and Bel is hovering just above it? If that's so he's in good position to add his own icing to the cake. 
Cray and I have another image to share, which I should be doing later this week.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thor at the Legendary Oasis

Zerimar had a party all ready with Segas Thor at the Legendary Oasis, back on May 24th.  I think Thor wants us to test how supple his pectoral muscles are.  :D   But first I think I would be more anxious to move that towel to the side.    Zerimar delights in teasing me with these images of almost naked studs.  The make my imagination run wild!  It's art like this that reminds me how sad it is that the character has fallen to the way side.  Dude is bronzed!  Sega, what happened?
Thank you so much for this beautiful birthday image Zerimar. ^_^

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mabootu Is Ready For You

FallenAngel was kind enough to send me a couple images with special birthday wishes attatched to them. This second one is of Mabootu, sexy guy from Africa.  Fallen wrote many stories for him, which I had the honor of posting on this site some time ago.  (I even got a chance to contribute a bit in their creation too!)  He was later featured in a large collection of pin ups.  It was really awesome to see Fallen return to him.  Now if only I could have spent by birthday in the jungle with him instead of watching Star Trek in a freezing theater. :P

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lil Prehistoric Party Studs

I'm going to make it my mission this weekend to post the last 4 of the sweet images I got for my birthday, one a day till Sunday.  Decided to start it up with this super cute and sexy card from Maduinshorn. These are three of the most muscular chibis I have ever encountered.  (Love Dimatas big round shoulders!)  The beautiful brush strokes really brought out the muscles on these guys.  It was really nice to see him take the sites stars again.  ^O^  I hope I can convince him to do more chibis in the future. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

In The Court Of The Dinosaur Prince By Guytoonist

Bow before the Prince

Someone was certainly channeling his inner Frank Frazetta.  That someone was of course my dear friend Guytoonist.  This piece, which belongs on the cover of a sex packed fantasy novel, was a birthday gift.  Makalee draws the eye to so instantly focus on him, that you might just miss the bone throne he sits upon.  Hee hee.   The image just shoots your eyes straight to his massive cock. From the legs spread wide open, to each of the two long strands of hair, that caress the eyes down along the chest, to the abs and straight at what this prince really wants you to worship!  I can't thank Guytoonist enough.  He's brought great new designs and created a powerful atmosphere filled piece. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boxing Julian Review

The other day I had the pleasure of reading Boxing Julian.  It's a graphic novel by David Cantero, that's is being distributed in English by Class Comics.  I found the book to be extremely moving,  I actually had to step away from the PC for a moment after finishing the PDF, I was so overwhelmed with emotion.  About a half an hour later, after soaking in a hot tub, I read it again.  Unlike David previous works, such as Keys, Dick 22 cm, or the video game Super Gay, Julian doesn't have any kind of jovial tone to it.  No, it's sombre all the way through.  It's one of the few (if not the only) erotic comics I have ever read that dared to paint the grim reality many of us have faced and continue to face as gay men in a serious manner.  Sadly for me, Julians story hit very close to home.

Julian is a pro boxer, who has had a very troubled childhood.  Through the constant verbal and physical abuse of his father, Julian has learned to repress his gay side. The scary part is, even though his father is long dead, Julian still relives his torments, to the point where he gets lost in his memories and fights back against the world around him.  This causes him to lash out at the ones he loves and become even more aggressive in the ring.  Julian knows what he is and although his pride won't allow anyone else to know, his hormones constantly betray him.  He jerks off to his own beauty, forces anal sex on his sweet as candy girlfriend and various other not so straight acts, until one day his repression leads him to commit an act so heinous, it robs him of someone that could very well have changed his life for the better forever.

The truth is the book didn't convince me that Julian is a bad guy.  If anything I felt an overwhelming amount of empathy for the character.  The fact that he is still fighting against his past makes think, he probably didn't commit the horrible (though justified) crime we see him committing in his flashbacks.  His ego will never let him be the man he wants to be.  He will never know true love...never really be happy.  He will continue to pretend to something he is not.  All I can see is a life of bitterness and abuse ahead for him.

How often is it that we see men like him?  I worked at a company where no less then 5 of the upper managers were if you will pardon the expression, flammers with families.  I saw them give each other looks and looks to the handsomer men at the company.  I've seen it at school, online, within my friends and even while dating.  Society and our families can sure play a number on us. We to often allow ourselves to be trapped in these lives, so we can integrate better with society.  We do so until the day when we finally give into our true nature and risk it all falling apart.  As a child of abuse myself, I can at least say that I buried the hatchet after the passing of the abuser.  Julian was not so lucky.  I know what it's like to hide what I am to protect what little I have in life.  To live in unnecessary fear.  I can sympathize with him.  Julians got too much going on in the public eye, (way more then your average closet case will ever have) for him to risk anything.   And you know this is all going to make his crash all the worse one day sooner, or later.

Boxing Julian is an amazing comic that serves as a warning not only to gay men, but to society as a whole.   It's one of the few gay pornographic titles I have recommended to even my straight friends, because it's erotic elements never take center stage away from it's story and message.  This is what you do to us and this  is what we do to ourselves and others in return. I give this title a 10/10.     

Monday, July 15, 2013

Foreskin Men From Mars Jerk Off Animation

In the Year 2XXX all men of Earth are circumcised! When brave space explorer Jock Manly captured the martian Zorcox the Hooded, he was in for an experience the men of Earth had been without for centuries.  Jock is captivated by the beauty of his prisoner. Realizing quickly that his laser taser was proving unimaginably pleasurable for his Martian, he decides to take a chance and release the pulsating, giant red member from it's tight speedo prison.  When he lays eyes on the huge uncut dick, the first uncut cock he has ever seen, he looses himself.  He strokes the cherry coloured pole pouch over and over.  He enjoys this wonderfully sticky experience, until finally, Zorcox can take no more and sprays hot white martian jizz all over his space suit.    He soon realizes that when applied to the Martians nipples, the laser taser stimulates the penis and balls, allowing him to make the Martian cum over and over and over...Will the Martian be able to survive such torture?

This extravagantly boner inducing animated image was drawn by Gene Lightfoot, based on an idea of mine and features the characters of Aneros. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aneros The Dark Lord of Cock By GuyToonist (Lightning Flashes)

As I was doing this post, the sky's went dark as pitch.  The wind got up and the heavens rumbled with intense fury.  It was as if the very Earth was beckoning the arrival of Guytoonist latest piece; The Incubus Lord Aneros.  This hunk is made of pure sexual nightmare goodness.  Each of those monstrous phallus's has a mind of it's own.  Each one, ready to rip into every God given Orpheus on your helpless body.  Each head is protected with some icy cold armor.  It's perfect for ripping you open even wider and squirm from it's chilliness.  brrrrrr.  And those Raptor Claws...They say Raptors used them to slice open their pray, but I can see these being used to hold this guys pray in place.  Shudders..
I don't know what was going on in Guytoonsits mind, when he drew this, but I am so glad he did!   His a vision of Aneros is something I would never pray I would never meet, but at the same time, I know I could not resit if I met it.....
This image was a birthday gift from Guytoonist to the ARTIST Aneros, aka Voider.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Earth And Fire Tentacle Dick Collision

Todays birthday battle royal, comes courtesy of Cavaggia and me.  Two tentacle dick men clashing, Earth Vs Fire, Incubus Vs Plant Man..what a spectacle.  All sorts of hot and strange for Aneros's birthday. ;D Caravaggia took on this many dick challenge quite willingly.  She created a splended nightmare of cocks, with out experiencing one herself.  She actually did this very quickly.  Given the complexity of the characters, I was very surprised.  She totally nailed the look of the Incubus Lord. It was a total thrill to bring back Andrew Two.  We haven't used him in years.  I hope you tentacle fetish people enjoy this one! ;D hee hee.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Barbarian Birthday Circle Jerk

For the gift to Aneros from FallenAngel and myself, I wanted to do something that combined all of our worlds.  Fallen had chosen the Voider Knight, so I felt the perfect choice would be to use our Barbarian heroes; Vann Illia and Acamas. I knew from the first, that this would be an astounding piece.  Fallen pulled out all the stops for this circle jerk threesome of massive men. Mighty muscles, giant cocks, etra thick foreskin and cum going off like fireworks....Who could ask for more? ;D 

While we are on the subject of Barbarians, I found these very..um..interesting Conan stickers last night.  They date from around 1974, or so.  From what I could gather these comical stickers were made when he was under the Marvel liscence and sold with bubble gum and possibly trading cards as well.  I have never seen these stickers before, but now that I have I would love to pick some of them up.  Krull, Ka-Zar and many obscure Marvel characters were also featured.  Very cool stuff.  The final sticker is actually part of the original merchandise for the old Conan movie.

   I regret to say that FallenAngel has been struck with some very bad luck.  FallenAngels is fine, but his PC is not. It's down and out.  It will be under repair, at least until next week.  If anyone wants to help contribute to getting his PC repaired, please feel free to contact me.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Deimos Discovers The Voider Knight

It was Aneros birthday last month.  Now, while I didn't get a chance to do much posting, (Last month was hell, don't ask)  I did make sure to have a nice collection of pieces for him, for his special day.  My dear friend has been going through a very rough year, so I felt the need to spoil him a bit.  So I contacted a few artists and asked them to pick a favorite character of his and we would do something with them.  Here is the first of the images.  This one is by Yelmo.  We did this as a double birthday gift actually!  Aneros is a big Deimos fan, so we decided to pair his Voider Knight with the sexy purple Taro Demon, Deimos. :P  Those cocks are really stretching and dripping.  The foreskins are pulled back so tight!  I guess that's what happens when heros frot.  Yelmo did an incredible job on this piece.  Always love how he colors his lines like a feature Disney animation.  That alone adds so much to the image.  It was a delight as always to watch him work.

This is Aneros first image of his exquisite Knight. He took inspiration from his favorite online game: World of Warcraft.  Since his dick is covered, we had fun with his cut and uncut status, as you will soon see!

After reading the last Deimos book, Dead of Winter, I found myself becoming more and more interested in this character.  Deimos has another great cross over coming up.  Sometime this month, Class Comics is going to start publishing a three part FREE comic featuring Class's big three, Deimos, Zahn and Cam. I'm eagerly awaiting this to say the least!  Got the kleenex at the ready. ;D

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Carlos and Christer By MiOWorks

Oh that bubble butt!
Been a long time since I featured the art of MiOworks here.  It's been about a year since I posted something with Carlos and Christer too.  This beautifully detailed image was drawn by Mio back in March.  He did an amazing job capturing the robotic details of Carlos cock and a sensational job with Christers crystals. This gem of an image features the two space studs when they were younger.  Carlos has his hair and as you can see Christer is slightly smaller then his buddy.  I wonder what it feels like to rub your dick on solid gold abs? XD  Much thanks to MiOWorks for creating this piece!  It's so romantical. ;D 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tonia Loves Skelldon By Lay

Lay returns to DPK with another image of Twinky Tonia, the Ankylosaurus Teen. This time he's paired with his lover Skelldon  What started off as an idea for a strip tease, turned quickly to one of warm embrace.  Skelldon has returned after a long journey through the desert and Tonia is filled with joy to see him return. Skelldons eyes convey the message with out words, that Tonia had nothing to worry about and that he is very touched by this unexpected greeting.  In a matter of moments this two will engage in some very tender love making.  They will start with a quick session of mutual fellatio.  This will last until they have both released in each others hungry mouths.  (Which, judging by how sensitive Tonias cock looks, won't take very long.)  After that, Tonia will offer his tight bottom, which also hungers to be filled with Skelldons huge member.  Perhaps one day Lay will continue this session, but for now, I am very happy to present this beautiful piece to you guys.  Enjoy. :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gay Egyptian Centaur Soldier

This is our new character.  He as the blog title states is an Egyptian Centaur Soldier.  I'll have to think of some ways to incorporate him into a story with Cleo and Pyis in the future.  We had a wonderful time doing him.  We wound up exploring many variations of his color scheme.  The first one is the one we finally settled on.  Bronze and Blond works very well! XD I hope you guys like him.


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