Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tonia Loves Skelldon By Lay

Lay returns to DPK with another image of Twinky Tonia, the Ankylosaurus Teen. This time he's paired with his lover Skelldon  What started off as an idea for a strip tease, turned quickly to one of warm embrace.  Skelldon has returned after a long journey through the desert and Tonia is filled with joy to see him return. Skelldons eyes convey the message with out words, that Tonia had nothing to worry about and that he is very touched by this unexpected greeting.  In a matter of moments this two will engage in some very tender love making.  They will start with a quick session of mutual fellatio.  This will last until they have both released in each others hungry mouths.  (Which, judging by how sensitive Tonias cock looks, won't take very long.)  After that, Tonia will offer his tight bottom, which also hungers to be filled with Skelldons huge member.  Perhaps one day Lay will continue this session, but for now, I am very happy to present this beautiful piece to you guys.  Enjoy. :)

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