Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scott McCall, The New Teen Wolf Nude

So I finally got into Teen Wolf this week. There was a marathon on MTV. I took the advice of Adonix and gave the show a chance. I had only seen a bit of one episode previous and was turned off by the dark tone in comparison to the original movie. Though I think Big Wolf On Campus is more in the spirit of Teen Wolf then this show, after giving it a chance I found the show grew on me. It has a decent plot and some good characters.
The first thing I noticed was how much of a sausage fest it is! My LORD! There's nothing but half naked young men every 5 seconds. :P Hey, I won't be complaining about that! Tyler Posey (could he have a gayer name?) who plays Scott McCall is one hot 20 year old. I later found out he's half Mexican. (Awesome.) From his luscious hair, his tight chest, to his birth marks and scar on his face, he's very cute indeed. If he wasn't doing this role, I could easily see him doing some gay porn. His fellow cast members as well, all look like they would be at home in a Falcon production. Hee hee
Well anyway, it didn't take me long to start imagining him naked in the shower, jerking off, with Danny watching him and maybe even joining in. After seeing the great job Darian821 did on D'Artagnan, I was interested in seeing how he would take on Tyler. I just got the image and I rushed to do this post. He's too sexy to hold back. :)

Darian821 did a fantastic job. As I write this, I notice just how sweet those big strong feet of his are. XD He really captured Scott McCall in his style. I think he made him look a bit better built then in the show. He's got a nice strong body here. He very awesomely got his birth marks and scar as well. NICE! I like the low hanging balls too! Hee hee. He's so confident as he sprays his spunk in the shower. I kept thinking Scott should be uncut. I hope you guys like it as much as I do. :D

Darian821 is open for $5 commissions till the end of December! Check him out!

Here's some images from the show:

That hair is GORGEOUS!

That smile is so infectious!

Wolf Mode!

A little nerdy, but ever so cute. You can really see his Mexican side here. ^O^

It's not hard to believe that this actor who plays Jackson Whittemore has done some gay photo shoots in the past. :P

Lost and scared in his track pants, I would love to come rescue him. >:^D

Tyler is getting the hell out of here before we do more to him! You better run young werewolf. :P

If you want to see more Teen Wolf fan art just click the reaction at the bottom of the page. :D


  1. I kinda remember "Big Wolf on Campus" but I had no idea they were picking up that plot again O.O (I miss Michael J. Fox...)

  2. Well this one is not really much of a comedy. It just feels like they used the name to attract people to it and nothing more. That too me seems kinda stupid, since it's just going to be met with disinterest by them.

  3. I miss Michael J. Fox too. It's a shame he can't even cameo on the show.

  4. wow really well done :) hotter than the original.

    I've posted about him on my blog also (Tyler) also

    I've added you on my blogs
    - Hottest TV studs
    - A Yaoi Gallery
    - Hot Videogame Guys

    if you want to exchange you're welcome :D

  5. Oh wow nice the HAIR dammit! LOL*- FallenAngel



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