Friday, July 31, 2015

Stor and Ond

Hey guys, as the sun sets on the final day of July, it seems Lastmanouthere has one last burst of heat to share.  He created a very special painting. probably his most visually stunning piece to date! I have the honor of sharing this with you guys tonight.  I could not be prouder of my friends skills.
On top of once again drawing his beloved barbarian character, he has finally named him STOR.  His blond companion you may recall from an earlier post, Ond makes for a perfect big and bad pairing of two rogues.  Lastman used the language of Norway, where he currently resides in his inspiration in naming them. 

The boys belong to a rogue faction within Iggy's world. They aren't evil per say, but they are part of an opportunistic and savage civilization.  The lack many of the abilities of the peaceful tribe's shamanic arts.  This forces them to prey on other people rather than risking encounters with Bones in the depths of the steppe. (And you think Ond would be so civilized based on his clean cut hair wouldn't you???)  These rogues don't have the ability, or the abundance of lifewater, to maintain bone armor.  Bone elements are scarce, so they rely much more on metal and blades than the Bone Hunters. When they encounter Bones, they try to completely destroy them, instead of collecting and sealing the evil in the bones, hence earning them the name CRUSHERS in Joni's tribe.

The hunk Stor is the leader of just one Crusher tribe. The tribe is very small, as there is not enough lifewater to ward and reproduce where they live. In spite of his advanced age (40, which is advanced for the local standers!) he personally leads raids on the tribes' caravans and traders.  He also has no problem fighting against the odd Bones they encounter. He acknowledges Joni's strength and magnificent body, but won't hesitate if survival means he has to attack or kill anyone of the 21st tribe, the leader included. When word on Iggy's arrival got to him, he was intrigued regarding the stranger and his mysterious abilities.  He wonders if it will help or hinder his own plans.

Stor's on-and-off companion is the blond, slim Ond. Ond is what can be considered the Crusher's version of a shaman, but due to the historic reasons for the split between Rogues and Hunters, Ond's shamanic powers are much weaker. He can't seal Bones, for example, but he can weaken them so that others can crush them to dust. He can also maintain bone armor, but to a lesser extent than the shamans in the Tribes. Ond is not a sympathetic fellow, in a way.  He is more indispensable to the group than the leader Stor and he knows this. He gets his way more often than not, whether it is about what to eat, or who to fuck. (s it turns out, he is kind of a whore.) -the blond hair was a dead giveaway-dp.  Despite his slutty activity and self righteousness, he does come back to be in Stors arms from time to time.  Both do recognize the usefulness of allying to control the rest of the group without opposition.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sexy Splatoon Inklying Guy And Girl

Gonna kick start the long weekend early, with some art from FallenAngel.  Knowing the Splatoon addicted I have become, he sent me some very special fan art of not only the Inkling male, but the girl as well! Both are showing off their goods, making members of the opposite sex squirt something other than Ink. It's a PG preview of things to come Splatoon wise around here!!! I hope you guys enjoy Fallens first take on these wonderful new Nintendo characters!

There is some neat, but very expensive Splatoon merchandise appearing online these days.  These official plush squids run for about $50 on Ebay..YIKES. 

Hopefully the key chains that were just announced today will be a bit more affordable:

The beach towel is a Club Nintendo of Japan exclusive, so it runs for about $100... No thanks. It's not even that nice and I doubt the quality is any good.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tyrell is getting Ready For Business

Hey guys, I want to end the weekend with some beautiful art and some very exciting news.  FallenAngel has finally recovered and is back in action.  So you can expect to see more and more art from him on his sites and here in the coming days and weeks! To announce his return after that brief departure, he drew up this super cute image of Tyrell getting ready for work in the morning.  Though, I doubt he will get any more clothes on before who ever it is he is looking at takes advantage of his big uncut cock!
Fallen and I will hopefully get started again on Tyrells comic in the coming week, but first I think we should explore a little Splatoon action. Hee hee.. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ier, Lover Of The Leader

Hello guys.   I hope you are having a good Saturday.  Tonight I have the third piece of a recent triology of images by Lastmanouthere.  Let me introduce you Ier. He's the mate of Joni, the leader of the tribe Iggy ends up with. He's not as strong or hunky as other hunters, but nevertheless he is considered the best bone hunter of the tribe. His fighting style is more agile and acrobatic. What really makes him a better hunter is his training as shaman, which he combines with his physical skills. Before little Keri was taken as apprentice to Shie, Ier was the one marked to be the tribes shaman, but the little one had more potential. The tribe assumes Ier was disappointed by his demotion, as his attitude to everyone signified this.  The truth is, it was all an act.  He secretly was relieved not to be a shaman and instead be a hunter along side his beloved Joni.
However, the arrival of Iggy puts Ier's place as best hunter in doubt, which he doesn't take lightly. Will there be trouble in the 21st tribe? Will Joni side with the surprising newcomer, or with his own mate?  Ier is a conflicted character.  Happy in the life he created, by avoiding what was assumed was his calling. His position at the top threatened by the newcomer, he takes a moment to reflect his decisions and ponder his future.  Is he too hard on Iggy?  Can the glory not be shared equally amongst two men? Will Iggy's fame steal the heart of his lover as well as the respect of his fellow tribesmen?  

A little more back story from Lastmans pen!  
The geeky paleontologist Ignatio D'Marrow was transported to a strange, wild world after his visit to the Devils Creek excavation. There, he was greeted by a mysterious old man who welcomed him. Iggy was surprised to see that his once weakling self was transformed into one of magnificence. The old man, after praising Iggy's body, led him to the 21th tribe, of which he was the shaman.  On their way, the pair was attacked by a colossal skeletal dinosaur. Iggy found a surprising ability to fight the thing, but ultimately it was the arrival of two tribesmen, brothers Anuar and Thallid, who saved him. 
The tribe, as well as the other 30 or so similar ones, has been for centuries fighting off what they referred to as "The Bones."   They had been doing so ever since the so-called Lord of Bones had led thousands of skeletons against the people of the steppe. The great hero Maltus and his mate Edmon developed the bone-hunting and shamanic arts necessary to defeat The Bones and their lord.  The two were had vanished without a trace after the end of a great battle. The 36 tribes continue with the arts and legacies of the original pair, with bone-hunters, like the brothers, and shamans like the old man, Shie. 
Lately, more and more Dancers, for this is the name given to the feral skeletons like the one Iggy faced, appeared more and more than in the last few decades. (Why do I instantly think of Dinosaurs in Tap shoes?  -Sorry DP.)  There are even rumors of skeletons called Actors being spotted.  These are more vicious, powerful skeletons with sentient minds.  Shei tells Iggy that, given his prowess in fighting the Dancer and the mysterious circumstances that found him in Devils Creek, he might be connected to the surge in bones. (He is certainly causing some bones to surge in our world.  -Again sorry DP.)
Iggy meets the other members of the tribe, leader Joi and his mate, the cynical Ier.  Joi's younger brother, the teenage Keri, is introduced as old Shie' successor as shaman of the tribe.   As well he meets many of the other tribesmen, handsome, virile and mostly naked men.  Some are hunters and some carry out more humble tasks in the little community. While in the settlement, many concepts alien to him are explained, most importantly the Lifewater. The liquid, mostly clear but with a milky tint, is the base of all the tribes' existence. Lifewater springs can keep the bones kilometers away, so they are the center around which every tribe settles. Lifewater can also be drunk to nurture the body for a certain time, and it is key in many shamanic rituals. "Sealing" the bones to prevent their reawakening is the one of the two highest and most important use of Lifewater. Sealed bones are the best armor against the skeletons, but only if the seal is maintained with Lifewater and gold and silver elements. 
Iggy soon learns of the liquids' other critical use: reproduction. The tribes are formed by males only, no women, though rumot has it other civilizations, living "far beyond mountain and sea", have such females. To conceive, two lovers must exchange their seeds regularly for a few days, then head to a Lifewater pool or spring and allow both their seed to mix with the water, which eventually produces a newborn, emerging to the world from the liquid. The newborn thus is a child of both males, though the exact reasons why some attempts succeed at procreating and other do not, is unknown.
There are many perils and mysteries Iggy and his new friends must face and solve: Iggy's own presence in the strange land; the true fate of the heroes of the ancient war, the raids of the rogue clans of Bone-Crushers, and eventually, the possible return of the Lord of Bones... Death, love, betrayal, and of course sex await Iggy, the twins, Keri and the rest in their adventure. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Twinky Servamp Cat Man Kuro Jerks Off By Kagami

Hey guys, I got the cure for the Monday night blues, some super smashing art by Kagami! On a whim I purchased the manga for Servamps a couple months ago. I really like it.  The concept of the lazy vampire, Kuro who would rather eat chips and watch TV instead of biting people is pretty charming.  Certainly not the lead role type you usually find in this genre.  The fact that he and his master share a boy crush will certainly help attract some yaoi lovers.  In fact, the whole manga is one huge sausage fest, with relationships between guys, being the central theme. (At least in volume 2 anyway.)  Oh, did I mention Kuro can change into a black cat? That's why he has such unique hair!   I wish the translation was a little better.  If I'm finding grammatical mistakes you are in trouble. :P

Being infatuated with Kuro, I asked Kagami to please create the beautiful vision below for myself and fans of the manga!  He totally NAILED the character.  I was knocked off my chair at how lovely he drew Kuro.  I would say this piece is much better than most of the art that graces the pages of the manga!  Of course Kagami gave him an even nicer build then the muscle lacking frame he has within those tomes. 

Lazy Kuro can't stop eating his chips long enough to jerk off.  His salty fingers are making his uncut dick extra sticky and salty. He's offering you a taste?  What would you say to sucking on a vampire twink? If he goes to sleep while you suck him, don't take it personally.  He is the embodiment of sloth after all. 

Here is some of the official art for the manga!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Joni Leader Of The Bone Hunter Tribe

Hey guys, I got a couple super treats to share with you today.  Continuing his quest to flesh out his Bone Hunter Tribe, Lastmanouthere has been busy at work both writing and drawing.  As you saw in the previous post, he did wonders with twin brothers. Now he has shifted gears from the least experienced to the bravest of the bunch. I am referring of course, to the glorious spectacle below, who is Joni Leader of the Bone Hunter tribe.  He is the one who teaches paleontologist Ignatio D'Marrow in the ways of the Bone Hunters.  He sees the greatness in Iggy, despite him being an outsider.  He excepts him not only into his community, but also as the lover of his teenage brother. 

Joni is the leader of the 21st tribe where Ixy ends up. He is a good-natured kind man, which made some of the tribesmen to doubt his capacity as leader.  They instead support Ier, who was not only the best hunter, but also had shamanic wisdom. Old Ier liked hunting more than the prospect of leading the tribe.  Since Ier loved and respect Joni so much, he developed an aloof, caustic persona so that others would prefer his beloved Joni over himself.  It worked and over time Joni earned the respect and title he so rightly deserved.
The big man wasn't aware of this until after his naming as leader, and loved Ier even more so for trusting him and helping reach such a honorable position.
Joni is the big brother of Keri, who becomes Iggy's most faithful companion. He is decided to make Iggy a true Bone hunter, one who is not only worth of the title, but also deserving of the love of his teenage brother Keri.

You may have noticed that Joni wears a suit of amour that is reminiscent of another hero.  Lastman took inspiration from our first creation together, Skelldon for the alluring and dangerous costume.  He looks very regal in that outfit. How this relation between Skelldon and the bone hunters came to be, is still a huge mystery.  For now we can all enjoy these two pieces of Joni.  I welcome him with honor and pride to my our kingdom and hope you will enjoy every inch of his magnificence.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Streching Foreskin In Full Colour PLUS TWO MORE SWEET POSES!

Hey guys, I got a killer surprise from Aneros.  He went and added a huge splash of colour and completed the lines to Baralusts Stretching Foreskin sketch.  The Indian Brave, enemy of the Owl Man, is now ready to be shown off in all his glory.   Aneros did a ton of research to come up with the colors he felt best suited the character.  The mystery of those feathers on his cock, is now revealed to be those of the Owl man himself!  Outfitting him with autumn colours was a very fitting choice.  His coloring makes the character look even larger and more fleshed out.  I wouldn't want to face him in battle, but I think we would all get behind him in bed! :P  I can't thank Aneros enough for this one image alone, let alone the other two that he created below.

He's taken efforts to make the cum he draws extra thick and gooey.  Lord, he's oozing more cum than most of us can make in half a week! :P hee hee. What do you guys think of it? :D  He certainly has a way with SF.  Really going to town with some super hairy balls, an even larger hair style and wider chest and torso than in Baralusts image. He really pushed the character in these aspects and more to really make his version distinct and super sexy.   I hope you guys enjoy this bevy of beef as much as I have.
If anyone is interested in colouring these, please let me know!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Anuar and Thallid Lastmanouthere Bone Hunter Brothers Frot

The other day, I went on Safari!  I had a wonderful time.  I saw many exotic beasts. It was only when I came home though, that I encountered something more primal and beautiful than anything I encountered that day.  It was this piece of art by Lastmanouthere! Hee hee.

Sadly sunstroke, followed by a nonstop work day and very social evening last night, prevented me from posting these sooner.  My apologies to you all, especially Lastman.  Art like this should not be contained for a second! ;D 
This is Anuar and Thallid.  They are two twin brothers from the Dino Bone Hunter tribe.  Although they are twins, one (Anuar) is darer than the other and they favor very different clothing styles.  These boys are extremely close and very intimate. Their incestuous lust is bond  is held spiritually and physically. As you may noticed Thallids uncut phallus is chained to his leg. The chain is used to capture the cocks of would be lovers.  The only lover he wants ensnared is his brother.  The young mens long serpentine dicks are a perfect match.  Why long for anything else, when you already have achieved perfection and can have it twice?  They enjoy a frot more with each other.  Frot where you can not only feel your own pleasure, but the sensual touch of your own dick through your partner. Such is the bond of close twins.

Lastmanouthere has outdone himself with this portait of blushing young beauties. The costumes, following the theme of the bone hunter tribe and both dangerous and inviting.  The faces and bodies devinity on Earth.  His cocks feature some of his best drawing foreskins and biggest bulbous balls to date.  Lastman continues to top himself with each new image.  Always proud to be the first to share his works with you guys. I hope you enjoy them too!

Splatoon Obsession

Hey Guys...You might wonder why I have been posting so little since May. There are many reasons.  One of the major ones though, is my complete and total obsession with the game Splatoon.  I wasn't even sure I wanted to open it, or the Amiibos on launch day.  It only took one play session to hook me in.  And hook me it did, 160 hours later I CAN'T STOP.  2 am in the morning sessions are becoming the weekend norm.    That's something I am both ashamed and proud of at the same time!  It's probably the most fun I have had playing a video game since, well I can't remember when!  Not even Spelunky held me in such a tight grip.  (For the record that game was never 'fun', it was just an obsession.) 

The game doesn't really feel like a Nintendo product. With it's off the wall soundtrack, odd world and 'hip' characters, it puts me more in mind of something Sega would have produced during the those golden Dreamcast days.  This is all a good thing.  It's the game Nintendo needs, it's just on as system no one wants. (Ha, much like Dreamcast in that way too!)

About a week in, after I beat the one player and all the Amiibo challenges, I turned the game off one night and I thought  "Well, this is it. I played the crap out of it. I loved it. Time to move on."  That didn't happen.  I kept going. I kept clinging to my roller winning and winning. (Sometimes losing and losing of course.)  Ranked Mode I have avoided as much as possible though.  I get that some people enjoy it, but to me it's just frustration and little more.  Even when I go on a winning streak, my nerves get a bit shot. I know when to stay away from stress, so I do my best to do so.

One of the greatest parts of the game so far, was the Splatfest.  A one day event where you took gear you leveled up and used it on that day to fight your hardest for your team.  The teams were dog and cat.  I said jokingly to my friends, I was fighting with the spirits of my lost loved ones at my side guiding my moves and watching over me.   Funny enough, I saw a multitude of posts from people in game saying the same thing. Many had pictures of dogs with angel wings. There was this sense of community and pride. It was silly I guess, but you couldn't help feel it, when you saw those posts.  I started in at 6 am and before 10 I was at the top level of Dog King.  I don't think I ever played so well.


 In the end Team Dog one and for reaching the highest rank I was given the equivalent of  $720,000 as reward.   You wanna keep people playing?  That's one hell of a smart incentive to do so.  Even the losing team got huge rewards, if they ranked well enough.

Beyond just playing the game, I have been actively seeking out Nintendo events to collect Splatoon merchandise. I picked up some Wii U controller decals and sticker sets at the Mario Maker event at Best Buy a few weeks ago.

Today I headed to the Yogurty's in Oakville to check out the Splatoon tour.   They had a nice display, as you can see.  There were banners along the parking lot, a picture booth area, plus free button and coupon giveaways.  The buttons were not that impressive.   With the soundtrack for the game blasting, lots of people were gathering around to try this odd little game out. I entered the contest, but I doubt I will be that lucky! I did enjoy some inkberry frozen yogurt.  It was very good. It's been ages since I had some!

Well that's about it. I have purchased stickers for my car and even a T-shirt.  I know if they make plush, or figures, I will be first in line to buy them. LOL.  Okay not first, but I will be buying. :P  I guess all I can say is, if you haven't tried the game and you have a Wii U, you really should give it a shot.  It's super easy to pick up and play.  It's not perfect. I've raged at the camera on numerous occasions, especially during the one player game.   The map rotation needs some fleshing out as well.  For all it's little faults the game is by far the best thing Nintendo has produced in a half a decade.

Rest assured I am still doing projects.  Fallen and I have been working on a story featuring Tyrells dad for a few months now. The project is running long.  It's probably going to be over 20 pages by the time we are done. Fallen has fallen very sick and for the last 2 weeks, the project has had to come to a halt till he fully recovers.

If anyone wants to help me draw some Sexy Splatoon characters, please let me know! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Big Hero Six Tadashi Hamada In His Tighty Whities

Hey Guys?  How was your weekend so far?  Mine started with a big surprise from Urbanmusiq. Leon De Leon sent me a full color version of Tadashi.  Now we can all enjoy him in his tighty whitie glory!!  Leon brought the sexy and then sum here.  This is his first drawing using his wacom tablet.  Do you guys see any differences compared to his other works?  I think Leon made his cock bulge bigger. Look at ths size of that thick head and shaft hiding below the cover of whiteness.  Leon certainly knows how to draw the eye to a mans muscle structure.  Tadashi has some big beautiful doe eyes too...Mmmm...It's so nice to see so much of him in the art community. I'm happy to have something to contribute to that! :D  Thank you dearly Leon!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fetal Fury Iphone Circle Jerk

One day, Andy, Terry and Joe found themselves alone in the change room of their gym.  They started to comment on each others bodies.  Joe would flex, then Andy would make his chest muscles bulge.  Terry took out his iphone and started to record all of this.  Soon they were all recording each other.  It wasn't long before their hormones took over. The intoxication of wanting to try something naughty in a public place tempted each of them.  Joe was the first to act on his welling passion.  He grabbed his cock through his shorts and offered up 'If you guys show me yours, I'll show you mine.'  The brothers nodded in a agreement and on three, their big beautiful cocks sprung lose.  Joe took pride in being the only intact male of the group, Andy in his thin serpentine shape and length and Terry in having the fattest shaft and pinkest head. All iphones were out now, snapping photos and taking movies.  Hands moved from cock to cock, eagerly exploring each others shafts, balls and heads.  New hands, brought waves of new sensations to each cock they caressed.

I dug deep to get this image!  FallenAngel drew this all the way back in 2012.  It's been sitting waiting to be released to the world for 3 years now. I always intended this to be a cover, with a mini comic attached, but that plan has slipped through the cracks time and again.  Maybe one day.  What do you guys think?
Anyway it was a pleasure to revisit this piece and very exciting to present it to you tonight.  It's been so long since we did anything with these characters.  Fallen really brings his own lovely touch to each man doesn't he?  Gotta love the elf like eyes on Terry.  He's so young and sexy!!! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada Day Cut Out Parade

Hey Guys, Happy Canada Day 2015!
  We cakers have the day off, so I get to stay up late and do some posting for once!  In Celebration of our national holiday, I have some truly Canadian art by Mr. Patrick Fillion of my Canadian barbarian and his Canadian cast of Canadian characters. Okay so some of them are Aliens.  Half the Canadians I know are Aliens.... hee hee. I'll stop typing Canadian now.

Anyway!!!  This year, on my birthday, I was blessed with the gift of a great collection of art by Patrick, assisted with some colors splashed beautifully by Cabrera.  It is my pleasure and my honor to present to you today the sweet set of dress up doll/cut outs he created featuring Vann Illian. On top of his regular costume, he gave him a whole summer ensemble.  Perfect for celebrating Canada Day, the first true holiday of the summer in! Looks like Vann has made his way into the modern world, with a Lil Deep T-shirt and some sexy turtle inspired speedos.  He's gonna have a blast trying pleasure lube for the first time!    He's got lots to choose from during day.  A couple sweet pairs of shorts. (I own a pair almost exactly like those beige ones.)  When the sun sets and the stars come out, he can stroll the beach in nothing more than his kimono.  (With easy access to his good & plenty, for those behind the palm tree encounters...)  Ah warm summer nights spent with Vann Illia dressed in style.  Pretty dreamy! :D He can even dress up as Chris Redfield during a moonlit midnight costume ball.

 I hope you guys have fun cut him out, even if it is just with your eyes!  Below the sets are examples of how the clothes fit perfectly on Vann.  Thank you so very much again Patrick!  Both Patrick and Fallen seem to love to place the prehistoric barbarian in a tropical setting.  Might have to do a beach themed comic based on these!!!

Patrick sent me all the images of what the character would look like in various costumes he created.  Here are just a few of the examples to salivate over! XD

Last month Fraser and Patrick opened up their archives and shared pretty much every cut out character they had produced till now for free on their site.  These usually come free with comic orders. You can't order them, they just come randomly packaged, like the exciting cereal box prizes of days long ago. 
Now, so you don't miss out on any in your collection, you can now print them all on your own! You can  decorate your home, or work space with the entire main cast of Class Comics. (If you are decorating your work space with these, can I PLEASE come work with you?)  The set includes some new additions I have never seen in physical form, like Cams Father and an amazing new collector for Zahn Son of Winter.

Here is the Zahn set.  Rumor has it that the jungle outfit might just be finding it's way into an actual Zahn story.  My dick is already leaking at the thought. It's by far my favorite in the set.  Very primal and so, so delightful.  Zahn in the realm of prehistoric beasts and men.  That's a feast for my imagination, I will never get full of!  You will also find a slave outfit, with a very nasty piercing!  They really wanted to keep him in line!  His new conqueror costume, which has only been featured briefly, but beautifully so far, makes it's second appearance below.  (Literally, it's in like one frame so far!)  Vann took a cue from Zahn this year as they are both sporting modern wear.  Check out his lazy baby blue undies and tee.  Sex-eeeeeeeee with a capital Y.
Zahn is one meaty side of Canadian Barbarian Bacon. 


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