Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hot and Cold Christmas Class

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! It's an unseasonably warm Christmas here in Ontario.  It's more like Halloween with all the wind, rain and heavy fog!  That hasn't hurt anybodies Christmas spirit though. 
My place has been all decked out since November and it still feels like it's come so quickly this year.  Where does the time go? Heck even as I type this, the time has flown past 12 midnight! Before I got to bed I have two festive images by FallenAngel based on some of my concepts to share. 
In honor of Zahn #3, we picked two of it's stars for our holiday fun.  I wanted to do a Heat Miser style image with Cauldron for starters.  He is visiting the frozen north, but his hot body, and steaming precum is creating a tropical paradise, much to the chagrin of the natives. :P
Following that. we have Zahn all decked out in his brand new suit! SEXY! He is letting it go at a monkey man infested hot spring.  He's found a way to make cum-cicle Christmas trees.  While showy and sweet to taste, they are a big of a bugger to detach.  That being said, he probably won't be creating his own personal ice forest keep, until he works that stingy kink out. 

I recently ordered the newest comics from Class.  When the package arrived it was filled with surprises. One being an ancient Fozzie Bear mug.  Something I had not seen in decades.  It filled me with so many warm memories.  You see I used to drink from this very same cup, at my aunts place my entire childhood. :D 
Yet another gift was a mass amount of cut outs!  There were some all new new ones featuring, like Jacob Motts characters designs from Naked Justice 3.   Included in this set is my favorite: Spot!!! Woo hoo! Check out these sweet new toys from Class Comics.  All these fun standies will make one horny toy town under the tree in the morning! :P

This year Class put out a free Christmas comic PDF. It features a vast collection of Christmas themed pin ups and Strip Show comics. Included as well is the image of Strider Caroling that Leon, Caravaggia and I came with with for Patrick and Fraser in 2012.  There is a ton of great art here, including the super hot image of Diemos below.  (I really want a purple Popsicle now for some reason...)

You can get various sizes of Deimos here and the free PDF comic by clicking here:  Class Comics Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oni Up His Own Ass

Before I run off to work this morning, I had to share this with you guys. FallenAngel's stunning new piece of Gojinoi. Goji is enjoying his jerk off session so much, that he loses control of his cock-tail.  He 'allows' it to penetrate deep into his ass. (Or so he tells himself.)  The thrill of having both his dicks and his ass worked on at once, soon drives him over the edge, coating the tree and his intestinal tract in hot white oni goo...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Carlos Cyborg Pin Up By XhromeR

Hey guys! I have this really gorgeous image of Carlos jerking off to share with you today.  It was drawn by an artist who calls himself XhromeR.  As you can see from the art below he is an extraordinary talent.  He was excellent to work with and I highly recommend him. (As if this image shouldn't already do that!)  I hope you guys enjoy his work! I have another picture of his I will be posting this week.  :)

You can see more of his work on his Tumbr:
And in his Y Gallery page:
Friend him on FB too:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Belvadar's Nightmare Before Christmas

Just after Halloween Belvadar started a quest to find a way for Jasper to be freed of his one day a year curse. His search to find a way to extend the time the Ghostly twink could spend on Earth each year, lead him to the castle of Dr. Fagotstien. The middle aged doctor said he knew of ways to channel holiday spirits though special creatures of the night such as Belvadar. He promised to bring him to the Earthly plain, long enough to enjoy Christmas with his friends. He just needed Belvadars full cooperation. 
 The doctor seemed good natured enough. (Even though he took no shame in fondling Bels cock at the first opportunity to do so. Sizing it up he said it was..)  Why should Belvadar worry when he clamped his nipples?  Maybe he should have thought twice before letting the doctor strap that metal collar around his dick. When Fagotstien turned on his machine with the help of a little lightning, the shock they all sent through his body knocked the bat boy out cold for a few moments.  When he came to he was shackled against a wall.  He could feel the ice cold steel of a metal dildo being shoved up his reluctant ass.  The sparatic flickering of the lights on it gave off bits of heat. He couldn't help but be turned on by the vibrations and pulses it sent through his body. His cock grew to an enormous length, fueled even more so by the mysterious strap that kept the blood flowing and the cock growing long after it should have stopped! 
There was something magical about the tools the doctor was using.  Tingly lightning sparks danced all around Bels body.  They caused him not only pain, but a great deal of pleasure as well.  He could feel an orgasm welling up form deep within his very being.  Something was being channeled through his body, he could feel it.  Belvadar groaned and tried to stay conscious for what was the most painful and pleasurable orgasm of his life.  The orgasm seemed to last forever as it squeezed the cum slowly and agonizingly through his piss slit. Only what felt like cum, wasn't cum at all.  It was some sort of ectoplasmic goo.  This experiment wasn't to release one spirit, but all the evil Halloween ghouls and ghosts that sleep the year away at the castle!  With Belvadar as his portal and the specters at his command, the doctor wished to create a never ending Halloween!  Good bye Christmas!  Belvdar knew he had to do something, but he was helpless as orgasm after orgasm ripped through his body....

Tonights image was started around Halloween and completed not long ago by Caravaggia and Aneros.  Originally this was just going to be a line art to post on Halloween night, but when I saw the amount of effort that Aneroes put into it, I decided to request Caravaggia to colour it.  Once it was completed, I decided to change up the story a bit to fit the current season.  I hope you guys enjoy the image as much as we did presenting it to you. Below you will see my initial sketch of the concept, presented to Aneroes.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Patrick Fillions Got A Big Cup Of Steaming Hot Cocoa Ready Us This Holiday

Break out the Marshmellows and throw a log on the fire, cause Class Comics has the perfect way to spend a cozy Christmas holiday night. After years of being out of print and fetching some high prices online, Patrick Fillions Hot Chocolate is back for purchase in digital form.   That makes the art book the perfect companion for fun under the covers, while you browse through it with a lover, or alone on cold December night!!  

 At one point the hardcover Bruno Gmünder became pretty rare. I remember seeing insane prices for it on Amazon.  I haven't even seen it pirated.  I myself was lucky enough to have purchased it when it was available at regular price.  I picked up a copy on Amazon back in '08 and loved every cock filled page.  The images were selected from the huge collection Patrick drew for Black Inches magazine about a decade ago.  You could really seen him honing his craft here.  Patrick took on the task of capturing black men from various parts of the world,with different cultural backgrounds.  He drew men of various ages and from many walks of life as well.  In doing so bestowed on them all a unique look and even a glimpse into their personality.  He really pushed the boundaries of the media by doing not only this, but something not often seen, that was, giving his men all a specialized cock.  You will find men with long shafts and big heads, thick shafts and small heads.  Cock that look almost too heavy to rise up and others that are slender, thin and monstrous.  And still others that are short and thick.  There are circumcised men and men with foreskins that cling tight, while others hang long and loose. I could go on and on!
What I love is that he didn't have to that, but he did.  He wanted his images to be a reflection of life, not to have everything fit into a certain standard type of cock, to be drawn over and over.  This is something you find in all his books to the point where you can guess any of his heroes easily by the cocks alone.  (There have been contests in the past! LOL.)  It was one of the factors that made me admire and respect him so much. Hot Chocolate provided me with a huge window into his beautiful style and set him far above many of the artists who drew gay art, but never gave a mans dick the attention to detail it deserved.  The endowments of the men in Patrick Fillions Hot Chocolate were Lindt pure milk chocolate, mixed with Laura Secord, compared to some of the dollar store foil balls on the market I had leafed bonerless through.

The images made my imagination race, as I tried to think up back stories and epilogues to the images spread out across 64 cum inducing pages. When I started to do erotic art and stories in 2009 I used it as a great source of inspiration and guidance.  I was sad when the book vanished from the sites I frequented.  I remember this happening soon after I ordered it.  There was this long period when Amazon no longer had stock. I used to think it would make a great gift for many of the artists I have had the pleasure of working with all these years. Now in digital form, it makes an even more practical adult gift then before.

On Friday when I read the surprise announcement I almost fell out of my chair. I don't think I have ever made an order so fast before. :P hee hee.  Outside of the ability to enjoy the book with a mobile device, this edition adds to the collection another 26 pages.  That brings it to a total of 90 and it is under five bucks to purchase!  Pretty good considering how much the original went for when it was rare!   And even better, when you figure it gives so much more content and convenience in viewing. (This and Mighty Males used to go for some astonishing amounts.)    Though I only saw it on Amazon the original is now available again.  I am not sure when it came back to be honest.  Still, at 1/3rd the price, the hard cover is currently purchasable for, I would say digital is the better choice. If print is more your thing, I wouldn't hesitate to snatch it up too.

In the Expanded addition you will get to see the progression of Space Cadet and Disco, as well as a number of images I had not seen before.  Included as well are the mock covers for a series named for it's staring detective, Rodney Johnson.  Patrick states in the forward that this collection doesn't contain even HALF the images he created for Black Inches.  Maybe, just maybe, this means a second cup of Hot Chocolate is on the way! One can only hope.  For now though, I am just happy to have this collection to share and enjoy in digital form.

You can find HOT CHOCOLATE in PDF form for sale on the Class Comics site HERE.

This is from my own little Vault.  Patrick and Fraser used to sell the original line art for certain pictures.  I'm going to guess these were from Black Inches.  These images are long gone from the Class Comic sites. Maybe they will appear in a follow up book some day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vann Illia In Halloween Wishes

Tonight, I very proudly present a late addition to our annual Halloween posts.  A month and 9 days late, but hey, who's counting?  Might as well call me the Prince of Procrastination at this point ...Anyway...Tonight take down the tree and put the pumpkins back up,cause FallenAngel and I have a sexy tale of wishes made to a horny and evil deity on the spookiest night of the year.  An 18 year old Vann Illia is gonna learn that knowledge always comes at a price... 

A huge thank you to FallenAngel for working so hard on this,while at the same time as many other projects.  The time just kept slipping by to fast as we worked on it.  What was going to be a one page gag, got pushed into a 4 page mini comic. I had been thinking about doing more stories with a younger version of Vann Illia for awhile now. You may notice at least one difference in his younger self.  In my spare time I tried drawing him in more casual clothes and trying to make him look less muscular then he is currently.  I hope in the future to be able to explore this a little more. Below is a quick sketch of Vann in the clothes he sleeps in. Below that is the second draft of the Owl Staff.

Fallen Angel was as always a delight to work with.  He drew up this super cute bonus of the bar maid!  I think the fall air has been filling the bar...those nipples could put a drunken warriors eye out!!! XD  

Over on Pixiv Fallen dropped some Halloween love with his Mr. Pumpkin Head OC!  You can check it out and his gallery HERE.  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Little Mac Has To Reach Up

Hey guys! Happy Friday. I couldn't be happier to be facing the weekend after doing over 10,000 manual adjustments at work today. I am all kinds of weird, so this post is gonna be all over the place! Before I expire though, I'm gonna give this crazy posting a go....  As you probably know, or guessed I have been all over Super Smash Bros Wii U since it's launch.  That Friday 2 weeks ago was dubbed Nintendo Day, something I didn't know until getting a flyer.  I had taken the day off and I was the only one looking for the game at a local Wal-Mart.  Gosh, even Kirby 20th anniversary had a larger crowd then that! (Beating the Smash crowd by 2.)  I guess Ontario is lacking in Nintendo love.  All good for me though.  I got first pick of the Amiibos as the lady in electronics opened the boxes for me. How lucky, considering they have been collecting dust in most stores I have gone too. :P 

Anyway I think the game is pretty fun. More of the same, really, but what isn't broke, don't fix it I guess.  For an old schooler like me the biggest thrills was at first finally being able to play as Little Mac for the first time in the series. How it took them 15 years to finally do this is just beyond me, considering he was Nintendos first true brawler.  Bitching aside, he is lots of fun to play with.  A real challenge to, as he is not very good in the air.  Kinda fits well with a character who has always had to struggle against overwhelming odds to succeed.  So, in honer of Macs inclusion I asked FallenAngel to draw him up. All sexy and naughty for you guys to enjoy.  As part of his special promotion he had going, Fallen did this at a discounted price. 1/3rd off his regular prices!  I think he did an immaculate job. His line work is super sharp!  Mac is nicely tanned and very gloriously muscled.  I wonder if that is Mike's dick? I thought it would be funny to have the short boxer reaching up to suck the dick of a boxer that is high above him, since he is constantly having to reach up in his games.

Here is my copy of the game with the Amiibos I chose. I picked up a Marth the day after getting the game. There were tons at the Toys R Us I went to.  

Another piece of Nintendo merchandise I picked up around the same time! 

As much as I liked the inclusion of Mac, nothing could have prepared me for the inclusion of Duck Hunt. Oh lord, those Christmas 1987 memories came flooding back when they hit the screen.  Incorporating other gun games like Wild Gun Man and Hogan's Alley really hit that special spot.  These guys are a love letter to 80s zapper kids and adults alike. I miss Ice Climbers, my fellow Canadians, but this really helped heal that wound!

While I wait for Nintendo to release a Little Mac Amiibo figure, I often search the net for any Punch Out Merchandise. I only have a few things, like some stickers and a trash can.  I never had any of the Punch Out Trophies. I do have a Zelda in a box somewhere. I have to say, this one of Mac fighting E. Honda is pretty well detailed. It's creepy that the orange background is actually heads. Looks like the audience is imprisoned in it.  Nice ass on Mac though.

 Come to think of it, I may just have owned a King Hippo, or Mac figure, but not for very long.

 The packaging on this Bowl a Ball game is about the coolest thing about it.  None of the boxers along the sides are featured in the game. Not really sure how this one works, but a very awesome packaging job nonetheless. 

While searching for Punch Out, I cam across Punch Out Popeye Standies!  Hey, this may seem random, but Popeye was one of the characters that helped put Nintendos name on the Map.  The character had already appeared in many Nindendo products long before they made games and once they did, he appeared in no less than 4 of them! (2 Game & Watches and 2 Famicom games.)Honestly, that would have been the thrill of thrills to see good old Popeye come back to teach these youngsters a thing, or two about fighting!   (In full 8 bit glory of course.)  You guys know how I like to share these little cut out characters.  So have fun printing them and placing them! 


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