Sunday, September 29, 2013

Belvadar Offers JD A Treat On Halloween

31 more days till HALLOWEEN!!! Alright then, it is time to get the season started around here! So today I have what an image that started out as a simple sketch of JD, (a gift for Guytoonist.) But the image refused to exist with out more and more flare. (This was very much due to Baralusts enthusiasm in drawing Belvadar and JD together and Aneroes's willingness to grace the sketch Bara did with completed lines and magnificent colours!) So here we have Belvadar, a choice in each hand, offering his werewolf friend a sweaty, or a meaty treaty this All Hallows Eve! Enjoy and let the Halloween season begin in DPK!

 I already started my Halloween shopping.  Coffin Crisp?  I was all over it.  Seriously..I need to buy another bag, this one is all gone!!!  Now if only the bars were shaped like coffins...

When the Kerr's Molasses Kisses starting gracing the store shelves, there's no turning back!  Halloween is here! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy 30th Guytoonist

 Soooooo my old friend Guytoonist is now really an old friend.  On Thursday the Florida based artist turned 30.  Time to start looking at those retirement communities Guy! :P  Just kidding.  Guytoonist couldn't feel any younger I am sure.  He has just started going back to school and all those 20 something studs are rejuvenating him every day.  Don't worry about turning 30 man. You are one of those people that get sexier with each passing year.  Lucky son of a...cough...ANYWAY!...Hee hee.  FallenAngel and some other artists and I got together to make a few happy birthday images for our friend.  This post features the two pieces Fallen did.  Since this was his big three o we decided to go back to Guytoonists early images and present him something from the start of his last decade, to ring in the start of his next.  We chose Koltar and Ambercrombien.  FallenAngel did a fantastical job on both.  Koltar is looking nice and tight and ready for Guy to pull on that tight foreskin and feel up his muscles.  Ambercrom on the other hand, is more interested in getting fucked up the ass.  He waits in farmers field, in an image that is fitting of his name sake. Fallen even thought to give him a scarf out of the fall catalog..(Can you believe it's fall already? O__O)  Of course, I doubt he will be feeling very chilly with Koltar, or Guy fucking him.

This Guytoonist first colour image of Koltar the Immasculator, his inspirational gay Barbarian.  This was done way back in May 2006. You can see the first two images of him through the these links:  Koltar Colour  and  Koltar Cover.

Guytoonist Ambercrombien' Bitch character has always been in my mind one of his most iconic characters.  His doe eyes, luscious lips, smooth body and large, but not gigantic penis make him a delight for the eyes.  They were and remain a trademark of Guytoonist lovely style.  Ambercrom may be a bitch by title, but he nor, any of Guytoonists characters come off as men you wouldn't want to spend a good deal of time getting to know.  They may be because there's a little bit of Guytoonist own friendly nature in each pen stroke.   You can check out his original posting through this link:  Ambercrombien
FallenAngel has a special right now that is going on till the 30th of September. Any one character for $10. You can check it out on his Journal Page.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Camili-Cat, Deimos and Zahn Together at Last

A few months ago I talked about the Stripshow special comic that was coming out from Class this summer. Stripshows are the boys way of giving back to the fans, through what is usually a free monthly comic page given to subscribers. This year we have gotten really spoiled with great comics by artists like Jezzasmiles, David Cantero. (From what I heard on the grape vine, Leon De Leon is working on something featuring a certain aquatic hero as well.)  Sometimes the stories go for two months. On rare occasions they may even go three months, but most are usually one page one shots.  All the comics this year were really great and the biggest event for many fans was probably the summer special by Patrick Fillion.  This massive 4 pager stared the three most popular stars of Class meeting up for an endless orgy.  Class Comics never has an issue pairing it's characters across time and space.  I give them credit for doing so with some sort of logic behind it.  Characters are rarely just paired in story form without a proper explanation.  However this pairing is a bit of a challenge.  In order to pair a Barbarian from a far off fantasy land, a demon fighting in a world gone to hell and a Cat man from across the galaxy, Patrick and Fraser recruited a character that has his roots in Stripshows beginnings, the compilation Striptease from 2008.  It was a very clever move and one that provided one of the hottest little stories from the publisher this year.  (With grand possibilities for the future as well!)  I rarely do this, but I did so love this comic, that I wanted to share it here for those that might have missed it.  I apologize for Googles odd resizing of the pages....

Here is the collector as he appeared with Lanor in his original appearance.  I've always wondered if he would appear again and have his original story teaser fleshed out.  The Collector is an interesting character.  In a sense you could say he kind of represents the reader, collecting all hot men they can, reading the stories over and over and watching them fuck...
This is the original group of men that the Collector kidnapped.  One has to wonder now if they were all deemed worthy of his branding?  Will there one day be a giant orgy penned by Patrick featuring Cam, Deimos and Zahn along with the rest of his massive collection?  I'm putting it out there, I would love to see THE COLLECTOR ISSUE #1!  That would be one of the most amazing books ever.
Bye, bye guys!  See you next time. 

I have a funny feeling they were humming song to themselves as they departed... :P

Monday, September 16, 2013

Prometheus Engineer Sucked Off by Space Cadet By Aneros

 Okay so tonight I am unleashing what Patrick Fillion himself has said to be 'hands down the most incredible piece Aneros has done to date.'  I couldn't agree more.  Aneros has been working on this for a few weeks and it totally paid off. .  Prepare for his epic pairing of sexy alien to come out of Hollywood since Alf  and Class Comic's all star intergalactic gay heart throb, The Engineer and Space Cadet!

  I really feel he captured the essence of what truly makes a great science fiction piece, with his wonderful lighting and amazingly detailed background.  Love how the dark room in the ship is lighted by the galaxy map.  How the soft light brings out every fine detail on the Alien and the hero  It's really great, since it really draws the eye to Byrons face, which is one of Aneros most detailed of his career.  Totally splendid.  I hope you guys enjoy this as much as Patrick and I did.  I made the mistake of eating some rice crackers when I opened it up.  It took my breath away, literally. I gasped and swallowed harder then Cadet! I started coughing and chocking! XD  hee hee. I won't soon forget opening that e-mail!

Aneros's Space Cadet echos his original design so wonderfully.  I miss Byrons slightly unkempt frizzy hair.
 Patrick Fillions Engineer.  He presented this on his site just after seeing the film.  It got a lot of people I know interested in seeing the movie! (Better then any of the flims trailers for the gay crowd I guess!) Certainly got my attention.  Aneros used this image as his bases for his Engineer. As you can see he used the same dick and balls. 

The Engineer looks a bit shocked by all this porn.  Guess they will never figure us strange creatures out.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Orgy of Pi

I was heavy into Life of Pi when I came up with this little spoof. How the weeks have flown by.  It feels like only yesterday that Leon started working on this birthday gift.  I wanted to do something that would include  one of each of our boys. I thought having Amron playing Pi, Camil-Cat as Richard Parker and poor Lil Deep as the shark that get's teased, but doesn't get any, would be a fun idea to close out summer with. Leon did too.  He worked really hard and very quickly on this.  I was very happy that Patrick Fillion received it so well on his birthday, cause this is the second movie spoof I have sent him in a very short time! XD It was great to see Leon draw Deep again.  I think the last time was back in 2009!  I wanted him to go with 'Classic Cam' this time, just cause it has been awhile since he's drawn him as well.  There were no revisions, or anything with this.  I had some ideas for what Cam could be saying, but later decided to leave him silent.  I really like the way all the men came out.  Amrons body is perfectly sculpted, like an action figure.  I might just have to do a sequel to this image one day.

I've been out of it for the longest time, but I hope to get back into the grove a bit.  As you guys can see I have been posting a lot more then usually.  FallenAngel is working on a new comic with me, Baralust is doing a sketch and Caravaggia and I will soon be working on a new Centaur piece.  I have fallen very behind with my online activities.  All this week I have been catching up on peoples online galleries.  I was actually as far back as October in some cases.  I only now discovered a really wonderful article on Patrick about the birthday images he drew for me.  There is a link below.  Next post I hope to be showing the final birthday image. :) 

Click here to check out the Art of Patrick Fillion site, which includes an article about drawing my characters! :D

Friday, September 13, 2013

Belvadar VS The Class Comics Demons

I can't think of a better image at my arsenal to post on Friday the 13th 2013, then one of three very demonic looking characters, Belvadar, Deimos and Diablo by Sirio! This silly and sexy continuation of the Class Comics Vs DinosaurPrince's Kingdom game idea was done in honor of Patricks 40th last month.  I don't think I would be very good at this game. I would be too distracted by the boys and lose my concentration so fast... ^_^'   I have had an idea for both a Deimos and a Diablo comic for months now.  Maybe I should get off my ass and start on those!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prometheus Engineer Tentacle Rape By FallenAngel

 Prometheus is a movie that has caused a lot of discussion and arguments off and online since its release last year.  You can argue many things about it's story line, but one thing people never seem to disagree on is how sexy that Engineer Alien is!  He's even sexier getting comically tentacled attacked by FallenAngels hand! Patrick Fillion has said the movie is one of his all time favorites, so for his birthday Fallen and I came up with this concept as a gift to him. I hope you guys saved room for cock, er..cake. :P

Sweet Nipple version!
(Why exactly do they call this thing a Trilobite?  Is it supposed to give the squid some sort of prehistoric mystique?  Ah, Prometheus I never stop asking questions about you!) 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Care To Lick The Icing Off of Zahn?

This image of Zahn was drawn by PrinceofHearts, based on my concept for Patricks 40th birthday. I really like the style in which he did Zahn.  His face has a bit of that charming Aragonés look to it!  I like how the skull is drawn so anime/cartoony.  Love it!  Prince did a fantastic job on his first ever drawing of a Class Comics character.  Hope you guys are ready to lick away the icing! XD 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dinosaur Fucks Alien: Romer X Exim By Sirio

This was another image done in celebration of Voider/Aneros's brithday.  Here Sirio took the first OC we did together, Romer and paired him with the Alien Stripper Exim!  The Double dicked Alien has probably seen and had fun with all sorts of erotic men wander into his intergalactic strip club, but I would be this is the first he's ever been rough fucked by a dinosaur-man. :P  I want to thank Sirio again for doing such a great job on this piece that Aneros and I delighted at.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Space Cadet Unidentified Wank Off

Space Cadet Climbs on top of his compact UFO.  As he hovers just above the ground, he lays back and relaxes.  He enjoys the cool night air of the alien world caressing his body.  As he stares up into the night sky, filled with galaxies and planets, his mind wanders to past adventures and possible future encounters with Alien hunks. His cock begins to stiffen, begging for attention.  It's not long before he has it in his powerful grasp.  The gloves of his space suit are smooth, providing a lubricating like feeling.  He beats below his massive mushroom, as it grows bigger and bigger. As his imagination runs wild with the thought of multiple massive dicks penetrating his ass.  He thinks of his dear friends Strider, Cam, Ghost Boy and Naked Justice all in him at once. He strokes harder, even over his cock head, until with one final grunt, he raises his hips off the UFO and releases his cum.  It shoots up high and splashes down like little comets on his chest and face.  He tastes a sample of his sperm off his finger tips, then lays down on his side and gently falls asleep.

This wonderful image was drawn by Gene Lightfoot, based on an idea of my own, for Patrick Fillions 40th Birthday.   The man does a great big beefy Byron, doesn't he?  He even sneaked in a Close Encounters ref into the image. Byron has opted to end summer on some alien world, I hope your last days of vacation were equally exciting.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

End of Summer Chris Redfield the Gay Sailor

This summer I was planning on doing a few pieces with Chris Redfield of Resident Evil fame in his uber gay sailor outfit, but I only wound up doing one with FallenAngel.  I didn't play the new game,  but I am tempted too, if I get to see Chris run around like that.  We should do a Higemaru cross over with him.  Here he is on the night day of summer vacation tempting all the baddies.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dimata Tales Woo Woo! Thoughts on DuckTales Remastered

 FallenAngel and I had a little fun with our Prehistoric Paradise tribute to Capcoms DuckTales, one of the best games of the NES, that just got a whole lot better! 

A couple weeks ago I got DuckTales Remastered for the PS3 and nothing will be the same again!  I was very skeptical about the game, not sure what to expect since it was being done by WayForward and not in house with Capcom themselves.  I have to say, that from the moment I saw Launchpad race across Duckburg and heard a remix of the original opening, my heart melted and all fears started to quickly fade away.  There is so much love and detail put into this remastering, it's impossible for any fan of Disney, or NES games not to fall instantly in love with it.  I can honestly say I have never been so emotionally charged by a video game in my life.  I smiled from cheek to cheek the entire time.  (Until that total bitch of a final level.  Do yourself a favor and don't play it on Normal!  Play the game on Easy, or hard the first time you play, to prepare for this level of old school hell!!!!  If you play on hard, play the game from start to finish each time, to acquire a a good amount of lives. I played the game on Normal God help me. I must have redone the final stage 7 times!!!)

The game reunites the the remaining members of the original cast to give Ducktales a final curtain call that will pull on your heart strings like nobodies business.  They put in so much dialog into the game, that I was still hearing Scrooge say new things a week into playing the game.  TAKE A LESSON WITH MARIO HERE NINTENDO.  Alan Young is in his early 90s, but he's still capable of fully providing the world with his wonderful version of Mr. McDuck.  The same can be said of the great June Foray, who at 95 is still more then willing to voice Magica De Spell and does a wonderful job of it.  It's funny how certain things in the game hit me, because the game can't be helped but looked at as a final DuckTales episode.  At one point, after Scrooge saves Bubba Duck from the ice, they have this little exchange were Bubba asks if he is going home with Scoooge.  Scrooge's reply felt like this is a very final event.  That yeah, they are going home together, where they will be a family forever. Sniff.. 

The game plays exactly the same as you remember it.  They made the Pogo Jump a little easier to do.  There's also something called the Hard Pogo, but like many others, I struggled to make this work properly at times.  Wayforward added a brand new opening level that sets the events of the game in motion and a special final level that ties all the events of the original stages together in an amazing way. I am sure the original creators of the game must be very proud of them.  No game from the 8 Bit era has ever been given so much love and devotion to it.  Final Fantasy 1 on PSP comes to mind, but even that game was spawned from a Game Boy edition. 

The game takes everything you love and remember about the original and expands on it.  As people have said it's a love letter to your childhood.  A remembrance of just how wonderful Disney used to be and how fun games were.  They have extended the levels, added new events and infused each stage with a story of it's own.  They don't try to be smart, or self hating towards the franchise either, like Scooby Doo does. No, they played the story telling straight.  If you didn't know better, you would swear this was a lost episode.  What kinds of things do they do?  Well take the Transylvania stage for example.  One of the MANY new elements expands upon how in the original one nephew is taken captive by a Beagle Boy. In Remastered, all three are taken and you have to fight not a regular Beagle Boy enemy, but three Beagle bosses to get them back!  Each has it's own dialogue and item that will help you progress through the stage.  The game constantly builds on everything that made it so great in the first place, with very little altering of what is already there. All the bosses have been supped up and are no push overs.  Prepare to do more then one level over again, because you didn't get that boss pattern right and you only had one man left! :P  There are cute in jokes and even an unexpected cameo in the Himalayas level!  The only thing that has really changed totally is the ending.  I was okay with that though.  The original game isn't going anywhere, so I can still enjoy that element when playing the original any time I want.  

 The game transported me back to the good old days of the late 80's and early 90's.  As it did, so  many memories flooded back.  It was hard not to get emotional while playing it.  (And on more then a few occasions when I wasn't playing it, but thinking about it.)  Ducktales came out when I was about 11 years old.  (God, remember the preview in the free issue of Nintendo Power?)  Dang..I rented the game first and beat it, loving every minuet.  My family was not too crazy about my love affair with video games, (or dinosaurs, or animation, or anything I liked for that matter.)  Unlike kids today, I had to wait till Christmas, or a birthday to ask for the game.  I remember counting the days for 2 months till my confirmation till I finally got the game.  LOL yeah that was my gift for that sacred event!!! That was a tough sell to convince my parents to purchase it. I used the excuse that it was way less expensive then what my Italian friends were getting.  I still remember turning it on with my mom beside me on the couch, bouncing to the Amazon theme in my Sunday best.  hee hee.

 I got it the summer when my puberty was in full swing.. I was in puppy love back then.  As I played the PS3 game, it wasn't hard to remember the faces of all my old friends, (some of which are no longer with us) and my first boyfriend, all sitting together playing Ducktales in the early summer afternoons, after school.  Sigh..I guess you could say Ducktales brought a whole flood of wonderful and not so wonderful memories back.  (I did weep more then a few tears while playing.)  I remember the summer the series was announced.  How excited the media covering it seemed.  There was the comic that came out before the show, the huge article in our local TV guide and all the merchandise.  I will never forget counting down the hours till the local channel would be playing it. And the horrible disappointment that some sports game was preempting it. FUCK.  Canadian TV sucked back then.  They had it playing on Sundays at 4:30 pm.  Ugh..That time slot was never consistent.  Thank God for Fox when they started to air the Disney afternoon.

Speaking of friends, all of mine are DuckTales crazy right now.  My one friend that never played the original, played it at my house.  He beat a level, asked how much it is, told me to turn it off and went home and purchased the game!  My other buddy made me play through it twice for him, (he has a hard time playing games)  He did so just so he could enjoy what he kept calling the last Disney Afternoon
A final note, about the music: you have nothing to fear there either.  The soundtrack has been remixed beautifully.  It's crazy good.  This soundtrack is just as bursting with style and enthusiasm as the rest of the game. Just check out the boss theme:


Love that 80s sax wailing away! :P

Ducktales is far and beyond my game of the decade so far! (Even if it is 24 years old!)  Here's hoping Ducktales 2, Darkwing Duck, Talespin, Aladdin and all the other Capcom Disney Classics get the same treatment in the future! 

As a little nostalgic bonus, here's the original article from Nintendo that made a generation of NES fans crazy with excitement! 


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