Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hunky Zodiac Men By Guytoonist

Guytoonist recently attended a Megacon. (In hinsight I should have made you all aware of that previously...) In preperation for the event he created some bookmarks that featured the hunkiest versions of the Zodiac characters you can imagine. Each one is adorned with armor that is cholk full of brilliant details. You really have to sit and examine each one at length to take in all the grand details. I had the honor of being able to see these boys get created. That was awesome. I am not sure if Guytoonist still sells them, but I don't think asking would hurt. :D

It's hard to pick favorites, but if I had to, I would say that Cancer, with his elegant shell armor and the dangerous Scorpio are my personal favorites. They put me in mind of Chiida, sorta primordial, ancient, yet very dashing. They would make good adversaries, or comrades to the Trilobite man. To see them all check out his blog through the link below:

The Most Inappropriate Pizza Advertisement

In anticipation of Oscar night Pizza orders, the Ontario based Pizza Pizza launched a very well designed flyer that parodied a few popular movies. Many of the deals highlighted that you got movies passes and pizza. Not bad! Helps pay for my John Carter tickets. The first few ads like this one using Twilight are kinda cute.

But then we get to the final offer and my jaw kinda dropped.... O______O

Get plenty of "action" with our Canadian Pie. XD they know what the teens did to the apple pie in American Pie? Why are all those kids smiling so mischievously? That girl really wants you to try it. What did they just do to that pizza? I don't trust these kids! Three toppings, but the forth is free, no charge. Oh and look it comes with free DIPPING SAUCE. That just has too many dirty implications. XD
Pizza Pizza is a family restaurant. They sponsor sporting events and the like. I really don't think this was the most appropriate, or even the wisest choice! Especially from a sanitary point of view. YUCK. It's bad enough thinking about people handling my pie with no gloves, or dirty hands like Seinfelds Poppie. Now, if I was a real germaphobe I would be worrying about the teens that cook the pizza slapping their genitals on it. Funny yes, but, dang.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Circumcised Camili-Cat

The cats out of the bag...okay that was lame. Yet these pictures just released for use by Class Comics are anything but. Now for the first time ever Cams gorgeous new cut meat is on display outside of the pages of Rapture #4. Get a load of the new wiener boys...

Don't ya just wanna lay between those hairy legs and bat at that pendulum like a good Kitty? ;D

Another great shot highlighting the new exotic exterior of Cams lower terrain.

The goodies package just released also includes some sweet images like high resolution copies of the action figure mock ups like Kayxon and Disco.


Oh dear, looks like the Banana image had some effects on FallenAngel and Vann Illia.

That image is infectiously naughty! It's taken from the Golden Boy OVA. Thanks so much Fallen for the super cute and funny chibis!!! ^O^ Way to brighten up my Tuesday.

Ever since Adonix found it, I find myself finding more and more...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pool Tool: Our First Hentai Manga!

We have explored some themes beyond gay comics here on Dinosaurprince's Kingdom. Tonight, I present something my first dive into Hentai manga. I was lucky to be guided by a master in the subject, FallenAngel. FallenAngel has made a career out of doing gay, bi and straight Manga since the 1990s. So I knew I was good, if not very grabby hands! :P I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Presents:
Pool Tool
Story By Dinosaurprince
Art and Story by FallenAngel

Time Passes!
"This is amazing, I can feel her heart beat. Her breasts are so warm..."
"Gosh, I can feel his cock throbbing like crazy."
Two friends go into the Pool house looking for bag of coal and the chick winds up with her friends coal balls in her hands..Never thought of the irony of that till just now. huh...Anyway this story was influenced by many things. I love certain titty fuck videos when the focus is totally on the man. And the man is hot! XD You be such a voyeur with straight porn! :P It was also influenced by the many stories you see online where woman go after BBC (Big black cock.) John Persons stories done by an artist named The Pit are visually stunning, but the writing is revolting. The stories demoralize both black men and the white woman that 'dare' to love them. (OH BROTHER.) I read some of the stories wondering what century they were made in.

I had a desire since 2010 to do a story without the themes of racial demoralization. When I saw MiOworks new character Edwin something snapped in my mind and I decided it was time to make this thing a reality. This actually started as a very small project. I drew up the character Tyrell and the original 4 page skript very quickly. Even planning out what I had for 4 pages was stretching it. When you are doing a story with FallenAngel you can't help but expand on it. We would bounce ideas off each other and soon new pages were being sketched and worked on and scenes were expanded on. It was fun working on Tyrell. I made him look very flamboyant in my first sketch, with a very high raised bottom and his arms stretched out. I place a gold Pac-Man chain necklace on the page, but it didn't make it to the final version.

FallenAngels original sketch of Tyrell and Sara. Fallen created Sara from scratch. I think maybe I mentioned star shaped earrings and long flowing hair when speaking of her. :P Thumbs up if you can figure out the dinosaur connection with the name Tyrell.

Sara was all FallenAngel, outside of a few general concepts like having to have really big boobs. It was as much fun watching him work on a somewhat straight porn. It was invigorating to see him take on the characters and add so much too it. Each page has so many little touches and bit of comedy. He had the funny idea of making the porn magazine a little retro with 70s hair and a gentleman that looks a bit too old to be doing porn. ;P (But he is still super hot.) The man never rushes his work even when crossing the finish line, he accelerates his effort. He put in a ton of detail on the last page and I knew he was having some real fun thing...cough cough! XD Look for a cameo on the final page. Watching him work made me work harder. I edited, added little touches and worked harder on improving the dialog. Even though it only took a couple weeks it felt much longer, cause of all the fun memories we created.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dore In Danger: Urbanmusiq Ape Escape!!

Oh no! It's only been little more then a month, but Dore Lockstone, our cowardly caveman of Prehistoric Paradise is in trouble again! Thanks to Urbanmusiq the poor guy can't even enjoy a banana in peace!
The concept of tonights mesozoic masterpiece was influenced so much by looking at my old Tops Donkey Kong cards, coupled with a desire to see Dore sucking on some banana. Hee hee. I actually drew up over a half dozen poses and sent them to Urbanmusiq. Then, out of the blue, I sent the concept of this one to him and he e-mailed me right away wanting to do it. (Yes that means I have 7 other Dore ideas out for grabs!) I asked him if he wanted to do Donkey Kong colours, or grey and black like bad old King Kong. I was happy he chose DK. Urban and I have done way over 40 images together. I can't believe it took us this long to tackle Dore. He seems like a character he should have naturally drawn long ago. I say this cause the image process was so smooth and fast as well. He just nailed Dore! From his messy (I'm constantly running) hairdo, big puffy proud pectorals, to his thick dick with meaty, tight foreskin, Dore is a caramel skinned feast for the eyes. And speaking of eyes, I think Dores ice blue peepers are the most expressive eyes I have seen Leon De Leon draw to date. Dore with big doe eyes!!! SIGH! So cute!!!

During the process he wanted to know if I think Dore should have a beard. Hmmmm what do you guys think? Personally I like him with his scruffy look best. And Urban always delivers the best scruff around. Couldn't pass that up! We also discussed adding a banana in his butt, but we decided against it. It might give the impression that the Ape hand has caused another reaction besides surprise in Dore. :P Tee hee! I don't get that many chances to commission Urban, but every time I do, I am so overcome with excitement. It's always so much fun watching my wonder from down under work. ^O^

Leon De Leons meaty art has my Banana Bursting, that's for sure! XD
Thanks to Adonix for the awesome image!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fuck You Atari!

Last month after Christmas I started feeling a little nostalgic. I started playing some old games and that led to me looking up some Atari stuff. That's when I rediscovered a little character named Captain Atari. He supposedly was the Atari 2600 mascot in Europe. I guess he was their Atari Force counterpart. He's actually very sexy. I only ever found one article with him on it, so I don't know to what extent he was actually used. I wonder if he had a comic like Atari Force? My guess is he probably had only one image that was reused similar to the original Captain Commando of Capcom fame. (Captain had 2.) It wasn't long before I thought of a use for the forgotten mascot.
See at around 6 years old I got an Atari 2600. While I had fun with Return of the Jedi, Frogger, Q*Bert and the Pac-Man games at the time, it wasn't long before I noticed some serious issues with the system. Things like all the missing content from certain games. This became apparent even before the graphic limitations. I had the Q*Bert board game and was already familiar with the characters from the TV show. I wondered where Ugg and Wrong Way were. I kept thinking they would appear if I got far enough into the game. SIGH! Of course it only got worse there on in. Every game felt so pale in comparison to my friends copies on other systems. I came to the realization in the mid 80s that I was given an already long outdated system. I was stuck with Atari till 1987. Lord help me. I almost gave up on video games.
Thankfully Atari did have some fun ports like Joust that rekindled my game love in 1986, until I got a Nintendo in 87. I still stuck with and enjoyed the system as much as I could even after I had an NES. After all, it was a great source of fun cheap games. Even if they did have some issues, the game play was usually very solid. Kids today might not get how parents back then didn't just up and buy you a new system. That thing, like a TV, was purchased expecting it to last a life time. So there was always this underlying fear you might never be able to upgrade. XD I had beg my parents for days just to get a $15 game! XD

For all the shit we Atari Kids had to endure, all the half baked games, all the missing cut scenes, levels, animations, etc, I think it's about time we made Captain Atari pay just a little bit. This is the first of what I hope will be a fun series of images featuring him. I ran my first idea by Cray and this is the awesome image he came up with. Captain Atari impaling his ass on a giant Atari Joystick! :P

Cray did a fantastic job on the Captain. Love the big shiny pecks on him. :P Cray worked hard on the coloring to give the Captains costume a better look then in the ads. The shine helps give a sense of the feel of this tight costume. Since he's the European Mascot I decided he should be uncircumzied. (Though based on Ataris utter lack of extra features mabye making him cut would have been a better sort of statement, eh? XD) Cray provided him with a beautiful baseball bat sized cock. The girth on that thing is amazing. Hmmm so that is how he swung all those game deals back in the day. I would have been happy with just the Atari joystick, but Cray went the extra mile and added in the system and even an old style TV! :D (I remember play Atari on TV's like that!) Awesome work Cray!

This is the only advertisement I found of the Captain. I am surprised I noticed him, those two geeky looking basketball players are really distracting. The one guy is barefoot! XD

Well that's it for now, but Captain Atari is gonna be back. We went easy on him this time. Next time he'll have more then a joystick shoved up is ass! :P

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Daryl Dixon Porn Star Lookalike?

Back in December I discovered something while watching Kristen Bjorn's COSTA BRAVA The Wild Coast. A man who looks very much like the actor Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead! The actor named Nathan Lewis caught my eye almost right away. Maybe I noticed this because I was boy crushing over Daryl so much at this time. (His character was really becoming noble and heroic.) I also got to the see the actor on the Talking Dead, where he wasn't made to look so greasy and is actually very handsome. It's not an exact match, or anything. The resemblance is very slight. A couple artists and myself had fun discussing this over e-mails. I figure this post is long overdue. :P

What do you guys think? Does Nathan Lewis professional fitness model and porn star look a little like Daryl Dixon?

Nathn Lewis is listed as Cut. I always find guys from the UK that are cut so exotic and hot! XD As you can see though he still has his frenulum and what's left of his foreskin slides back and bunches up when he's erect. Meaty! XD

Like Daryl, not all of Nathans images are very flattering.
Nathan gives off a stellar performance in Cost Brava. While he only cums twice (the least amount of the 4 men) he is very vocal during his performance, urging the men on and expressing his pleasure. He winds up doing double penetration in the final segment of his section.


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