Monday, February 20, 2012

Apis Bull At The Beach By Luisazo

Today is Family day here in Canada. I'm taking a break from spending time with my family to share with you guys. This image of my Egyptian hunks at the beach by Luisazo is a perfect physical depiction of how I would really love to spend this holiday.

Standing on a warm beach, putting sun tan lotion on a giant cock and perfect buns of some super hung stud would be much better then sitting at home watching TV. BORING! LOL. Of course it's way too cold to be going to any kind of beach in February, but a man can day dream can't he? I commissioned this around the fall of last year and while it took him a bit of time to start the image, once he did, Luisazo had it done in a couple days. It's a beautiful picture. The guys all look great in his style. I haven't done much with the Egypt Story gang in a long time. I epically like Cleo. The expression coupled with the design of his face is too cute. I think that bull cock has got to be the biggest, thickest, longest uncut dick he has ever drawn. It looks like it could easily support Cleo and Heru. I can see them riding on it! XD
Thanks so much for bringing a little warmth into my February Luisazo! Can't wait for our next adventure.

1 comment:

  1. Huge!! nice toning on the colors too :D hot beach! - FallenAngel



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