Saturday, February 18, 2012

Romer Jerks Off At Sunset

This new piece from Caravaggia marks the return of her version of Romer. A character I always enjoyed her drawing very much. It's also one she will be doing again very soon! :) It was also done to be a small tribute to a very famous piece of dinosaur art. Found in the August 1978 issue of National Geographic were some of the most spell binding pieces of dinosaur art of the time. It also featured images from the Royal Ontario Museum. I actively sought after getting my own copy for many years as a child. I grew up in the 80s and since this came out in the late 70s, I didn't know about the National Geographic images until about 1985 when a special hosted by Christopher Reeve showed the front cover. It became a quest for me to find a copy for sale and in the 80s with no E-Bay and lots of reluctant librarians, getting a back issue wasn't always easy to accomplish. At least not for an 8 year old. :P I might have more images that are tributes to the art done in the future. Todays tribute is to the Triceratops image.

Oh look at that, a picture of one of my studs that has an appendage bigger then his dick. :P Romer is really sporting a spiffy crest here. I love the length of it! :D Caravaggia as always did a wonderful job on the colors. The sleek curves of Romers body are made to look even softer by her soft brush strokes. (Digital though they may be! :P) It's really nice to see him done with his Egyptian eye make up and ankh necklace again. He's such a little cuttie with that sly smile! Caravaggia got really playful with his tail too. :P Naughty! XD Thanks so much Caravaggia!

This is the actual image. I loved how the herd is shown moving so far into the background. As a child I would always wonder about what lay behind the horizon of images like this. You could get lost in thought and mystery. The red sky was so inviting and the art of the Triceratops itself is simply gorgeously detailed.

This is the cover minus the National Geographic logo.

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  1. Caravaggia, hot hot Romer in the sun great work! -FallenAngel



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