Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sexy Street Fighter Ryu Figure By Sota Strips Nude

I found these super freaking hot photos that Kerainen took of his Sota Ryu Figurine last week. They were so tantilizing that I found myself looking madly for the figure on E-bay. Sadly the one person that has it listed at a decent price, wants an arm and a leg to ship it to Canada. SUUUUUUUCKS for me. Anway...XD I figure having these photos in my collection is the next best thing to ownership of this Ryu. Kerainen did such a great job, he's found sexy potential in a toy most of it's owners probably wouldn't even realize was there.
So..anyone want to photoshop a dick onto some of these? XD It feels like a total crime he wasn't made with one!


  1. I´m so glad you like them and I really hope you can get your hands (literally) on this figure :D

  2. It would be pretty cool if someone could model these, then you could put them side by side. ;)



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