Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Class Comic's RideHard Fan Art

Since I enjoyed Ridehard so much, I asked FallenAngel to take on the main characters; Alex Ridehard and Samuel Styles. The two characters fit so well with his manga style! Alex is a smooth customer. Reminds me a bit of D.C. Chandler here! XD Styles, being a true soldier is totally focused on the task at hand. That heart shows just how much he's enjoying this mission! A great touch from FallenAngel is that he imagined they are vacationing the Philippines. (That's what the pay phones look like there!) I not only got a super sweet picture, I learned something too! XD Thanks so much FallenAngel and special thanks to Alexander, who had many kind things to say about the piece. ^__^

Alex is just a little worried...
Nice foreskin under hang! He's got a ton of skin there Fallen! XD

Ah, no worries, a final strong suck by Styles and the mission is completed.....

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  1. Nyohohohohoho well actualy most malls have the new card inserting phones, some outisde public left the old one sometimes



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