Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Morning Hunky Warriors

Can you believe it's already the last Saturday of August? One last week of freedom for the students. Summer just flew by this year. Well, anyway, here's some pretty sweet warriors to start the stream of posts this weekend. Wait till you guys see the Gigan post coming up, not to mention the sweet little surprise FallenAngel cooked up.

That is one built Barbarian. This dude should have done some porn, if he didn't, that is. XD

Jungle boys:

I feel like I posted this one before....oh well, he's worth another post. :P

Casper Van Dien made one heck of a sexy Tarzan. Too bad the movie was such a bomb.

Hot Indian Braves:

Gladiators and studs from mythology:

This is a pretty risky image for Boris! A Pegasus Centaur fucking a chick? Where was this used? XD

Sexy death. I am ending with this because, last night I saw Halloween Candy at the store. A grim reminder that fall will soon be at our doorstep.


  1. I remember that centaur picture. It was used for the cover of a book my father owned.
    It was called "Bizarre Beziehungen" it was written in german and contained stories by a guy... uhm..
    *makes a quick google check*
    Ah... by a guy named Phillip J. Farmer.

    1. That's interesting! I figured it had to have a release outside of the US for some reason. Though, I doubt I would have ever found out where, had you not commented. I wonder what kind of stories it featured, or if it was ever translated? Time to do some searching!

    2. Well Boris-sama is well known so he did alot of novel comission covers as well. :D it was featured also in Heavy Metal once :) heck he and his wife always been HM's fav artist guests

  2. You're welcome.
    If I remember correct, the author was american. At least it was a german translation of the book. But I couldn't tell you what the english title of the book is. After my father passed away we threw the book away.

    Either way, I think I can admit that I read a few stories. They were all science fiction and no fantasy. I also never read anything about a centaur.
    One story was about a crew that had a base on the mars. On of them found a visitor from a different planed (a female) who observed the earth and wondered if they evolved from savages to a peaceful species.

    Another one was about a shuttle that crashes on an unknown planet. The only two survivors soon get caught by some gigantiv snail-things, that want the humans to raise and protect their children, because they can't. A third story is a direct follow up to that story. One of those snail-things that was raised by the survivours tells other snail-things how well they were educated and how that knowledge saved it from the Olfw.

    Maybe there was a centaur story, too... *shrugs*

  3. Your "built barbarian" is Brad Hollibaugh "in drag" ;-)


  4. Ah, man, you shouldn't have thrown that out. Philip Jose Farmer is one of the best American sci-fi authors of all time. Ranks up there with Kurt Vonnegut.



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