Friday, August 10, 2012

A look at Ridehard From Class Comics

With the new Bourne movie coming out today, I decided to talk a bit about the latest release from Class Comics called Ridehard. Gay movie goers looking to fill some erotic fantasies in a spy setting need look no further. Ridehard delivers a hot little story set in a well constructed spy universe. It's the tale of a young British man named Alex Ridehard and how he went all in one day, from being a cadet in the British Royal Army at Hardwoods, (har, har) to becoming a spy at an organization named RIM. (No relation to the Blackberry people I am sure!) Unfortunately his first mission couldn't come at a worse time. See, that same morning, he had set up a date with Styles, the man of his dreams. Now he's been captured by the enemy and must not only save the world, but do so in time for his date! Is he Spy enough? God, I thought starting a new job and having to do my laundry on the same day was exhausting. :P

This is the first book for Class Comics by a new artist on the scene named Alexander. He is a very talented, enthusiastic artist, who creates not only beautiful men, but a bright, colorful, lavish world for Alex to exist in. It's filled with various organizations, interesting side characters and some pretty neat gadgets to boot. Though there certainly is no lack of sex, not every page is about getting off. To put it into perspective the comic is 24 pages long and out of them, only 11 feature gay sex, not including one page that has some nude shots at the bottom. :P So there's a lot of story and set up going on. I liked how the sex was often used a plot device. It doesn't just happen randomly. As mentioned, a huge motivator for Alex was for him to accomplish his mission so he could hopefully get some, with his long time dream boy Samuel Styles.

As for the cocks, well, they are very well drawn. ^O^ Each man is endowed with a massive uncut dick. (And the book features a lot of men!!!) I have to say, I really, really love the way Alexander draws his huge cocks. They always look ready to explode. He has a really nice style and works in a ton of different perspectives. That spy gear gets put to some good use, especially by the baddies. Everyone being uncut is pretty much expected. I mean, this is Britain after all. (No offense to any cut Brits reading this.)
However, one thing I would encourage the artist to explore would be a few foreskin poses beyond the foreskin being pulled back all the way once erect. We do get a couple of really nice shots of flaccid dicks with the foreskins over the heads early on, but beyond that, once the cock is hard, the skin is pulled back and stays that way. Of course this is Alexanders first outing, so this leaves room for exploration and experimentation in his next book.

Myself, when I heard about the book, I thought it was going to be a spoof of Die Hard. Hee hee. I certainly wasn't disappointed that it wasn't. If you are a fan of James Bond style movies, then you owe it to yourself to pick this book up. It basically plays out how every gay man in the audience wishes a James Bond stylLinke movie would! There's lots of humor, spy action and tons of gay sex. Alex Ridehard and his crew are an awesome edition to the Class Comics universe. The book is available in both digital and print editions. I got both and I have to say, that I favored the print edition. It's probably my old monitor, but I found with the print version, the colors and character art really jumped off the pages.

Here's a small gallery, including the bios for the main cast! Enjoy! :D

Some of the staff members at RIM. Who wouldn't want to work there?

I wonder if Mr. Crankshafts balls allow him to constantly cum and if so, if that orgasmic feeling ever present as he gags the truth out of victims? Hmmm....

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