Friday, November 18, 2011

Conan the Fratman

While I prepare todays big blog post, here's a little something to enjoy. As a Conan fan I found it interesting that Fratmen.TV's hunk Bailey was dubbed a Conan look alike. Yeah he is a big guy, with hairdo that looks pretty Barbarian. He's got that just right amount of fuzz on his chest, legs and bum too. He certainly could play the role.

Fuzzy Bum! Barbarians don't shave!

When I got the clip, of course I was hoping (in vain) that someone at Fratmen.TV would at least put him in a Conan Costume at one point. These videos are always composed of two dull jerk off scenes, alas it was not to be. It was just another cheap, typical, run of the mill, boring video of a guy jerking off on the bed and in the shower.

Someone has a long neck...

So how was his performance? Well, This is where the boring comes in. With Bailey being be dubbed a Barbarian, one would expect the savage to at least make some noise during sex. Bailey must still be used to keeping quiet while he pulls it at home and not having savage sex, cause even as he cums he hardly lets a whisper of satisfaction pass his lips.

I didn't know Barbarians wore braces. He looks way too pale here.

What's not boring is Baileys cock. Someone tried to circumcise him, but literally did a half ass job of it. He's got about half of his foreskin left. I would say he's somewhere between a CI-3 and C1-4, making him very unique indeed.
That's a lot of extra skin.

Now he's uncut....
Then he's cut! XD

I only stumble upon Bailey recently. He debuted in January of 2007 and I don't think there has been anything porn wise with him produced afterward. We never get to hear him speak, so we no idea what he sounds like, or where he was from. (Maybe he wasn't American.) So I can also guess he never did don the loin cloth and battle Axe and play the role in a porn spoof of Conan. Bummer...

This pose sums up my overall impression of Bailey.

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  1. Cum quietly, so you don't alert an enemy (or his/her dad) to your presence.



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