Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vampire Skin isn't the only thing that Sparkles

With Breaking Dawn coming out tonight at Midnight I felt the need for more even more Twilight action around here. Hey, blame the media for putting up Taylors face everywhere I go. :P This time I turned to Caravaggia to let her have her way with American cinemas hottest supernatural boy toys. Yes we decided to give Edward fangs. I really wanted to see him with a good pair and he got them along with a sweet pair of balls too. :P Edwards come is just as magical as his skin. It sparkles as it rises and dances in the air! :P Edward doesn't look at all phased that he's just shot a load. So in love is he with Jacob, that the feeling of ecstasy never leaves while he is in the werewolves presence.
Her Jacob is just too hot! He's gotta be included in her top ten men. ;P I love edition of tender little bits of red skin around his elbows and knees. It makes him looks so young. I guess it's the result of his skin meeting the cold November air. Jacob is like a big sexy doll! You just want to cuddle all day. Her Edward is really awesome. She did a great job on his crazy hair and his pale, but strong body. (Probably in much better shape then Roberts.) All in all I was so impressed with this one, I had to post it as soon as it came to me. Thanks so much Caravaggia.

I also want to link you guys to one of Caravaggias works in her ONE SKETCH A DAY site. It's a really nice picture of the Virgin Mary meeting with the angel Gabriel. She says it's a bit blasphemous, but I think that makes it even cooler. Kinda fitting with the Christmas season, regarding the birth of Jesus. Anyway I will let you discover it yourself. It's steeped with symbolic imagery. If you don't read French, you can use an online translator to better understand the text.

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