Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hurry To The Concert Belvadar

The spirit of Halloween is still alive and well here at DPK. (Despite the fact that I just personally starting putting up my Christmas stuff.) Today we have an absolutely enchanting image from Mirri. Here Belvadar is calmly flying to his All Hallows gig, after a night of trick, or treats and hardcore sex. The bewitching look in his eyes says he's already thinking about his next score and I don't mean musical number. ;)

I have been watching Mirri work on this since late October. Every step from sketch to ink was amazing. Her Belvadar is so tall and sexy. I love how shaggy his chest hair is. Reminds me of a dogs tail. :D So cute! It was nice to see the pumpkin staff was given a little Tim Burton curl. I was totally unprepared for the divine final image with the gorgeous moon and lovely star filled sky. The lighting and shading of Bel getting illuminated by the Moon are perfect. That's the stuff that Halloween dreams are made of. :D

My first draft of the concept.


  1. Awsome work, Mirri. Love how he get that grinning look - FallenAngel

  2. Mmm more Beldavar goodness! I like how every artist makes him look different, in his/her own style but he still looks great! <3

  3. Really cool here! I like the way he looks in this style. Great colors too. :D You may still be in the Halloween spirit, but yay for Christmas. XD;



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