Monday, November 28, 2011

Ahmosis and Rahotep Circle Jerk by The Nil!

Some time in 2010 Adonix introduced me to a French comic called Nil, the first volume called Les Barbares. Sadly outside of a few random pages and the cover shots, there is not much about the series online in it's native French, never mind English. It's a story that chronicles the adventures of two best friends growing up in Egypt along the river Nile: Ahmosis and Rahotep are two hotties. The art by Didier Garguilo is very sexy indeed. You'll want to have bathe in the Nile with these two the second you see the cover. I have been meaning to commission some art of them for Adonix for some time. Well just the other day, FallenAngel finished the first one and it's just too hot. I got a rise out of the saliva exchange going on here. Mmmm these guys are really focused. I hope no one interrupts them! Love the how they are drawing each other closer. So hot! Excellent work FallenAngel. You do these characters nicely. Yum, yum! You tired me out when I had just woken up!

Adonix states that there is definitely a yoai vibe to the books. I really hope Fallens image will help generate some interest in the stories. Maybe one day the series will finally be release to a wider audience. One can only hope. Here are some sample pages:


  1. Nyohohohoho I'm glad you like it :D gotta make more style that gonna drool and er....cum you all the way :D LOL* - FallenAngel

  2. They seem to be really enjoying themselves ;)



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