Friday, November 4, 2011

Stealing More Then Candy On Halloween

Oh guys, I had this a few days ago, but I had no internet connect till yesterday. It was shaky at best for most of the day, so I passed on blogging for the day. Anyway I am back in business again and I have much to catch up on. This wonderful piece is the one I teased about in the last post. This is second in a two part Halloween set from Kagami06.

This time Belvadar has decided to seduce Jasper with his natural musical talents and suave good looks. Jasper instantly falls head of uh..(tails?) for the crooning Bat, but Bel is s deceptive bugger. He craves sweet gum balls, not ghost balls. :P Never let your guard down on Halloween, Jasp. Belvadar had better beware! Ghosts are know to seek back what they treasure with a vengeance on Halloween. (Garfield can confirm this. :P)

Kagami did a smashing job on this. His Jasper Edward Walldenbury is pretty freaking sweet. His expression really makes me laugh. As before his Belvadar is too hot. He's just perfectly sculpted. It was awesome to see him from this perspective so we can enjoy a great view of his wide chest, shoulders and arms. Sexy stuff. Really love the coloring job, especially the glow on the little pumpkin friend of Jaspers and the blue of Jaspers body. What do you guys think of a pink penis head for Jasper? Should I stick with blue? Hmmmm... The creepy owl silhouette, perched on the dead tree and the giant moon adds some much appreciated seasonal atmosphere to this piece. Yeah, looks like Halloween is still going strong at DPK, as there will be a few more holiday themed images on the way. :P

My concept sketch


  1. Bad Belvadar! XD -FallenAngel

  2. He's in for a major 'Sliming', if you know what I mean! XD



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