Friday, October 31, 2014

Belvadar's Flying Broom Accident!

Happy Halloween mortals!!! Welcome to the first of two Halloween night posts!  First off I have something extraordinarily exquisite.  A Halloween treat created by none other then Devilman! Belvadar and Jasper are taking a forbidden joy ride on some flying brooms they 'borrowed.'  Why?  Well to get from town to town easier, in their quest to get as much candy as possible, or course.  (Though I am pretty sure Jasper only has Belvadars ass candy on his mind!)  Absent minded Jasper doesn't notice when Belvadar stops suddenly in front of him.  Jasper tries to stop, but it's too late and his broom goes "whap" right up Belvadars ass.  Though shocked, Belvadar takes it in stride.  He's had harder and bigger then that shoved up his ass on previous Halloween nights.  Though his smile tries it's best to dismiss the impact, the instant boner he got from the insertion says something different.  Maybe, just maybe Belvadar might be warming up to Jasper.

A huge thank you and giant hug to Devilman for taking the time to create such a vibrant and enigmatic image based on the silly little idea I pitched him.  The colors are just so vibrant, don't you think? 
Time for me to go back to the Trick, or Treaters...The door bell is ringing.  Maybe it's a sexy Chris Redfield at the door?  LOL Check out the Resident Evil knock off that Urbanmusiq found in a dollar stores Halloween section! 

 Okay boys, time to go back to tricking!!! Come back later, for me DEAD OF THE NIGHT POST!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Belvadar's Halloween Morning Meeting

Hello guys and thank you again for braving another Witching Hour Halloween post here at DPK. In about 30 mins Halloween will be upon us here where I live. I have spent the entire night decorating and running to stores to grab the bargains! I will share some pictures of what I purchased tomorrow in my giant Halloween post. The best picture I can share with you now, far exceeds anything I could buy at a store.  Tonight I have Sirios magical Halloween morning meeting of Belvadar and Gojioni.  It's east meets west demonic love at first site as the sun rises on the pumpkin patch.  It's gonna be one magical Halloween morning for both our sexy boys!!  (Especially the way Sirio dishes out the extra doses of HANDSOME on this piece!) 

The fun is gonna continue all Halloweekend long!Hope you guys are ready!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chris Redfield Bloody Sexy

Urbanmusiq (Leon De Leon) chose Chris Redfield to be the subject of his October 2013 DNA Man.  The character, is of course a perfect fit for any October issue.  Chris is a big favorite of Leons and in the pose he drew, he gave it his all, leaving very little to the imagination.  What was a 'Men in Uniform theme' in fact had very little uniform!!! It looks like the zombies, or Jill stripped him almost bare!  With Chris safely taking refuge deep within the pages of DNA, Leon was free to pretty much show it all.  Several months later, Leon decided to alter the image for a public showing of zombie themed art at the local ArtBoy Gallery. Leon gave the image a bit of an overhaul, adding a spooky zombie hoard behind Chris and covering the Capcom hero with blood and dirt from his encounters with the undead.  Due to the image being shown in a more public place, he toned down the nudity, though he did increase the size of Chris's crotch bulge significantly. (I would say he doubled it!)  It's an honor to be able to show you guys, for the first time outside of the gallery showing this epic image!  I almost called this post Bloody Vs Sexy, but that would demean how hot the more violent of the images is. The question is, which do you like more?  Gritty, exciting, battle worn Chris, or squeaky clean Chris with torn revealing undies?


You can see this images original posting here:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walking Dead Vs Beautiful Dead: Claimed!

Hello and thank you for joining me for another late night Halloween post. Tonight I present to you a special one page comic that Caravaggia and I came up with for Robert Fraser many months ago. It's a ghoulish and silly birthday gift that features The Walking Dead's Rick and Daryl meeting a few of the cast of his own Comic, The Beautiful Dead. Inspired by the episodes where Daryl joined the 'claimers' group. Daryl is about to learn that the rules go both ways in the gay zombie apocalypse!

Caravaggia did a splendid job on both the Walking Dead and Beautiful Dead characters for this page.   She is a big fan of Daryl and really enjoyed getting to draw him in so many frames I think! :P  I especially love her zombie brute, who was given extra cocks growing out of his main massive one.  He becomes more and more of a sexy horror with each artists take on him!

Caravaggia has been up to some Halloween mischief of her own, on her blog Eroticute.  I admire how she found a really neat way to include Dia de los Muertos in one of the images!  These images she created this year proved controversial on one site in particular. One guess as to which that would be is all you need.  It was so naughty it had to be taken off the site! (Yet the others all similarly themed remained...)

Curious to see what is going on?  Check out the post here:

Following our comedy theme, I wanted to share a couple cartoons perfect for the holiday.  I rediscover both of these recently.  First off is the Pink Panther, finding himself dealing with all manner of spooks in a vampires castle.  Pink Plasma is not only extremely funny, it has one heck of a creepy mix of the panther theme that is worth watching the cartoon alone for.  It really sets the mood and makes this comic even more memorable.

The other hidden gem I found on Youtube recently features a comedy duo known for their encounters with biggest monsters of all time:  Abbot and Costello!  I haven't seen these since I was very little, probably in the very early 80s.  (They rest somewhere on the very edge of my earliest of memories.)  Seeing as how it's been a big year for Godzilla, I thought it fitting to share the closest Abbott and Costello ever came to meeting him.  It was in this cartoon by HB.  Of course the scariest thing about this is the gravely voice of the then ancient and ill Abbott.  (Or maybe it's the fact that Costello had died 10 years prior to the making of this and Abbott is still doing the routine?)  The animation is much simpler then the Pink Panther cartoon.  The soundtrack is ripped from every other HB cartoon made. (Especially the Flintstones.)  BUT it is not without it's charms, as these cartoons were while budgeted, nicely produced.  

That's about it for tonight.  Join me again tomorrow night for more fun!  I only wish I had taken the time to do more Halloween projects with Caravaggia this year. I will have a very special image of hers to share right after this coming Hallow-weekend.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Beautiful Dead Zombie Brute: The Hung Horror!

Before I go to bed tonight I will leave you with a very sexy Halloween Horror drawn by FallenAngel. The zombie Brute only makes a very brief appearance in book one of the Beautiful Dead from Class Comics.The mystery and demented majesty of it, made it the perfect subject for our gift to the creator of the comic Robert Fraser.  And so the beast has lain in wait all these months, waiting for the perfect time for us to unleash it.  That time is now! Enjoy FalleAngels take on this monstrous muscle bound zombie freak!  Don't let that big swinging dick mesmerize you.  That's just what it wants!!

Here is a little behind the scenes look at FallenAngels sketch of the creature, that was once human! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Centaur and Faun Frot By Yelmo

Taking a break from Halloween themed art today, to bring you a warm summery picture by Yelmo.  Holoecene Toros is used to the tundra and snow covered plains.  When he found himself in a strange, lush green forest, he couldn't help but lay down in the soft grass.  Warmed by the sun, he quickly dozed off.  He woke up the feeling of something very large rubbing against his dick.  It was the uncut dick of a very handsome centaur!  The masculine Centaur Equinnus had been been overcome by the sight of this prehistoric sleeping beauty.  He had just intended to gaze upon him for a bit, but as he took in the beautiful satyr, his passions flared.  His giant dick quickly became hard.  He found his breath quickening at the through of rubbing his dick against this creatures as it slept.  Ever so slowly he lowered his cock to gently rub against the satyrs uncut boner. 

It wasn't long before Holocene was awoken by this.  Equinnus welcomed him to his forest and the two exchanged names.  Equinnus was not sure if he should continue and stopped what he was doing for a second.  Holocene grabbed the centaurs massive horse cock and placed it right back against his own shaft, insisting he not stop.  He had never seen a centaur before and was in total awe of the creatures majesty.  The centaurs cock was so smooth and soft.  He loved grabbing at the leathery foreskin and pushing it all the way over the head and then pushing it all the way back. It was much thicker and tougher then his was, but like the shaft it was very soft to the touch. The size was immense.  His hand just barely fully grasped the full width.  As much as he enjoyed playing with that dick, Holocene soon let Equinnus do most of the work.  He just lay there, as Equinnus jerked and tugged on both their shafts. The feeling of their moist heads rubbing, sticking and dripping precum all over each other was quickly bringing both men to a powerful orgasm.  They came simultaneously. Equinnus threw back his head and let out a sound that was both a moan and horses whinny.  Holocene just stared up at him, enthralled at his beauty.  As he felt the warm torrents of cum hitting his chest, he gasped.  The site of his new lover and the feel of all that love juice caused his own dick to involuntarily cum.  Holecene got up and kissed the centaur more passionately then he had ever kissed another in his life. The centaur beckoned him to sit on his back.  He took him to a near by stream where the two washed and embraced for hours in the warm sun.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jasper And Belvadar Wish You A Happy Halloween 2014!

I've been holding back this one for a long time!  I was debating if I should keeping waiting and post it on Halloween night, but Ernz1318 masterpiece just couldn't be contained any longer.  Originally commissioned late last year, it's been sitting for 10 long lonely months in the vault. It was so special, I just had to wait for Halloween, even though I debated posting it several times during the year.  Anyway, I finally felt tonight that it is high time to let these boys come out and party! I am very excited to share Ernz ultra epic vision of Belvdar and Jasper on a super spooky Halloween night. Dig that background!  Perfect for the night of ghouls!  The Halloween hunks are playing 'put out the pumpkin' with cum no less. ;)   

To see more of Ernz1318's wild art and commission him yourself, check out his gallery on Deviantart!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sexy All Male Samurai Pizza Cats!

Hello guys, today I'm going to share with you Lastmanouthere's latest piece for our blog. In the summer time I revisited the series Samurai Pizza Cats. This was a cartoon that aired about 20 years ago here in Canada. (I believe kids in the US got it long before we did, but we got a less censored version.) I went and watched much of the English and Japanese dub. In many cases I watched one language then the other. I found his a bit too exhausting to do for all the episodes. I compared both, for better or worse, finding much more humor in the English, but a much more intriguing story in the Japanese version. The English seemed to want to draw in older viewers, were as the Japanese version was clearly made for a younger audience. In both cases that was often made clearest by the narrator in each language!

As much as I liked the show when it was on, it really showed off what was wrong with a lot of anime translations back then. (What drove me to subtitled VHS versions back then!) So much was ignored, or cut. Even the final episodes were made fairly anticlimactic, so that they could fit anywhere in the air dates. Bah. Still, I have to give the US version a lot of props for it's witty voice acting and keeping the main bad guy as gay as they could get away with. I really admired that more now, then I did at the time I think. Funny though, that it still irritates me to no end, that The Big Cheese was called a rat, when he was so obviously a fox. Wouldn't it have been smarted to play up the cat/dog thing, then try to say something is a different species then it clearly is, if that was what they were going for? Also, when I found out his real name was Lord Korn, making the use of popcorn puns very possible for when he exploded, I wondered why the name/species change even more so. Finally I think that the horny tones found Pollys voice performance in the Japanese version were totally out of place in a kids show.  Glad the Americans didn't try to play that up at all. (Like they would have had the balls to anyway!) 

It was really fun to watch the show again and to finally see after 20 years, how the story was really meant to be like. I went onto E-bay and picked up a few things. I bought a Game & Watch by Bandai that was like new. Got it really cheap too!  That was very lucky.  (See below for a picture of it.)  I also picked up a board game a friend of mine has been working on translating for a bit. It's brand new and the board really needs a good pressing to keep it folded! I will have to take some pictures of it one day.

Of course, I started to crave more then just merchandise. My mind started think about what we here could do for the characters. Like, what if all the characters were drawn, not cute and cartoony, but big and buff. And what if they were all men... I shared my naughty through with Lastmanouthere, who was more then up for the challenge. In fact he picked it out of a couple ideas I had brainstormed for him. He e-mailed me right away stating his wish to be the first one to take this on!  Of course I have been waiting on baited breath to see the final ever since he e-mailed me that approval.  He had sent me a sketch a week ago, that totally blew me away!  Earlier this week he sent the completed transformation of super stars samurai, as super samurai STUDS!

These pizza cats, don't ever touch the their own product! Not with bodies like that they don't!!!  You can feel this togetherness of the team. Speedy is so gun-ho, Guido is right behind him, a little cautious and nervous, but he is excited for a chance to prove himself.  This is evident by his cock, which is getting harder. The head has pushed back the foreskin and it's getting thicker and longer.  Polly on the other hand, is totally focused, already enchanting unseen adversaries. His cock is poised and ready to spring to life at the moment the music hits his target! 

This is the LCD game I picked up. It's pretty easy. It seems like you are having a sparring match with the Crows, that is being held by the princess.  You just have to defeat the crows before they attack you, all the time keeping an eye out for The Big Cheese and Jerry, who will try to get you from behind. This simple premise fits very well with the theme of the show!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

White Warrior: Male Video Game Characters Objectified

Recently an image of  white warrior in a straw hat started to make his rounds around various social media sites.  The image was accompanied by the caption "What if male video game characters were dressed like female characters?"  As you can see the warrior has very tight fitting clothes around his chest.   His abs down to about where his knees are is almost totally exposed.  His dick instead of being hidden behind a loincloth, or tucked away in a speedo, is wrapped up like a mummy.  (leaving nothing to the imagination.)  I guess someone was feeling much the same way I was when I played Code of Princess for the 3DS.  While there are many sexy male characters out there especially from the 16 and 32 bit age, some that have even had their junk exposed, there certainly are a lot more sexy girls around in games then men these days. (Or so it would seem.)  You never see men getting the same treatment as woman get.  It really would be nice to see some characters appear like W'Dafak here. (As Adonix calls him!)  Adonix really liked the character, so much that he drew him in three outstanding styles, from bara to chibi RPG sprite!  I just had to share it with you guys.  Adonix brings out a ton of the characters potential.  Maybe one day this character, or someone like him will find his way into a hyper sexual game!


Monday, October 13, 2014

The Owl Man Arrives In The Kingdom

A new Halloween spirit has flown into our kingdom tonight.The Owl Man, stands on a cliff side. His big orange pumpkin eyes scour the forest for possible prey.  Otubishin is an ancient one, who was once revered for his knowledge and wisdom by the Odawa peoples.  As time passed the screech owl human became something to be feared, instead of revered.  The price of his powers and protection, became to great.  The people sealed him in the Shawman Staff of Samhain.  His time on Earth each year is now limited to the month of October now and only if someone is foolish enough to temporarily release him.  It seems someone in our kingdom was indeed foolish enough, but who and why?  Hopefully we will have the answers to that for you very soon! For now please enjoy this first ever image of him by FallenAngel! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Hey everyone! FallenAngel and I just want to wish all our Canadian fans a very happy Thanksgiving.  Peng is enjoying a humble feast, cause Vann...Well Vann has taken over this table, tacos and all.  Wait!  Thanksgiving TACOS?  Fallen what are you serving our heroes???? :P

Fallen was kind enough to draw this up quickly yesterday.  He certainly didn't spare the details (or the muscles) despite the short time frame!  I'm going out for a big Thanksgiving dinner myself.  It will be the first time since I can remember, when I didn't actually have to help prepare the meal myself.  I went shopping on Friday and picked up some cool treats, including these rarely seen in Canada Día de Muertos chocolate skulls!!! I think this is the first time I have ever seen them here to be honest.

I think I was more in a Halloween mood, then a Thanksgiving one, cause I picked up the Sally too, while trying to get something special for the people that invited me to dinner.

More from me later tonight, when I reveal our newest cast member!!! Hope you will come check it out. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Filling Up The Jack-Off-O-Lantern

These weekend, we Canadians will be filling up on Turkey, but in Baralusts newest image it's a pumpkin that's gonna get filled.  Mr. Crow and Mr. Scarecrow have their big, bara, 'basters' out and are filling a giant jack-o-lantern to the brim with cum!  I just got this wild image and had to share it with you guys right away! I hope you guys enjoy Baralusts first take on our Halloween duo.

One might think that they are using their cum to extinguish the light from this Jack-O. The truth is, this is a life giving ritual that only the 2 innocent spirits of Halloween can achieve, but once a year, when both are in an equal mood of enchantment and desire.  What purpose does it serve?  What life does it give?  That will have to be a tale for another day....

If you want to check out even more of Baralusts super hunky art, check out his tumblr here:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Super Smash Joey

Everyone I know seems to be sweet by Super Smash Bros fever. While I will admit I am very interested in playing it, I am gonna hold out for the graphically superior Wii U version over the 3DS version. If there was one person that pushed me almost to the point of breaking, checking my local Wal-Mart this Monday for a copy, it was Maduinshorn. Since last month, he has been sending me some fucking hot images of Joey and Little Mac of Punch Out Fame. Mac is a new contender to Smash Bros. (Can we say about fucking time Nintendo? Almost 20 years too late.) Anyway it's never to late to star enjoying a hot character like Mac, one that has benefited considerably from Maduinshorns bara touch. Before Mac got a chance to enter the Smash Bros arena, Madusinhorn had him go up against Joey and a bevy of cocks on his own site!  Joey fills Macs ass with everything from toes to tail in these awesome sketched out images!!! Enjoy!

As I said, Smash Bros fever really hit Maduinshorn. He has been drawing many images from the game.  These include some of Nintendos buff racer Captain Falcon of F-Zero Fame!  Here he takes all of a huge dildo in stride and full of pride!

Want more Falcon and Mac by Maduinshorn?  Here they are in a massive Orgy.  They are no where near the point of getting smashed out of that bed though!  Smash Bros Ory
In this image, after being knocked down, he's got the whole roster of Punch Out forcing their cocks on him!

Since we are now in full swing of the Halloween season, I couldn't help, but share this spectacular image of Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil Series.  Between this and Patrick Fillions randition of the character from early this year, I am dying to play part 5 again.  (Just to spend more time with Chris! Hee hee.) Love that uncut cock!  It's swinging in to greet you. The skin peeled back just enough so that the moist pink cyclopes can say hello.  No one could resist putting their mouth over that friendly dick and Chris looks like he knows it!  You can see his post, which includes the sketch here:  Chris Redfield with a hard on.

Speaking of not being able to resist putting your mouth, here is Ryu enjoying Batsus tight fucking foreskin covered in thick, creamy cum.  Inspired by his playing Project X Zone, this image is done with far more passion then anything found within the game itself.  You can find it on his Tumblr here: Ryu Sucks Rival Schools

Keeping with the Capcom theme, here is a teaser of Maduinshorns image of Rash. The long forgotten (by Capcom) hero of Amored Warriors enjoys a little me time.  Why else is a sexy young hero out of work supposed to do with his time, except jerk himself unconscious? ;D

You can see the full image by clicking here:  Rash Jerks off by Maduinshorn.

I hope you guys have fun checking out his tumblr and enjoyed the new images!

While I am still in Smash bros mode, have you guys seen the super cute Nintendo and Star Wars cross over called Super Smash Wars?  They did all three original Star Wars movies using Nintendo characters and style to tell the story!  It's totally charming.  Uly showed me these a few days ago.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

JD in 2D and 3D!

Hey Guys, it's time for more Halloween images! These were gifts made for Guytoonists birthday last month. I'm very happy to say that he enjoyed them very much. It's a real treat to be able to share them with you today. Both images feature JD, the Jersey Devil Werewolf created by Guytoonist. JD has become something of a major Halloween mascot around here. You werewolf hunk fans, have a double treat tonight. First off Astasia666 has JD have a private Halloween party in the cool grass along side a pumpkin patch. A lone Jack-O-Lantern enjoys the Jersey Devils solo show. And a beautiful 3D image by Lenn. Through it we get to see JD in a form that looks ready to leap from the screen.

JD entered the pumpkin patch for a quiet Halloween night of song writing. He was ready to be inspired by the ambiance of the wild squash patch far away from prying eyes. Here he felt that for once, he could enjoy the holiday in peace.  He was suddenly filled with an unyielding desire to pleasure himself. As he did so, his usually moderately sized penis started to grow and gorw. It turned orange as it lengthened and thickened.  His body started to grow hair and muscled up. He looked up to see he was being bathed in the soft light of the moon. He was able to remove his shirt before the raging wolf spirit took total control of him. As soon as he had removed it, his cock pulsated with desire so passionately, he could think of nothing but jerking off. It was too late for his pants. He furiously worked his cock as his legs muscles up, ripping them to shreds. Over the next hour JD jerked off time and again, never losing an ounce of steam.

He had covered half the pumpkins in the patch with a white frosting. They glistened in the moonlight.  All of them that is, but a single super happy Jack-O-Lantern. He wasn't sure who had made it, or how the little pumpkin was able to blush. He stood up, smiled and watched as a foreskin grew over his cock head. His transformation complete, He put his shirt on, laughing as it ripped apart with each flex of his manly chest.  He then jumped off into the woods, ready for a wild Halloween night.


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