Sunday, October 26, 2014

Centaur and Faun Frot By Yelmo

Taking a break from Halloween themed art today, to bring you a warm summery picture by Yelmo.  Holoecene Toros is used to the tundra and snow covered plains.  When he found himself in a strange, lush green forest, he couldn't help but lay down in the soft grass.  Warmed by the sun, he quickly dozed off.  He woke up the feeling of something very large rubbing against his dick.  It was the uncut dick of a very handsome centaur!  The masculine Centaur Equinnus had been been overcome by the sight of this prehistoric sleeping beauty.  He had just intended to gaze upon him for a bit, but as he took in the beautiful satyr, his passions flared.  His giant dick quickly became hard.  He found his breath quickening at the through of rubbing his dick against this creatures as it slept.  Ever so slowly he lowered his cock to gently rub against the satyrs uncut boner. 

It wasn't long before Holocene was awoken by this.  Equinnus welcomed him to his forest and the two exchanged names.  Equinnus was not sure if he should continue and stopped what he was doing for a second.  Holocene grabbed the centaurs massive horse cock and placed it right back against his own shaft, insisting he not stop.  He had never seen a centaur before and was in total awe of the creatures majesty.  The centaurs cock was so smooth and soft.  He loved grabbing at the leathery foreskin and pushing it all the way over the head and then pushing it all the way back. It was much thicker and tougher then his was, but like the shaft it was very soft to the touch. The size was immense.  His hand just barely fully grasped the full width.  As much as he enjoyed playing with that dick, Holocene soon let Equinnus do most of the work.  He just lay there, as Equinnus jerked and tugged on both their shafts. The feeling of their moist heads rubbing, sticking and dripping precum all over each other was quickly bringing both men to a powerful orgasm.  They came simultaneously. Equinnus threw back his head and let out a sound that was both a moan and horses whinny.  Holocene just stared up at him, enthralled at his beauty.  As he felt the warm torrents of cum hitting his chest, he gasped.  The site of his new lover and the feel of all that love juice caused his own dick to involuntarily cum.  Holecene got up and kissed the centaur more passionately then he had ever kissed another in his life. The centaur beckoned him to sit on his back.  He took him to a near by stream where the two washed and embraced for hours in the warm sun.

1 comment:

  1. You two make such a great team xDDD
    Yelmo told me he was working on something for you but i didnt expect something involving such different creatures
    Love the sexy backstory



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