Saturday, October 18, 2014

White Warrior: Male Video Game Characters Objectified

Recently an image of  white warrior in a straw hat started to make his rounds around various social media sites.  The image was accompanied by the caption "What if male video game characters were dressed like female characters?"  As you can see the warrior has very tight fitting clothes around his chest.   His abs down to about where his knees are is almost totally exposed.  His dick instead of being hidden behind a loincloth, or tucked away in a speedo, is wrapped up like a mummy.  (leaving nothing to the imagination.)  I guess someone was feeling much the same way I was when I played Code of Princess for the 3DS.  While there are many sexy male characters out there especially from the 16 and 32 bit age, some that have even had their junk exposed, there certainly are a lot more sexy girls around in games then men these days. (Or so it would seem.)  You never see men getting the same treatment as woman get.  It really would be nice to see some characters appear like W'Dafak here. (As Adonix calls him!)  Adonix really liked the character, so much that he drew him in three outstanding styles, from bara to chibi RPG sprite!  I just had to share it with you guys.  Adonix brings out a ton of the characters potential.  Maybe one day this character, or someone like him will find his way into a hyper sexual game!



  1. wow, what a hot design! I like it! He needs his own story!

  2. wish male characters dressed even half this good!



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