Friday, October 31, 2014

Belvadar's Flying Broom Accident!

Happy Halloween mortals!!! Welcome to the first of two Halloween night posts!  First off I have something extraordinarily exquisite.  A Halloween treat created by none other then Devilman! Belvadar and Jasper are taking a forbidden joy ride on some flying brooms they 'borrowed.'  Why?  Well to get from town to town easier, in their quest to get as much candy as possible, or course.  (Though I am pretty sure Jasper only has Belvadars ass candy on his mind!)  Absent minded Jasper doesn't notice when Belvadar stops suddenly in front of him.  Jasper tries to stop, but it's too late and his broom goes "whap" right up Belvadars ass.  Though shocked, Belvadar takes it in stride.  He's had harder and bigger then that shoved up his ass on previous Halloween nights.  Though his smile tries it's best to dismiss the impact, the instant boner he got from the insertion says something different.  Maybe, just maybe Belvadar might be warming up to Jasper.

A huge thank you and giant hug to Devilman for taking the time to create such a vibrant and enigmatic image based on the silly little idea I pitched him.  The colors are just so vibrant, don't you think? 
Time for me to go back to the Trick, or Treaters...The door bell is ringing.  Maybe it's a sexy Chris Redfield at the door?  LOL Check out the Resident Evil knock off that Urbanmusiq found in a dollar stores Halloween section! 

 Okay boys, time to go back to tricking!!! Come back later, for me DEAD OF THE NIGHT POST!!!

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  1. And thanks to you too for be my fist client ;3; I am glad i didnt miss any details since this last few days has been soo busy and crazy xD

    I am pretty sure we have those Chris fake pistols around here too xDDD i even saw once a Ryu fake toy packed with some cheap wrestler figurines xDDD



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