Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dead Of The Night Post: Halloween Glory Hole

For my final post this Halloween night, we once again find Belvadar the bad boy bat finding his way into another problematic situation.  This time it is thanks to Prince of Hearts who has created a piece that sets the tone perfectly for the dead of Halloween night!    It's late, only an hour before dawn.  After a long night of Trick, or Treating (Long past any decent curfew,) Bel feels nature calling.  While walking through an ill lit park, he finds a spooky looking public washroom, that looks to be abandoned.  There's no light inside, save for the flicker of a lone Jack-O-Lantern.  After he releases a hot stream of piss into a dingy old urinal, he looks to his right to find a cob web covered glory hole.  He hears the rustling of someone on the other side and decides to brave it.
"Someone must have been waiting here all night in hopes of a hot dick to suck." He thinks to himself.
Belvadar can't wait to surprise the person on the other side with his glorious, big, black cock.   He thinks how glorious a prize that would be for the person on the other side.  His ego belays his caution as he starts getting hard at the thought of showing off.  He sticks his thick cock through the cob webs without a second thought about the dangerous of doing so.  Unfortunately for him, his warm member is about to be met with two very cold blue hands, from Jasper Ghost!  From the second Jaspers cold dead hands make contact with the side of Bels cock, rubbing the fat shaft and head vigorously, a cold chill runs down the bat boys spine.  Despite this oddly familiar sensation, he decides to take it like a man and continue this venture.
 Belvadar whispers "Oh!  Your hands are cold.  Have you been waiting all night in here?"
Jasper thinks to himself, "Been waiting all year and one night."
Jasper, overly excited about the prospect of finally being able to blow Belvadar off, loses his concentration.  He fumbles and his hands go right through Belvdars cock sending shock waves of cold through his dick, right through his entire body.  Even though Belvadar instantly realizes what is going on, he couldn't help but let out a huge scream.  The yell nearly the roof jump off the restroom!  Belvadar races out of the dark and dingy bathroom of horror and back out into the night.  He doesn't stop running till he is out of the park.  Jasper sits in the bathroom stall alone, contemplating what he has done.  If only he had been honest and shown himself, maybe things would have gone a bit differently.  "The night isn't over yet!"  He thinks to himself as he gets up and continues his pursuit of Belvadar.....



  1. Love Prince artwork, is always soo clean and elegant.
    The adventures of this two get more kinky xDDD

  2. Really cool concept, hehe! Now that's a nice treat!



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