Saturday, March 31, 2012

Disney's John Carter Shows Off His Sword By Yelmo and Aneros

As promised here are the other images of Disney's John Carter nude! Thanks to everyone who filled out the poll. Looks like there was a lot of people that not only enjoyed the movie, but wanted to see artists draw Taylor with his cock exposed in his John Carter outfit. So tonight, here's a continuation of that little wish coming true. For those that answered that they didn't know who John Carter was, well, ha, ha, ha. Explore this blog a bit. Hitting the labels at the bottom of the blog posts might help too. ;D
I asked Aneros at the same time as Fallen and he had this done some time ago. I would have had this up sooner, but I have had a busy week. XD It really wasn't planned to post these at the same time, I decided to do so. One reason was because Aneroes did an uncircumcised version and Yelmo did a circumcised one. I think that's a pretty nice variation to present at once. As always the boys brought their A game to the table and produced some amazing works. Both are very sexy, DUH! Ah, to live on Mars. I envy Dejah when I see the cocks these guys drew! :P

"Hey Thark, this is the Sword of choice for this warlord."

Mmmm that foreskin is yummy like thick, creamy mozzarella cheese on a big hot dog. (Sorry I had pizza and hot sausages for lunch and I can't get the meal out of my mind. Mmmmmmmmmm pizza.) I dig the arch of that cock. You can just imagine it's weight in your hands. Aneros did a sweet job on Carters big masculine chest and long flowing hair. Love those broad shoulders.
For his take we thought it would be funny for John to be pointing out his 'sword' of choice to a young Thark. I really like his take on the Thark too. He's pretty gruesome, but has a wonderful body. I wonder what that cock would look and feel like? :P He did great job aligning his double chests. Sometimes you see some strange body shapes for a Thark, but this leads to something really sexy.

Yelmo had just seen the movie and was really wanting to draw John Carter from the flim. He did a really beautiful job capturing the beauty and majesty of both John and Barsoom. Love the dust storm and the double moons of Mars. His John has a perfectly handsome face, with his hair softly resting against it. If he addresses his me with that cock standing perfectly to attention, John will have his entire legion begging to sit on his lap. Dejah will think she's in bed with a green martain when she feels that huge pole enter her! XD

Thanks guys for the wonderful images. It was a so exciting to watch these come to life. :)

While looking for refs of Taylor Kitsch for the boys, I came across this little ditty. Looks like Taylor did pose nude at one point. Not really surprising, honestly. It doesn't show his wang dang doodle, but it gives me hope that there might be actual frontal shots out there somewhere. ;P

Well this will probably be the last week John Carter will be in the box office top ten. It didn't exactly lite the North American market on fire, but at least it's not the biggest bomb of all time either. If you haven't seen it, your chances to do so on the big screen will soon become slimmer and slimmer.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Class Comics Wedding: Sexy Ceremony

As promised here is part 2 of the wedding gifts. First off we have Maduinshorns magical gift. I remember very well, the day we talked about the idea. I drew up something and just kept mentioning character after character to be in the shot along with his own take on Patrick and Fraser. I asked who he thought should be added from my list and Maduinshorn to my shock and delight said "everyone!" As a result this image turned out to be his largest piece of work to date, with 6 characters and a full background. An extraordinary task to take on in the small frame of time he had. He only had maybe about a week and a half, but he set hard at work and had it lined and flat colored 2 days before the wedding.

And now join us as the Men of Class Comics and our own Dimata are about to unleash their cumfetti of the newlyweds!

The picture turned out to be a total triumph as we were told by Patrick that looking at it made him feel like his boys, as well as ourselves were present for the wedding ceremony. ^o^ He could not have chosen nicer words to say. Every single man is super hot. Mario is the master of Bara and it shows so well here in every muscle. Really love Zahn and Dimata here. It's great to see him in comparison to the other men. Cadet is just so nice and HUGE. For once I'm talking about his fantastic chest and torso and not his cock! (Though that's awesome too, with the addition of a circumcision scar.) There's lots of little fun details here. I like how Cadet is momentarily sneaking a glance at Zahn. hee hee.
I was pretty shocked at the level of detail in the background. I think I suggested the bells and a silky bed, but Maduinshorn put in so much more. He added a holly light and filled the room, or cave with the same pure white on the sheets as well. The ones that cascade from the ceiling almost look like tree trunks the way they line up with the leaves. It gives the image a very pure, blessed look. Something I think is needed to be reinforced in an image of gay marriage.

Caravaggias image was a different story, as we were only dealing with two characters and a very large wedding cake. So we could really play around with this one. I wanted to bring back the version of Cadet in his Chef outfit from the Game & Watch tribute we started the year with. He's wiping up a super duper cake complete with cock confectionery and plastic Patrick and Fraser!

This one was really fun to draw up ideas for and watch Caravaggia go to town on. Positioning Cam took some thought. At one point during my early sketching before sending the concept to Caravaggia, Diablo was in the shot scolding Cam, while another sketch had Cam hiding under the table using his tail to steal icing. Caravaggia had the great idea of having Cadet apply icing the Class Comics way, like a cum shot! This comes naturally to these guys at this point. Cadet has great aim and can control applying it in this fashion. He has a lot of experience. XD I thought both characters turned out really great. I love the look of pure childlike joy on Cadets happy face. He kinda glows with delight. Cam turned out awesome as well. It was really exciting to see Caravaggia take on the circumcised, hairy new version of Cam for the first time. She does him very well. Cam is just a naughty cat here. Sure he's looking happy now, but he's gonna get a broom on his head if he's not careful! (Or at least drenched in icing sugar.) I am sure Patrick and Farser would love to lick all the stickiness off both these men once they were done!

The fun thing about both these images was that Patrick and Fraser used the artists renderings of themselves as profile and avatar images on Facebook. As well they wrote some very heartfelt things about each image on the site as well, which was so very sweet,.

Caravaggia had more time on her hands then I thought she did, as while working on the cake image she was also drawing his little surprise up as well. She not only did Patrick and Fraser in her style, she took on 7, yes 7 other characters as well. Amazing! Each one is so very cute and memorable, from the tanned Ghost Boy, to the Rock on Deimos, overwhelmed Felicia, to Zahn who looks like he might be a bit worried he might have missed something as he grabbed a mug of Beer to celebrate. Chug! Chug! Chug!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Class Comics Wedding Celebration: Getting Ready

On March 16th Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser the main men behind Class Comics tied the knot. I got several artist on top of the task of wishes your dear friends all the best. I am going to present the images in two blog posts.
The first image is by Sirio. For our project we choose Cam and Locus. I think that with Cam being their oldest character, being around since childhood, he was a good choice to show purposing to his long time boyfriend Locus. Sirio did a really classy job on the card. I love the outline!
She took on the new Cam with ease. Made him really hairy. Both men have some serious booty both in the front and back. XD Locus is flaccid and almost past his knees! The boytoons shine; literally thanks to Sirio. I love to commission Sirio for these two guys, cause she always e-mails me about how much she loves drawing Locus and Cam during the process. No refs needed. Ha! Something I thought was touching was how Sirio drew a very modest diamond on the ring. I always felt that while Cam and Locus are not poor in anyway, they do struggle to survive. So instead of a giant rock, I thought this was more fitting and touching in reflection of that fact.

Speaking the romance between Camili-Cat and Locus, Class Comics released a few shots from Cam's new comic. One of the great things about the images released is that we finally get to see what a Tolarians cock looks like. Hmmm It kinda reminds me of a blueberry candy cane, matching the nipples. Yummy! :P The book won't be out till the fall. How are we gonna make it till then? XD

FallenAngel was in charge of arranging a stag party for Patrick and Fraser. I think the entertainment we thought up might be a bit too extreme. Even the kings of gay comics would hesitate to take on the king of the centaurs might dick. :P

It was fun to watch Fallen once again draw Strider. His chibi Patrick is really cute, especially with that official shirt. :P I think the last time Fallen drew Strider was in Christmas 2010. We had a lot and I mean A LOT of ideas for Strider in the wedding setting. Sadly time was not on our side. Maybe we will explore some of those in the future.

Thanks again guys for helping get this party started.
Part 2 will be posted tonight!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sexy Rex by the Celestial Sea By Leon De Leon and Caravaggia

Hey guys and girls...sorry for the long absence. This week has been terribly busy for me. I'm straing to get back into focus, despite a severe ear infection. (So if this blog post is a little wonky I apologize in advance.) To start I have this simply gorgeous sketch of Rex drenched in a yummy ice cream green by Caravaggia. This Rex has his Shamrock Shake on! :P

Out of the four sketches that Leon did and Caravaggia colored, I would be very hard pressed to pick a favorite. Rex is a tough one to beat I must say. He has such a perfect figure. Carvaggia uses that firelight so well to lilluminate very inch of his beautiful body. Urbanmusiq provides an epic torso topped with a fuzzy chest. I really enjoy the shape of his big thick cock. That shaft has some impressive girth to it and those balls could hardly fit in the palms of my hands. Caravaggia certainly gives him a very creamy look all joking aside. It's a perfect skin tone for Rex and the light pink colour of his cock head fits so perfectly with the skin tone. Artist have experimented a lot with him, bringing so many fantastic renditions. I think we may just have found his final color scheme here. Yesterday I dreamed I was on that beach. You know a picture is good when you dream of the beach in the background. Sadly Rex was no where to be found. SIGH!

I have to bring this to everyones attention. You guys know I am a sucker for Medusa and when Leon first told me he was gonna be drawing a take on Hercules and the gorgon, I was extremely excited. I got sneak peek about a month ago. He had drawn this for an Artboy exhibit along with 2 other fantastic images. This one is my personal favorite and I had to share it here.
Leons Spartan outfit of Hercules is very light in nature...I hope it's not cold in that temple of Medusa. His Hercules really fills out those leather undies well doesn't he? You can check out his full gallery, including the other two images he did for the exhibit below. I am not sure if they are still for sale, or not.

He also took the time to color a Greek Warrior Sketch for David Kawena recently. Hope David likes it. :)

And finally speaking of Medusa, yes I did pre-order Kid Icarus Uprising through Amazon so I could get the original NES game in 3D. Looks like that was a smart choice because I still don't see a release date for it in the e-shop.

Sadly Kid Icarus is the Japanese version, so I there is some missing content. None of the codes will work for starters. The game uses a save file system like it did in Japan. I am sorry to report that once you beat it, you can't reply it with all your power arrows and life bars intact. You have to start from scratch again and that SUCKS. They did at least add in elements from the North American ending. The music is taken from the Famicom Disk system version as well. I never thought it was better, just different. Would have been nice if they could have given the option to play the game with either soundtrack. Doesn't seem like that is something that should be difficult in 2012. It's just another case of Nintendos My way, or the highway policy with their games. They sure love to say fuck you to their fans don't they? The game is also a lot easier. Well, either that or I am getting better. By Level 2-2 I was completely powered up to the max. They also took about 20 mins to make the graphics look nicer. They added in some backgrounds that range from cheap and generic to somewhat decent and fitting. Nothing really feels too inspired by the original game, save for maybe the last couple of worlds. Their inclusion is at least welcome and added a bit of excitement to the game. The graphics seem to have been tweaked and given a few more tones as well. Still, the screen is shrunk on the top screen with no option to expand it. BAH...

I don't remember ever leveling up this fast before, but who knows? I might have. The setting sun was a nice touch. Reminds me of Rygar a bit.

Symphonic Sunday

Before I get to the real meat and potatoes posts of the day, here's some inspiring music I found on Youtube the other day. Each one is of a symphony doing a the music from a different classic game, both old and new alike.

Give this one a chance it gets really nice. It's like you can imagine Lisa Simpson jamming to it at one point. XD

I think Super Mario Galaxy has my favorite Nintendo soundtrack for a game since the SNES days. This music is so great. You can feel the wind in your hair as you dash from tiny planet to tiny planet in the Gusty Garden, see the wonder of the Battlerock and feel the sorrow or Rosalina every time....sigh.

LOL this one was the best. XD

Now to get back to blogging some hot stuff...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Taylor Kitsch Nude as John Carter Anime Style!

I find myself warming up to Taylor Kitsch as John Carter more and more. True Carter should have black hair and clean shaven, but what can you do? Besides, I have had a huge crush on this guy since I saw him play Gambit a few years back. (A very unfortunately underused character I thought.) He was nice eye candy in The Convenient too. So I got around to asking a couple artists to take him on as John Carter in their own style. FallenAngel was the first to complete an image of Disney's John Carter exposed. Hope you guys find him sexy! ^_^

John looks really fantastic in his anime style. :D Mr. serious doesn't realize his cock his hanging out. Wardrobe malfunction on Mars. He shaved him up and let us see what he would look like after being exposed him to the Martian sun. You know, he looks great with that tan. Fallens tan toning really brings out his chest and rock hard abs. He's always out running around in the desert areas of Mars, so I have to wonder why Taylor is so pale in the movie? I don't know if Taylor Kitsch is cut, or uncut, so for the first image FallenAngel drew him with a cut cock.

When I see early images of Taylor like this, I get to wondering how many nude shots there are of him that are still to be exposed online. I can dream can't I? ;D

Speaking of John Carter news around the web is spreading that Disney is recognizing Woolas popularity. He is being dubbed the companies newest breakaway star. So they released a bio for the creature.

I realize it's not as accurate to the books description of him as it could be, but it's still better then their first attempt......

Conan The Barbarian XXX Porn Paordy Review

This is gonna be a quick review. I discovered this last night just before going to bed and had to get a copy of it. Yes, Hustler made Conan the Barbarian into a porno movie. Whether this came to be due to them banking on last summers Conan being a hit, or just the fact that they've pretty much parodied everything else, I have no idea. I do think that while it feels like this movie is about 25 years too late, it is still alluring enough to get many a Conan fan interest I am sure. I think a vast majority of people have wanted to see Conan in action for that long, so does this movie deliver? hmmmm...

It's in 3D no less. WHY? XD

I really don't get porn producers. The focus should be on Conan, but how does the movie start? With a slave woman being thrown into Conans cell for him to mate with her. What does he do? He swings his sword around off camera and ignores her frantic masturbating. I guess Conan really is gay. This goes on for 15 whole frustratingly boring minuets. What a wasted opportunity to have Conan be turned on, jerking off in the corner watching. Then coming in and finally being so hot he sprays everywhere quickly, then fucks her good and hard after losing his first load. But no...he just comes over and puts an animal hide over her to keep her worm. BORING.

The main problem I have with this movie is beside it being a parody and not taking itself seriously, the cast is filled with just the same old male performers we've all seen a million times before. Conan is played by Lee Stone. Lee started acting back in 1999 and has since been in close to 2000 films. You would be hard pressed to rent a movie without him being in it. His side kick, Tommy Gunn has almost the same record behind his belt, but he started in 2004. So right away, most fans are going to know what they are getting between the legs with both men. We know that Tommy is cut and Lee is uncut, though he hardly has any foreskin to speak of. He could easily pass himself off as cut. Yawn...

Tommy Gunn and Lee Stone star.

Whoa! Conan is built like a box. @__@ Yikes...
Here he is, Lee Stone as naked Conan. His cock in the usual position, foreskin all the way back and made as invisible as possible, hanging long and loose. Lee's dick doesn't exactly stand to attention very well. He's got the big look, but does he have the charm?

Boy does he look dazed and confused. Hey Hustler, Conan doesn't have a giant tribal tattoo okay? Yesh..

He's big, I'll give him that.

Stop sucking and down I go. Someone get Conan some Viagra, huh? Not exactly the lustful barbarian lover of my fantasies.

Lee is not as shapely as I would have liked, but he does have bulk. I'll give him that.

Conan cums! His cock looks like a Pogo Corn Dog. :P

Later they meet up with this blond chick. For some reason Conan calls his dick a pussy while he gets sucked off by her. I haven't the patience to sit through this thing and figure out why. Oh and his Aronald accent is on again off again. He turns it off during the sex mostly. Terrible.

Here's a particularly badly shot scene. She's actually jerking Conan off, but you can't see it. If you look closely you can see a bit of his dick head poking up above the wrist. I should try to get a better shot of this, but I think this illustrates my point well. I had to watch the scene twice to even notice what was going on. The focus should always be CONAN!

That's not Jason Momoa's juicy ass, that is FOR SURE.

Conan cums mightily on the blond barbarian chick.

You actually get to see Lee Stones foreskin for half a second here.
Now you see it....
Now you don't!
Production shots always make porn actors look better then they are, or do they?....

Slightly sagging man tits, massive bulk and hunched over, Lee Stone has seen better days.

Tommy's one scene is okay, I guess.

I thought maybe Conan would swing on over and join in, but no. There's no threesomes, or barbarian orgies. They don't fight over woman, or anything. It's just one miss opportunity after another.

His hair and body show slight signs of age, but he looks great for someone in their late 40s.

I could do without the gaudy tattoos myself.

And now the horror of horrors, Sean Michales plays the role of Thulsa Doom. He looks the part but.....

He's just not sexy in it.

Looks Sean was a great performer when he was young. There are old scenes of his that I still jerk off to. But the fact of the matter is, he was in one of the first porno movies I ever saw and it was already old when I saw it 20 years ago! I mean, are there no other hot black men in the industry that can play this role? Come on....

I guess they saved some time and money on finding new actors so they could afford better special effects. Not if that CGI arrow is any indication they didn't. Her hand goes right through it. Why do I hear Mr. Burns saying "We did 21 takes and THAT was the best one?"

To illustrate my point about the two main cast members, he's some shots of them when they were younger:

Lee Stone as Tarzan, now that would have been HOT!

Tommy Gunn started late in his 30s, but still really looked great. I remember when he first appeared it was revealed he had an Asian grandparent. You can't find anything about that now.

I guess how much you enjoy this film will be based on how familiar you are with the actors and if you are more interested in seeing the chicks over the dudes. I for one was pretty disappointed. With the huge supply of bodybuilders on sites around the globe, I think they could have hired some new and exciting young actors to play the roles. They should have had more warriors and way more sex as well. All in all, since these porn parody movies are never that great, I wasn't expecting much. For what it is, like last years theatrical movie, it's passable. I myself think it's time for gay studios to start picking up the slack and produce some porn based on Conan and 300!

Sorry Tommy, just like your relationship with his arrow, this movie is not a hit.


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