Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sexy Rex by the Celestial Sea By Leon De Leon and Caravaggia

Hey guys and girls...sorry for the long absence. This week has been terribly busy for me. I'm straing to get back into focus, despite a severe ear infection. (So if this blog post is a little wonky I apologize in advance.) To start I have this simply gorgeous sketch of Rex drenched in a yummy ice cream green by Caravaggia. This Rex has his Shamrock Shake on! :P

Out of the four sketches that Leon did and Caravaggia colored, I would be very hard pressed to pick a favorite. Rex is a tough one to beat I must say. He has such a perfect figure. Carvaggia uses that firelight so well to lilluminate very inch of his beautiful body. Urbanmusiq provides an epic torso topped with a fuzzy chest. I really enjoy the shape of his big thick cock. That shaft has some impressive girth to it and those balls could hardly fit in the palms of my hands. Caravaggia certainly gives him a very creamy look all joking aside. It's a perfect skin tone for Rex and the light pink colour of his cock head fits so perfectly with the skin tone. Artist have experimented a lot with him, bringing so many fantastic renditions. I think we may just have found his final color scheme here. Yesterday I dreamed I was on that beach. You know a picture is good when you dream of the beach in the background. Sadly Rex was no where to be found. SIGH!

I have to bring this to everyones attention. You guys know I am a sucker for Medusa and when Leon first told me he was gonna be drawing a take on Hercules and the gorgon, I was extremely excited. I got sneak peek about a month ago. He had drawn this for an Artboy exhibit along with 2 other fantastic images. This one is my personal favorite and I had to share it here.
Leons Spartan outfit of Hercules is very light in nature...I hope it's not cold in that temple of Medusa. His Hercules really fills out those leather undies well doesn't he? You can check out his full gallery, including the other two images he did for the exhibit below. I am not sure if they are still for sale, or not.

He also took the time to color a Greek Warrior Sketch for David Kawena recently. Hope David likes it. :)

And finally speaking of Medusa, yes I did pre-order Kid Icarus Uprising through Amazon so I could get the original NES game in 3D. Looks like that was a smart choice because I still don't see a release date for it in the e-shop.

Sadly Kid Icarus is the Japanese version, so I there is some missing content. None of the codes will work for starters. The game uses a save file system like it did in Japan. I am sorry to report that once you beat it, you can't reply it with all your power arrows and life bars intact. You have to start from scratch again and that SUCKS. They did at least add in elements from the North American ending. The music is taken from the Famicom Disk system version as well. I never thought it was better, just different. Would have been nice if they could have given the option to play the game with either soundtrack. Doesn't seem like that is something that should be difficult in 2012. It's just another case of Nintendos My way, or the highway policy with their games. They sure love to say fuck you to their fans don't they? The game is also a lot easier. Well, either that or I am getting better. By Level 2-2 I was completely powered up to the max. They also took about 20 mins to make the graphics look nicer. They added in some backgrounds that range from cheap and generic to somewhat decent and fitting. Nothing really feels too inspired by the original game, save for maybe the last couple of worlds. Their inclusion is at least welcome and added a bit of excitement to the game. The graphics seem to have been tweaked and given a few more tones as well. Still, the screen is shrunk on the top screen with no option to expand it. BAH...

I don't remember ever leveling up this fast before, but who knows? I might have. The setting sun was a nice touch. Reminds me of Rygar a bit.


  1. Caravaggia's Rex hot rocks and awesome droolie on Urb's rock hard hercules, would be seeing him "pouncing" medusa? :D

    1. We should ask him to do a follow up with Medusa eh? Hercs gonna get hard. :P



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