Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Class Comics Celebration 3: Zahns Crew goes in for Dildos and Dick Docking

So Zahns had something to eat. He's sucked the meat from the bone and now it's time to take care of his own boner! And who better to help him out then Maduinshorn? Once again Mario brings Zahn and Dimata to life with great passion. I love the way Zahn is firmly planting his feet on the ice as Dimata spreads him open like a turkey. We decided that Dimata is so excited and so big, he's just can't help but lick at his cock head. Lapping up all the precum goodness as he pushes that bone dildo deeper and deeper, all the time yearning to jerk off Zahns pulsating uncut cock. Pretty soon Dimata will be attempting to stick his own mighty trunk like dick up the barbarians love shoot. Of course, Zahn can take much more then this and is loving every second of it. :)

Mario always handles the characters so well. Dimata and Zahn both looks so big and mighty from top to bottom. Those titanic legs on the mammoth man are pretty awe inducing. Despite their mighty size, Maduinshorn makes it clear that these two welcome each advances. Zahns looks like he is reaching over to push that thing in further!
My favorite little touch on Dimata is the way his balls are hanging with one lower then the other. :P I can see Zahn turning around and cupping them in his strong hands. Like how Maduinshorn gave Zahn a bit of a tan. Hey, it's the end of summer, one should expect he would get a bit bronzed right? :P They looks so happy tucked away at the back of a splendidly decorated ice cave. Bravo Mario! Your men are so epic the love scene unfolds in my mind over and over. Another Maduinshorn masterpiece. :D

Next up Hydaria took on two of Zahns best men, Meezok and Selar partaking in a very sensual party game....

Selar Flies down towards Meezok when he sees the Red Priest. He can not resist temptation as he spies him on his back, stroking his huge circumcised rod. He clasps the young man gently, but firmly in his talons and positions his big pink dick head on top of Meezoks. "Mmmm.." Meekok loves the feeling he gets when the slightly cold moist uncut cock heads touches his.

Meezok smiles up at Selar and motions him to lower his hips so that they can frot. But instead Selar urges him to hold his cock steady in place, holding his arm with his talons. Selar then begins to push his foreskin down. He stretches the skin and begins to engulf Meezoks dripping head with his man-hood. Meezoks eyes light up and his mouth opens wide in delight as he feels a foreskin run down his dick for the first time. Up and down the tip Selar pushes it. He moves in closer and kisses Meezok deeply. Meezoks prayers or pleasure have been answered.

More and more they grind. Selars foreskin is pulled and stretched beyond anything he had ever attempted before. It now has moved all the way past the priests head. Meekok, who was already sensitive before the Harpy man had landed, was ready to burst. He calls out to his God Ajul as he offers his load of cum to him. "Ugh"...Selars teeth gleam as he grits them, capturing all the hot seamen into his man sack fells even better then he thought it would. He then beats his wings and lifts off, breaking the suctioning cocks with a load pop. The pleasure has brought him to his edge. He slaps the back of his rod again and again as he explodes a hot white torrent of Meezoks and his own harpy spluge all over his chest. So great and so multiple is the blast that loads rain down on Meezok as well. Meezok waves his hands in praise and then, grabbing the Harpy mans leg, draws him Earthward for round two. :)

What can I say? Both images today inspired me to come up with a little tale. This was super exciting, cause for the first time an artist known for his lovely foreskins partook of drawing a docking scene. I think this is Hydarias first Harpy as well! It was really hot and exciting to watch him do this. It was like seeing a hentai game scene be put together. The boys are both visions. The Harpys wings so soft and light, almost dream like. Selars facial features and hair match his comic counter part perfectly as does Meezok. Oh does Meezok look sexy with his glorious bald head and pillar worthy of worship! Selars dick head looks so inviting that you just want to stick your tongue under the skin and lick at it's moistness! Truly a cum inducing set of brilliance.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Class Comics Celebration: Zahn Enters The Party

Now it's time for Zahn to come out of the cold and start to Par-tay! :) I have three awesome images to share with you guys today. The first is a black and white image from Raul of the Rainbow Boys blog. His image beautifully depicts the Son of Winter standing in the cold twilight hours:

Zahn is adding a bit of white to the winter background. :D

What I love about this is how the world looks so dark around Zahn, but Zahn himself is emitting a glow, warming the world around him. It gives the image a very cozy secure feel. It reminds me of winter days where I live, where it seems to get so dark so fast. Zahn himself in the words of his creator, is very regal and stunning. His full lips, his puppy dog eyes and his long flowing hair had me lost in a fantasy! Making this very hard to type! LOL. The addition of chest hair fits the character perfectly. It gives him a much appreciated touch o' the wild side. Don't get me started on the perfectly curvy body...I will have to write all day. :D Thanks so much Raul!

FallenAngel made sure Zhan put on the Ritz as he enters the party! We gave him a top hat and cane and had a little fun with his bow tie. ^_^ This is the second time I think Fallen has drawn Zahn. There is a lot of differences between how he tackled the character 2 years ago. His original image showed a slightly younger Zahn. For this version he has beefed him up a bit and colored him in his wonderful toning style. It's very hot how his chest has the extra indent across it, cause he is so ripped! Sizzling!!!! A wonderfully festive image that would make an sweet little greeting card. ^_^

Zahn has a barbarian body and an appetite to match thanks to Karulox. Only in the world of Class Comics and the mind of Karulox could there be a Glory Hole Buffet! LOL! (I'm pretty sure that's Karulox sneaking a peek there!!!) I don't know where he came up with the carrot dick, but it had to stay in the sketch when I saw it doodled. XD I really gotta say thanks again to Karu for getting this done just in time. He wanted to do something for so long and despite having so his Laptop stolen and entering a major contest, he still insisted on getting this done. And dang did he squeeze out one hell of a picture. :D Zahn is look FINE. MMMM, put him on a plate for me! Love his very detailed hair. All those long almost wet looking spikes are really hot. He might be winter born, but the gaze from those steely eyes melted me! That cock with it's wrinkled up foreskin looks finger licking good! He even added his own touch to the character by having his toes ripping out of the tip of his boot. Too cool!

There's More Zahn to come tomorrow!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Class Comics Celebration Post 1: Keen on Green!

Okay so the title is a bit lame...but the content of this post certainly isn't! As you might already know, it was Patrick Fillions birthday last Friday. The artists and I have been working since July on various images to present to him on that very special day. :) It's been quiet around here this August compared to other months, but now it's time to throw open the doors, crank the sound and start the party! For the next few days I will be presenting image, after image of amazing Class Comics character fan art. I promise it's gonna be one heck of an adventure!

The first image was done by Sirio. Sirio and I love Jotaro and good gravy can Sirio mimic the style of the manga perfectly, or what? Just have a look at her take on Jotaro. He's really perfect! From the style of the lines, to the shading, you would think he fell right off the pages of the manga. And Sirio's Locus is just super hot too! I love how big and thick bodied Sirio made Locus. He's really beefy looking. Jotaro is really giving him the business, pulling and twirling the pretty boys foreskin around. Of course, despite the precious lip bite, you know Locus doesn't mind. Especially not with Jotaro sporting such a rock hard boner! :P Sirio is a big fan of both these wonderful heroes and I think was having way too much fun with this image! LOL. Sirio wrote some cute dialog for Jotaro too!^_^ The background fits so well as a greeting card!. Love the purple bubbles. I can so see them making a Jotaro card in this style back in the late 90s. This is steamy stuff!!!!

This second image was done back in July by Ad140. I had to get Andy to do something for Patricks birthday, knowing how nice it is to get a birthday greeting from the famous artist myself. :D I decided to pick an old classic pairing for this one. Cam in his 70s style skater outfit and a mutual favorite; good old Rikuo from Darkstalkers. It's been so long since I commissioned an image of him. It was really exciting to see Ad140 take both him and Cam on. Ad1d0 was great to commission. He was always online with fun updates! I got to see it step, by beautiful step from concept sketch to final. Making it a very memorable commission. The image turned out to be super cute. Rikuos shocked expression is priceless. Dang those frill on Rikuo are epic. Cam with his gleaming green eyes, muscular arms and sexy legs is a total heart breaker. The beautiful background is perfect for the end of summer. Who wouldn't want to take a stroll down the boardwalk with these two studs? XD

This is the image where Cams outfit originated from. It's pretty hard to find these days and was only used once, but frig, it's so sexy that it left a permanent impression on me!!!! XD

And finally today we have something I drew in the spirit of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons and comic strips of the 30s. I hope you guys like it. It's the first time I ever tried to seriously draw and color Locus. I really enjoyed drawing this, especially his long cock head and eyes. XD After drawing this I started working on the images I presented a couple days ago.

Tomorrow more works with a focus on the Son of Winter himself, Zahn! :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Magic Sword Thief Attacked!!!

As promised here is the third in the delightful Thief series by FallenAngel! Looks like he tried to sucker the Ninja out of some money and wound up getting what's coming to him. (Probably in more ways then one!) Fallen did a really great job on this cute set. He looks like his blood is pumping with anticipation based on the wonderful toning on his skin. The expression on the Thief and this pose just begs for a sequel. We shall see. We haven't' touched on the Ninja yet. He's certainly the oddball of the group, isn't he? Thanks Fallen!

Behind The Scenes of Marshall Copelands Comic

I released a few of these on Facebook, so I figured I might as well give a sneak peek to you bloggers as well. It's not much, but these are some of the character designs and sketches for the first Marshall Copeland comic. I wrote up the basics for the comic in April, starting with the image of Marshall exploring the tomb below. At this point I am not sure if the comic will be sexual, or just humorous. Marshalls love interest was originally a Pharaoh girl, also pictured below. I aged her and Marshall a lot to keep my designs closer to the adult images the artist will draw for the comic. If the comic is sexual, it will not be straight and Marshalls relationship with the princess of Egypt will have to change slightly. Please note that these are just basic designs and that nothing has been done yet by a professional artist at this point.

I changed Marshalls shirts design and length to show off a bit more flesh.

Marshalls other best friend besides Crescent Tops is this Mummy, who lives in the Egyptian exhibits world. Originally as noted she was as little girl. She had two broken legs that were entirely in bandages. I kept the bandages for he redesign, but chaged her hair, opting to cover it with a hat instead.
Her elongated eyelashes are meant to be exaggerations of Egyptian eye paint.
This is her classic Black Body design.

I think most people I showed her too preferred her flesh tone design.

Conan The Barbarian Weekend 2011

So I went to see Conan The Barbarian on Thursday. I went in expecting the worst, but found it to be decent film. I really enjoyed it. I will admit I had to look away during a couple of the more gruesome acts of violence. That's just me. It's over the top, filled with frays, adventure and even has a decent little plot. To my surprised, the film included some very welcome male nudity. I have to say, I found seeing Conans bottom for a few seconds to be more tantalizing then anything I have seen coming out of say Corbin Fisher as of late. On the negative side, I am still not a huge fan of jerky camera action and I felt they really skimped in the creatures department. (There is a boat carried by elephants that don't get shown till long after it's introduction in the film and even then only briefly.) All in all it was one of the more pleasant surprises of the summer. At least for me anyway.
On the way out of the theater, my buddy asked for the poster for me. :P I hope I can find it at Fan Expo tomorrow. I really don't care for the Conan standing on skulls one that Trends sells in department stores.

Another poster I hope to pick up.

After watching the film we headed to Wal-Mart. That's where I found this DVD collection of Conan The Adventurer. I expected this to get a release to cash in on the films popularity. At the same time it's also what I expected in content. The DVD costs $14.99 and only contains 13 episodes of the 64 produced. Shout Factory expects to release a second volume of 13 episodes in Nov. OH JOY. With that kind of release schedule we can expect to wait about a year and a half for the entire series to be released. Horrible isn't it? Conans DVD release hasn't been given the Dungeons & Dragons, or new He-Man treatment either. These sets are not exactly worth 'shouting' over from an extras and design stand point. Still it's nice to see Conan finally getting some sort of slow, sluggish, overpriced DVD release in the cartoons home country after 19 years.

I would have preferred this box art from the European release.

OH Jason you are yummy! I wonder if you are cut, or uncut? XD

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Magic Sword Thief!

As promised here is more of the Thief from Magic Sword by FallenAngel. He's just hanging out, waiting for the Brave One to come along and request his assistance. I decided to request him being cut, due to his possible heritage. Fallen made him much cuter, by making his clothes extra baggy and shortening him slightly, compared to the Clamp like art of him in his official profile. The soft background helps gives this image an official profile feel. Awesome work Fallen! More to come.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FallenAngels New Blog Explores Philippines Demons

FallenAngel has started a new blog called Freelancers. In it he shows off much of his early works that he did with writer and friend Wavehawk. He started off by showing the manga he created way back in 1997. So far he has shown bits of their two story manga called Gakusei Senshi, along with recent stories and short gag strips featuring the characters from the series.

FallenAngel has been expanding on his past works even more by taking his old college thesis and illustrating parts of it in an exciting post that highlights many of the mythological monsters of his homeland. Click the link below to check it out. Wait till you meet the created called a Baitbat. It's truly horrifying.

The Tulung is just one of many creatures explored in the post. Take a good look at the shadows surrounding it's groin.....

Mickey Mouse Makes Gigolo Joke And Beats a Gay Man?

I love reading those old Mickey Mouse Comic strips. The people who made Epic Mickey claimed to be trying to bring back his mischievous side and that side is really strong in these strips. (They should have researched these strips for a whole plethora of long lost characters, but that's a topic for another post, on another blog.) Back in May of 1931, Mickey Mouse was working blue. Here's a joke about Gigolos!

Yes Mickeys definition of the word is correct. At least it is on some slang sites. I noticed that Wikipedia now lists the word spelled with a G as also meaning a male prostitute.

Mickey Beats a gay man?

The message this daily strip from Micky Vs Kat Nipp gives is slightly confusing. Here, after spending days trying to find out what Kat Nipp looks like, Mickey is frightened by a large cat that comes out of the house. (Thinking he is Kat Nipp.) After finding out the character is not Kat Nipp, but (for lack of a better word) a fairy, he kicks him in the ass. I have to wonder if he did this as a result of him being a cat, that he scared Mickey, because he's gay, or a little of all three? The character never appears again. Maybe this was a joke that's basis has been all but lost in time. It's rare to see Mickey beat anyone without just cause, so the strip is a bit of an anomaly.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lil' Deep Redesign Portrait by Guytoonist

I went onto Facebook to find a very nice surprise a couple hours ago. Guytoonist decided to do a speed painting of Lil'Deep! I certainly wouldn't call it a speed painting, as I see a lot of attention to detail. He gave the character a couple new neat touches. He boasts a sharp looking nose that makes him slightly more aquatic looking and his gills were placed along his neck instead of on his cheeks. Neat! :D The portrait is really sexy and has a bit of wonder to it too. Reminds me of something you would find in a mysteries of the unknown style of book. If only there were sexy sharks listed in those old books! Time Life would have gotten money out of me. (Had I had any money and Guytoonist was old enough to work in the 80s...XD)
Way to make my day Guytoonist! You rock!!! He's gorgeous!

Magical Sword Thief Steals The Spotlight

After seeing FallenAngel do a take on the player 2 'Brave One' Character from Magical sword I decided to resurrect an old desire of mine by asking him to draw the thief character. The official art of him is pretty hot, so I thought it's time he got some porny action going on. :P I had to ask Fallen to include both Brave Ones after seeing how hot they were previous. I even gave the Lizardman a purpose. He's not interested in sex, he just wants to get this mission DONE. XD Love the toning style in the image. The boys are all looking really well colored. That uncut cock makes my mouth water. The Thief is set to return for at least one more image by FallenAngel this week! Stayed tunned. Awesome work Fallen! :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

Prehistoric Penetration By LUX

I commissioned this early this year from the talented artist know as Lux. I wanted him to depict Romer giving Amron some very special anal treatment! ^_^ The image turned out really awesome as you can see! Amrons expression is priceless. Romer and Amron are super buff and posed very nicely. I especially love the little details like Romers scales. I have plans to have this colored in the near future. I have to thank Lastmanouthere, because he helped a lot in the development of this image in many ways, but especially as an outstanding interpreter and translator.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have a Hyper Meal With Vann and Peng

Vann Illia and Peng are having the new Barbarian Meal at their favorite tavern. The happy meal turns out to be more of a hyper meal, as the men experience temporary muscle growths! Vann is feeling very randy. (A cute waiter must have walked by.) I don't think he has noticed his new size as yet. Peng is certainly taking note of it though!
This whimsical picture was done by the artist Shak. He has some really sexy big guys in his gallery. (Including one amazing centaur.) He didn't spare the sexy on the these two. In their super muscular state he gave 'em each a 18 pack of abs! That's hot! I love the cute little super expression filled heads. :P Very adorable. Shak even gave Vann a little stubble. Looks like Pengs foreskin is about ready to start peeling back. The tip of his head is stuff is gonna go down. These two will need a lot of room to get it on with those dicks and bodies.
The coloring is very nice on both men, really highlighting their muscles. I especially like that mug of root beer. It's tempting me to go out and get some! :D
Now if only McDonald's could package this, I would super size every day. :P

Thanks so much Shak!

Class Comics Summer Cam

I had to change this post a bit, but that is okay.  Now it's just a repost of a wonderful Cam image. No speedo can hold his cock! XD

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Icarus and Rikuo Frot on the Beach By Zetht

Now here is an old image! I got this one in the summer of 09 from the artist Zetht. It's been sitting in a folder waiting to be revealed to the world since then! Commissioned around May 09 and finished in August that year. Icarus looks awesome with his hair all long and wet. Rikuo looks super with that tight little bum and jizzing uncut cock. Sigh, too bad Nintendo didn't go with an adult Pit Icaurs that looks like Zethts! This amazingly detailed pencil drawing really deserves a splash of color. Maybe some day...for now enjoy this sexy summer sperm spewing spectacle! XD

Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Twincest!

God help me, I'm doing a post about a cheesy live action Japanese show. I randomly found out about this show while looking for Tiger & Bunny stuff. Ouran High School Host Club was a huge obsession with a straight friend of mine. I was often unwillingly made into part of the audience of the show at his place. I wasn't huge on the anime. However, I gave this one a chance for laughs. I found myself enjoying the show. True, it's more then slightly overacted and is kind of a train wreck, but it made me laugh and the novelty of seeing people acting like anime characters is kinda fun. Mostly I find myself going back to it because of the men, which are way sexier then their anime counterparts. Most especially the Takagi twins.

Yeah I know they are acting, but I have a funny feeling they aren't really good actors so a little bit of me wants to believe that twincest stuff might be just a little real! XD (One had a role in the Prince of Tennis musical, so that adds fuel to the fire!)

If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, you should check it out. It's nice to see a show with so much focus on the male characters. I could never see a show like this being produced in North America. These guys would all have their asses kicked on a daily bases. (Kinda sad in a way.)

Oh no, all that won't have the target audience jerking off on the couch! :P

One looks taller then the other.

Harem Boys... :P

Oka you're gay, we get it! Enough with the stereotypes you tow! Don't over play it! :P

All the guys are pretty hot.

Yusuke has such cute ears!

Seriously, get this boy a sandwich.

They digitally shrink Honey so he appears smaller at times. Odd...

It's hard to believe the actor playing Honey is 22 isn't it guys?

Yeah that was my reaction as well...

This guy is the worst! He always looks like he's trying not to crack up as he recites his corny lines. XD He's awesome !

Years ago Ink-B did this very gorgeous image of Kyoya.
What do you think of this Daito?

Here's some Cast pictures to ogle!

Well, one thing I have to say is that finding this was a chance for pure revenge! I got to watch my buddy cringe as he saw the Twins embrace each other. Hee hee, that was some decent pay back for all the sexiest stuff I had to endure over the years. XD


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