Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have a Hyper Meal With Vann and Peng

Vann Illia and Peng are having the new Barbarian Meal at their favorite tavern. The happy meal turns out to be more of a hyper meal, as the men experience temporary muscle growths! Vann is feeling very randy. (A cute waiter must have walked by.) I don't think he has noticed his new size as yet. Peng is certainly taking note of it though!
This whimsical picture was done by the artist Shak. He has some really sexy big guys in his gallery. (Including one amazing centaur.) He didn't spare the sexy on the these two. In their super muscular state he gave 'em each a 18 pack of abs! That's hot! I love the cute little super expression filled heads. :P Very adorable. Shak even gave Vann a little stubble. Looks like Pengs foreskin is about ready to start peeling back. The tip of his head is stuff is gonna go down. These two will need a lot of room to get it on with those dicks and bodies.
The coloring is very nice on both men, really highlighting their muscles. I especially like that mug of root beer. It's tempting me to go out and get some! :D
Now if only McDonald's could package this, I would super size every day. :P

Thanks so much Shak!


  1. Ohohoho nice one :D hypermeal? man thats gonna be a popular meal indeed :D

  2. LOL well I suppose you can't go wrong with a hyper meal. Those kinda situations are pretty fun and it worked out well in this instance. XD The expressions are hilllarious. XD Really nice stuff. ^^



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