Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Favorite Pixiv Artists: Seducing Sky High with いまさん@男ケツは力…だと?

いまさん@男ケツは力…だと?is an artists whos works I had seen previous thanks to Vicky. I went off in search of this artist this morning and found them on Pixiv. (Yes the question mark is part of his/her name!) This artist has a particular affection for Sky High, the Tom Cruise look-a-like from the hit series Tiger & Bunny. I find it pretty neat that the artist switches between what looks like different cock types at times. Sometimes making the penis darker, looking more Asian, other times lighter and more European.Seeing how Sky High has the look of an all American boy, (His Kendo like costume aside) I find it very hot that instead of going with a cut cock, the artist gave him an uncut one instead. いまさん@男ケツは力…だと? certainly loves to draw lost of foreskin.
Here's about 11 of my favorites from their works. There's just too much to post here, so I encourage you to check out いまさん@男ケツは力…だと? gallery on Pixiv. There's more then Sky High in the collection. Look for a cross dressing image for a nice surprise. ;)

There's a whole series of Keith getting his dick played with. This image is just the start of it.


  1. Wow. XD Interesting and cool selection over here! I understand the reasoning for the black bars somewhat... I'll just never truly get why it happens in Japanese pr0ns like this. XD; It just kinda baffles me.

  2. love this style
    i hope you plann on collecting more of his work
    freaking Hott ^_^

  3. I loved all of them! XD very nice style of drawing ;O;



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