Sunday, February 24, 2019

Miller The Cleric

Hello everyone!  Today we have the redesign of Miller the Cleric.  Miller was created by Lastmanouthere many years ago.  He's a big old tank of love.  The first and only 'cub' character to come to us from Lastman.  (No that is not a typo.  He is too young and lacks the hair of a bear!)  He retains his cock staff,  but outside of a blue colour scheme, every piece of his costume has been redesigned.  He lost the loose frilly cloth and traded it for tighter fighting pieces held on my iron armour.  Better protection was given to his neck as well.  This better shows his readiness for combat, along with the way he may use his arms to protect himself. I guess he has decided to take a more offensive role in battle these days.

Please see below for his original story by Lastmanouthere!

Miller, the Cleric

Third son of an influential Onmish family, Miller was destined to serve in the Onmish military as a battle cleric. He would receive  military and priestly training as a servant of Osdeueg Hiilin, Lady of the Cleansing flames. 

The military aspect left mixed feelings in Miller. He was certainly strong, perhaps stronger than any of his fellow recruits, but his tendency to over-eat meant he was always last on races, as he tired quickly. The priestly experience was, to the contrary, quite decisively negative. Miller was not interested in righteous fury and chastisement, but rather in aiding and healing his fellow man. 

Against the wishes of his family, Miller quit the military school and renounced priesthood of Osdeueg Hiilin. Knowing this would disown him in the eyes of his mother and brother, he left Onmi for Briesca. Travelling for the first time out of his country, he was surprised, almost ashamed, of the bad rap Onmi got in the continent. He quickly worked to improve his healing powers to help others.

In this line of work, after having being accepted into the ranks of the Church of the Safe Passage, Jeig Fuvian, he was sent to Mirandia to serve as the royal family's second-ranked healer. In there he met Leelh, a bard, courtesan and spymaster for the king, Miller at first loathed Leelh, seeing the promiscuous bard as shallow and irresponsible, but after some months, he learned of Leelh's real exploits as an agent of the king, and how he had risked his life many times for the sake of the royal family and the kingdom. 

Miller and Leelh eventually became friends, and later fuck-buddies. Miller had, however, convinced himself he could never love someone as unashamedly in love with himself as Leelh, but otherwise liked his friend and, of course, his friends' imposing manhood. It was in the middle of this relationship-stage that the dishonoured Paladin Terrick was called back into the service of the Mirandian crown, and Miller and Leelh were both assigned to work with the Paladin to save the young prince from the mysterious malady he had contracted. 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Cartoon Fantasy Men Of My Gay Youth

Okay tenth anniversary stuff!  Oh man, the three big boys from my early fantasies.  You know you are gay when you are thinking of what Conan, Hercules and He-Man are hiding under their loin clothes and togas! Along with how much fun it would be to play with those things and see them play with each other.  So I would do that, rubbing till that really wonderful feeling hit...ahem.. XD  What a treat it has been these last ten years to have met and worked with so many wonderful people, like Charlie Tooga here, that has help materialize those fantasies!
Past images by Charlie Tooga of Conan, Herc and He-Man have been part of the most popular posts on this site.  So when I while making my choice between original characters and ones from the media, I kept that in mind.  This along with my desire to bring it back home, to my original requests when starting 10 years ago, sealed the deal of what I wanted to see.  We picked a classic blow job pose.  I went with something different, asking for the original bowl cut boyish hairdo of the original He-Man in lieu of his most recent design from 2001.   I couldn't be happier with the results. I hope you guys really like.  Yes for those of us that drew up flipping through the pages of Conan, watching reruns of Hercules on Saturday afternoons on Global TV and playing He-Man while watching new episodes as they aired, we are getting on in age aren't we? The 80s never got old though, do they?  Not while these artists breath such life into them hunks of that golden age!  Enjoy everyone!  Thanks so much Charlie Tooga!

With everything the way it is, with Tumblr banning adult content, the outlets for artists like Charlie are drying up.  Right now the best place to find him is on his Twitter  @charlietooga.  He is super to work with, as you know from all the sweet pictures he has created on this blog!  So please help support him by checking out his site and spreading the word!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Talking Daddies Dick On Family Day: Byron and Emil Durand Animated

It's Family Day and it's FUCKING COLD here in Canada. I almost froze my ears off running to get a Tim Hortons coffee tonight.  I started to think warm thoughts, of beaches, speedos and sexy men.  That was when I decided on the image I wanted to post for you guys today.  This sunny piece of animated incest, was drawn up sensually by Gene Lightfoot. It was a birthday gift presented to Patrick Fillion, just before my world fell into chaos.  We went for a very retro theme here.  (Had to make Patrick feel his age.)  The image was inspired by a lot of 80s art and fashions we previewed.  There are some hot ass swim suit models in those old catalogues, just saying.  (go Google that shit!)  Gene definitely got hit with 80s inspiration, as you can clearly see in the results. We love pairing Byron with his dad Emil.  Given the 'past' theme we even brought Byrons classic cut cock back! I hope you guys like it. I can't think of a better day to release such a celebration of 'Family Love', as today!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Belated Birthday Boy

Happy Saturday everyone.  It was Leon De Leons 33rd birthday last week and I was a little late to the party.  Actually that was a good wake up call.  As you noticed I am back in force, after being lost in personal battles for months.  I asked my awesome friend Aneros to sketch up one of Leons boys, or a favourite man crushes and he picked Amron.  What started as a sketch, quickly became a full colour glamur shot!
  He decided to give him a bit of a forlorn look.  Amron missed the party.  He has been waiting for a long time now, to give Leon his gift.  His balls swing low and heavy, filled with so much cum, it is now just gushing down Amrons cut cock.  His sad, puppy dog eyes beg Leon to grab hold of that swinging shaft and let orgasm, after orgasm out.  A totally blissful gift in thought and presentation, thanks to Aneros!  Happy birthday dearest Urbanmusiq!!

Check out Aneros’s new blog:

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Shadey Cupid For A Day

Hey guys!  Happy Valentines day!  I told you I might have another surprise for you!  Well I do thanks to Leon De Leon!  We both fell in love with Isaiah Shade, so I kindly asked him to please draw Class Comics newest hero hunk in this crazy concept I had in mind.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Due to Isaiah doing such wonderful work down on Earth, the higher ups decided to let him have some fun this Valentines.  He gets to be cupid for a day...but the silly boy shot himself in the buns, while when aiming through a mirror for a trick shot.  You Know what that means! Someone is gonna be in love with themselves for the day!  He will be rubbing his cock raw long before that wears off. Hee hee.

Isaiah is a great new addition to the Class Comics cast.  I was so relived, (as were many others) that his story didn't have a tragic end.  He came back to us in a strip show and again in a fully fledge out comic called Gay For Slay. Which, I gotta recommend.  Is he competition for Byron and Emil in my heart?  Well...that is tough to say at this point in time. I wouldn't mind seeing them together..and wait it happened? Oh yeah check out this months Strip Show celebrating Black History Month over at Class Comics. (Where unlike so many online sex comics featuring black men, they are not one dimensional characters in stories filled with  deplorable racism and outdated, stupid stereotypes.) 

Dang Patrick!!! You can't leave a boy fully hard like this! 
Please make this orgy happen one day!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cupid Hero

Happy Valentines Day everyone, from Sirio and myself!  I wanted to start this years projects off with a well loved character like Hercules here.  He's posing after taking up a job as a helping hand for Cupid.  I think those arrows won't have much effect on people, if they see him before, or after, with that mega cock out.
Sirio could really use your help.  Unemployment really stinks and any extra money you could offer in the form of a commission, or as part of her Patreon would be greatly appreciated. I will add those links to this post soon.

I might just have another Valentines, or two to share in the coming days!

Commission info :

and Blog : YaoiDude!!


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