Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Gay Jotaro Figure By Hydaria

Today Hydaria delivers what every Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fan (on this site) wanted to see when I posted those figure images last month. This painting is so close to the original model, it can be mistaken for a picture! :P The realism is uncanny. I especially love the details on the cape, making it look very much like the paint job left on the figure. Each brush stroke on his clothes and tight shirt also reflect this brilliantly.
Of course it was my desire to obtain the Jotaro figure last month that led to this commission idea. I never did find it for a decent price. Long before that though I thought, why get an inferior penisless version, when the artists can come up with something much more exciting?! :D

Hydaria gives Jojo a kindly look upon his soft baby face. The chain he wears looks all but, real. I would swear it was still after looking at this again and again all week. Having a pure Hydarian uncut cock really makes this Jotaro shine above his figure brethren. Jotaro has a lot of balls in the anime and here his are so big they look like they want to burst from even these comfortable fitting pants! :P
This won't be the last you see of Jotaro on this blog. Hmmm....I am half tempted to request a little Vanilla Ice from Hydaria! :P Thanks again Hydaria!


  1. Looks like you got your Jotaro love on afterall! hehe

    He really does look great! I thought you posted another figure pic until I notice he had what seemed to be an action arm sticking out of his crotch (maybe that's where they placed his "karate chop action"? hehe)

    Great Commission gents!

  2. OMGgggggg *dead* It's awesome..and i really love Hydaria !! ♥♥♥

  3. Damn, that looks so awesome and sexy!!

  4. they should make the toy like this - FallenAngel



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