Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sexy Pin Up Art By Adonix And Cuteguy

Hey guys! Got two super sweet pin ups for you today. The first is from Cuteguy. He's new to commissions and I decided to take him on, especially after seeing his wonderful Jin Saotome from Cyberbots. That pic was hoooooot! For my commission I picked Vann. I explained and even drew up the pose for the character and he set to work. In no time at all he had a very complete detailed sketch for me to review. In just a couple days he had the final sexy image read to send to me. Here it is! :D

He did a wonderful job on Vann. Some really nice details were put into his long wavy hair. They way he pained and drew the cock gives a heavy look to it. He has big elfish eyes. They remind me a bit of Frodo from Lord of the Rings. :) Love the split in the pectorals. Nice touch. He's a big beefy boy toy! Thanks so much Cuteguy. I hope you get many more commissions! :)

You can check out his commission journal here:
And follow his blog here:

Yesterday I saw that Adonix was open now for sketch commissions so I of course asked him if I could please get one of Belvadar. He had it done before I was finished watching an episode of Tiger and Bunny! :P (I watched all 16 episodes in one day yesterday...Too much anime.)

Seeing this studly batboy by Adonix makes me kick myself for not asking him to draw him sooner! XD Love those spread out wings! He's amazing from his sly eyes, to his thick grey poll. :D The fact that his whole body is blushing as he poses really made me smile. Thanks so much Adonix! This will hopefully be the first of a few sketch images from hm.

Adonix has one more slot left, so check him out:


  1. Buffness Vann :D woho Cuteguy did great and such sexy batboy by Adonix :D - FallenAngel

  2. I think one of the best things about this set of images is... ABS! They're all so good. X3 Great job, guys! :D



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