Thursday, July 14, 2011

Centaur Rodeo

Hey guys! Today I have one of the most explosive images I ever commissioned for you all. This masterpiece by Kagami06 was done last year and sat proudly on the Class Comics blog site pretty much since it's completion. The story behind this was that at the time I was totally smitten by Strider and kept thinking of ideas involving him. One day on my way to work I thought about Strider lifting Captain Jung up and sucking him off, his foreskin tight around his head. Cadet would sitting on the Centaurs back, rubbing his dick all over his strong muscular back. Unable to contain himself he starts to bathe the man-horse in hot white cream. Then things got even crazier in my mind. I thought of Immano riding behind Cadet, ramming his thick dick inside his tight ass, licking his face and playfully nipping at his shoulders. Immano would clench down hard on Striders back legs as he blew his load up inside Byrons rectum. Strider would be going insane from all this man sex, so he needed attention as well. Disco; one of Captain Jungs men would be perfect to take that huge humanhorse dick! So Below them Disco would be getting the ride of his life, all the time happily stroking his huge uncut ebony dick. (It was one long ass drive to work okay? XD)
Anyway I was never going to mention the idea to anyone. It seemed way to grand and crazy to commission. I got to work and found an e-mail from Kagami06 who was wondering what ideas I had for his next works. Well I e-mailed him a number of ideas and as a lark I wrote what I had imagined in the car ride over at the end of the e-mail. Wouldn't you know it that was the only idea he wanted to do?! I was hesitant, cause with so many characters and poses it would be a heck of a lot of work, but he insisted. :) So work started and went on for awhile, small revisions went on here and there, some color changes and the like. I remember it going really smoothly especially with so many guys. He got the posses all perfect. He insisted on adding in some neat features like Jungs outfit and ripping open Cadets space suit. (That really heightened the savage wild animals sex factor.)
The image turned out to be a total triumph. The characters all looking super hot and very on model, with a sparkle of the artist personal style. Love Immanos lips! Don't get me started on how sexy that foreskin on Jung is. His pose could not be more perfect. The thick lumpy cum shot that has been spread all over the small of Discos back is epic. Believe it or not, there's a version of this with even more cum. LOL I remember requesting the removal of some so that the world could see better the stimulating work he had done on Disco. XD I was very excited to commission such a piece. I remember running home to see each new update and even trying to sneak glances at work. We were both beside ourselves when the image was picked for the cover of Boytoons Magazine.
I wish I had more chances to commission Kagami06. Sadly he had some tablet troubles and around December seems to have vanished from the art community. I really hope he returns some day. He was great to bounce ideas with, talk to and work with.

Speaking of great artists to work with, that have all but vanished, I got a little shocker today from my old buddy ZipOpen. Man, oh Man it is good to see this guy around again and drawing his heart out. I had talked to him last summer about doing something with Cadet and Strider, among other things. It was all a go till things changed in his life and art had to sadly be pushed the side for a time. Well I am glad to announce his return, for how ever long it may be, with this absolutely awe inspiring image of Space Cadet and Strider by Zip! :D

You see, a scene like this would have made Fantasia perfect! :D

Actually that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. Fantasia...This image really hits a soft spot in my heart, in that it does have a bit of the feeling of that movie! Especially with it's soft clouds for the boys to rest on and the gorgeous starry sky to blanket them from above. Both guys look fantastic. Strider with his perfectly chested sculpture of a torso and very powerful horse body looks like a very protective lover. Check out his massive front legs!!! :D Cadet is just so happy snuggling beneath him in the clouds. He is so relaxed and happy. He is simply in heaven, both emotionally and literally. :) The image is very touching. Both the return of the artist and the image itself have left me with a wonderful warm content feeling. Thanks ZipOpen. ^_^

Now with all these Centaurs it kinda feels like a rodeo around here and all rodeos need clowns! :P I have to post this. I found it on my computer the other day and it reminded me of Stephane from Class Comics, I posted it on Facebook. It got a shit ton of love! Right away from Patrick Fillion himself, remarked about how much it looked like him. The makeup is a bit different, but he does share Stepanes sexy body and passion for yellow suspenders!!! XD I provided some images from the blogs of Class Comics for comparison! Have a great Friday everyone! :)


  1. Oooh that first piece is really amazing ! *o* (But in the end I'm always so scared by Stéphane ! ^^")

  2. WOW nice gift you got here DP :D - Fallen



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