Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Final Piece of Halloween Candy

Tonight we find Dore Lockstone by FallenAngel, enjoying the last of his Halloween Candy.  But of course, that is not the candy we refer to in the title of this post.  No, it is the juicy 9 inch cock, swollen moist head and copious amounts of folded back foreskin that we hunger for instantly upon sight. Dore has made the scariest outfit he could think of, to ensure he got treats.  Had he revealed the golden cave boy below, he probably wouldn't be able to carry the treats bestowed on him.

A huge thank you to FallenAngel for coming up with this one!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and have already put up the décor for the next holidays! ;P

Melin of Sarthia

Good morning!  Time to rise and shine to site of Melin of Sarthia by Lastmanouthere.  The young hunter has an a bottom so perfect, the forest makes way for the sun to illuminate up its perfection as he strolls through.  You can hear the angels sing and the men drool.  The perfect bottom...No wonder he carries a bow and arrow around!!! Okay...I will let Lastmanouthere tell his actual story below!  I hope you guys enjoy it.  (Someone get the butter. Them buns is ready.)

Melin is a young hunter, living in the mountainous western part of the kingdom of Dasarthia. Melin's father, himself a rather good hunter, died when Melin was just a teenager, leaving him in charge of his father's blind husband, Ela, his son and Melin's brother Tetin.

Melin's liege, Count Bresu, declared his desire for trophies of a certain black-hoofed stag. As the animal grew scarce due to over-hunting, the count became more and more irritable and demanding. In the end it was just Melin and his great skills which were able to provide the trophies. Knowing thins, Bresu kidnapped Melin's family to force him to go up the mountains again, even with winter nearing and Melin's life endangered by journeying into the Ridge mountains.

It was only with the help of the captain of Bresu's own guard, Karu, that Melin rescued his step-father and brother.  The four then ran away from the grasp of the Count.  Melin and Bresu were clear that there was something more than a collector's obsessions moving Bresu's desire for samples of the Black-hooved stags.

While it is likely that Melin will never meet Tristan, Val and the others, they are unknowingly tied together in a conspiracy nobody in the continent has yet discovered...


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