Saturday, June 16, 2018

I Don't Want To Go Mr. Stark

"Not before I cum anyway..."

 It has been an eternity since we did a Marvel Character around here.  I have been crushing HARD on Tom Holland as Spider-Man since I first saw him in the role.  This has been a long time cuming...coming.  I asked FallenAngel to give the world his take on an anime inspired classic character and this is what he created.  A super cute take on a sweet young super hero! (That hair of Hollands is a tricky customer, but FallenAngel nailed it, as you can see!)  I love his rendition so much, I have even included the sketch he did. I hope you guys love it too.

P.S. SPOILERS FROM INFINITY WAR.  I was soooo freaking bummed out at the ending I just had to request this. Yes I am an adult and I know things are gonna be okay...but poor heart.  So many little eyes cried out in the theatre I was in...older eyes too. :(

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cum For Cake Belvadar (Set)

Hey guys. I have another handsome image that I got for my birthday to share tonight.  This one was sent to me early. I was a very good boy and avoided opening the e-mail till the morning of my birthday.  Very had to do, especially with hotmails stupid preview system opening stuff before you even know it is there. XD
This one came as a set of a few images.  Each showcasing Belvadar getting more and more excited to celebrate my day with you guys.  Knowing Bel he will probably let you service him, while he eats all the cake.  You will at least get the cream.  A huge hug and kiss to Sirio, for hitting the mark on my heart on my 41st year.  Maybe Bel and Equinnus should have a party together next? :D

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Birthday Greets On 4 Legs

Hey Guys.  Took a little birthday vacation time for myself. During my vacation I got some amazing birthday gifts to share with you all.  I will start with FallenAngels for tonight.  He drew a very handsome picture of Equnnius the gay centaur to warm my heart on my 41st year.  Equinnus must love chocolate cake. It's making him hard.  If he tries to fuck it, it's all over for desert.  : P Twisted my right writs really badly today, so I am sadly going to make this short and sweet.  Thanks FallenAngel not only for the gift, but for all your care and concern throughout the year.


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