Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Logan Gag

This has nothing to do with the movie.  A friend of mine was going through some things in relation to this topic, I felt silly...FallenAngel felt even more silly and we did this. I have no words, except that we are just goofing around here.  Please don't put too much thought into the thought behind it.  (Cause there was zero.) XD

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Elk King In The Autumn Sun

Hello guys, as promised here is the second image from the vault.  This is the glorious Elk King!  A protector of the Pleistocene forests and the Prince of Mammals. The character was designed as a potential rival/friend of Dinosaurprince, both wanting the same thing for both their species.  He being next to possess the Earth Orb.  This awesome piece really should not have remained buried for so long.  Leon did a wicked job coming to him again.  We upped his design a bit, adding a few new features.  Leons style had changed a little over the years and you can really see it comparing the two images.  :D  After Caravaggia coloured this, I was going to save it for Halloween that year, but sadly it fell through the cracks as my life took a lot of crazy twists and turns.  2012, was a very life changing year for me.  I hope you guys enjoy this.  Elk King never got another go after this.  Maybe I should think about bringing him back and placing him with Vann and his friends.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Proud Dimata By Leon De Leon

Hey guys,  talking some time away from my vacation in Hyrule, to bring you an oldie, but goody.  An image I squirrelled away for years now!  This is Dimata as imagined by Urbanmusiq.  This was probably the longest dick Leon De Leon drew at that time! A real trunk of a penis for sure! XD I really loved this image and it was Caravaggia who added the volcanic backorund and all the lovely soft colours to Dimata himself.  She really brought what was a sketch to a beautiful completion.

 I actually have one other piece that Leon and Caravaggia worked on as well. I will be posting that next.  It's a real blast from the past.  I haven't done anything with that characters since then, to be honest!  Other than that, I don't have that much to post.  This is because I bought a Switch.  My commissions had to suffer for the last few months, cause that thing is not cheap.  That's why there were so very few images posted this year so far.  That freaking machine, the games, controllers and stupid Amiibos really set me back.  BUT I did save and did my best to keep in a budget.  So, yeah...I should be good to go starting this month in supplying this site again! XD  I actually already started work on some Vann Illia stuff with FallenAngel and Lastmanouthere.  I have a little series planned for that.  It's already well under way.  I hope you guys haven't given up on this blog yet. It's not dead, it was just hibernating. :P


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