Monday, February 23, 2015

The Sun Sets On DInosaurPrince's Kingdom

Hey guys...Sad news tonight.  Blogger is going to force all adult content blogs to become private in less than one month.  So unless I purchase a domain site of my own, or start handing out keys to the kingdom, there's going to be an extinction event around here for most of you.  Right now I am thinking of looking into something like Hostgator, or Naked Hosting and uploading this blog through wordpress.  (Which for some odd reason is okay, because you own the domain.  Wordpress otherwise comes down like a ton of bricks on adult content if they host it.)  This of course will cost a lot of money.  If anyone has any suggestions, or would like to be included in being able to view the blog privately, please let me know in the comments, or though e-mail. I believe you can request it after the fact as well, so fear not.
I'm going to put up the Paypal Donation widget.  If anyone can help out, it would be greatly appreciated.

I couldn't have wished for a better picture to set the mood tonight, then Lastmanouthere's latest piece.  Yesterday, all in one day, he drew and colored this lavish image of Ixtan bathed in sunset.  An amazing feat.  One that left me flabbergasted after already receiving so many new pieces last week!  (Lastman even went to the gym and had a full work out.  Me, I would have been done on the couch watching the Simpsons!!!)

Ixtan isn't allowed to patrol in the temple proper.  He's not high enough in rank, or social status for that.  He does explore every so often though, hoping to catch a glimpse of the priest he is so madly in love with...........

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nehme and Janatu Embrace, Janatu Show Off Your Sexy Face

Eh?  What is this?  Janatu actually taking notice of Nehme?  Nehme that odd soldier with that ridiculous birds head? Oh it happened alright.  One day, Janatu took Nehme deep in a cave.  While the two of them were alone, Janatu gave Nehme some private lessons.  He wanted to bring out his newest recruits potential by showing him how to attack and defend properly.  For hours he gave him instructions on how to fight like a warrior.  While young Nehme was studying his technique, Janatu was studying the body of his student.  He noticed for the first time how charming this young man was.  How elegant and avian like where his moves.  How well muscled and built he was. He started to notice more and more the bulge that lay beneath Nehmes loin cloth and grew eager to view it's contents.
 Nehme was very much in love with Janatu, but at the moment he was taking his training very seriously.  Janatu hid his true feelings well.  That is, until he decided to give much closer instruction.  He got very close as he adjusted Nehmes hips into a proper stance. He drew Nehme so close against his leg, that with one slight motion he popped Nehmes massively thick uncut cock right out of his undergarments.   A little embarrassed, slightly naive and overwhelmed by the sudden attention, Nehme was not sure what exactly was going on. Janatus smile followed by "Your bigger then I could have imagined." assured Nehme that they were both on same page.  He quickly grabbed his teaches bubble butt, hoping to hold them together in this embrace as long as possible.  Janatu then takes his glove and wipes the paint from his face.  For once Janatu is the shy one.  He let's out a nervous laugh as he smiles cheek to cheek.  "I want you to see the real me."  He looks at Nehme with enchanting eyes and Nehme looks back, into heaven. 
Sadly, just as Nehmes dreams were coming true, a voice called from the cave entrance. A battle had started.  Janatus leadership was needed.  They would have to continue this another day, but would they ever get the chance again? 

These two gorgeous images appeared a couple days ago courtesy of Lastmanouthere, of course!  Another gigantic surprise all the way from frigid cold Norway.  (I do believe there are reports of summer like weather around his house these days.) He certainly has brought a heck of a lot of warmth into my life.  He even included two making of videos, so I could share in the complete process.  It also seems that he is at the point of proof reading his novel featuring our many Mayan men.  This looks like it's going to be the year of Lastmanouthere on DPK.  It certainly has been the hottest February on record thanks to him.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Brother To Flowers: The Devious Nature Boy

Hello guys. Tonight I have the honor of presenting another spectacular work from Lastmanouthere for you to enjoy.  He certainly has been on a roll huh?  This is a new character that will one day be woven into an elaborate novel he is writing with our many Mayan characters.  This is Ikniuhxochitl, who's name I would have to rip out my tongue to pronounce correctly.  Even he knows it is difficult and goes by Xochitl for short.  His name meaning something a kin to 'Brother to Flowers' is actually very feminine, okay actually it's more of a girl Nahuatl name.  Still, being the flamboyant boy that he is, he quite likes it.  The other thing he likes is the peacefulness of the forest and jungles.  He's totally in tune with nature.  He has a way with animals and has many friends among the birds.  (Which lastman originally had perching on him in the initial sketch.)  This gentle side may in fact be a rouse. His intentions and the length to which he will go to achieve them have not been divulged to me.   I originally thought him a bit akin to Cleo from our Egypt Story. (He's like a lost cousin from across the flat Earth.)  I was assured that unlike the playful and cunning Cleo, this Mayan man hunter isn't playing games.

We shall all have to wait and see what Lastmanouthere has in store for us with him. For now we can at least gaze at his brilliance, beautifully drenched in the forest light.  There's something to be said about the minimal clothing of a shoulder toga. (That world is "ahooga!") Anyone want to go and pluck his flower with me? ;D

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hunky Cupid Has Some Wishes From Valentines Long Past

Hey guys! I have a rather explosive Valentines post full of fun for you!  First off Guytoonist takes on Cupid once again!  He's been busy arming him with lovingly designed arrorw and a muscular body you just want to smear chocolates over and lick off.  Guytoonist sent me this extra special Valentine surprise earlier this week and I just had to insist on posting him up here for you guys to enjoy.  Check out that strawberry cream hair do. Yum, yum.  Guy certainly knows how to warm my heart during these coldest days of winter.

Cupid has brought some Valentines wish from days long past.  That bundle includes a very explosive Valentine from Dimata and Smilo!Wait till you get a 'load' of FallenAngels latest holiday masterpiece.  I came up with this one while at work.  (Never fun jotting down dirty ideas before you forget, while stuck up people travel to and fro behind you!)  Fallen pulled it into high gear to get this ready in time for the holiday.  It's his most vibrant Valentines card of all time!  I hope you all enjoy it!

Cupid brought even more greetings from days gone by. (Thanks to my enjoyment of collecting old valentines cards..) Here are some of my newest acquired ones featuring Scooby and Srappy, Rescue Rangers and Rogers Rabbit!

Roger Rabbit 1989:

 Scooby and Scrappy Doo from 1990:

 Rescue Rangers 1989:

Feel free to use these to spread some holiday cheer.  As for me, I would like to say that I am enjoying my New 3DS, but sadly the thing has dead pixels on the screen.  So...yeah, gonna have fun going through the repair process, since I can't return the stupid thing. (What with it being a limited edition and all.)
I drowned my sorrow in sweet art and spicy pizza:

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Collection With Amron

Continuing our Valentines 2015 fun, tonight I have Amron drawn by the excellently talented Luisazo.  Amron is looking super adorable as he collects some very creamy valentines in his straw hat. After many donations from the biggest baddest cocks around, Amron has reached the point of no return and made a contribution himself.  Ubanmusiq felt the image was very 'boner inducing' and I certainly won't argue that! Luisazo did a legendary job on Amron and those big juicy cocks!  Hope your Valentines is filled with as much hotness as Amrons is here.  (Don't we all wish???) 

Here is a scruffier version, with Amron sporting his usual 5 o'clock shadow!  

I have not received any valentines cards, or chocolate filled hearts, but I did get the New 3DS Monster Hunter Edition along with Majora's Mask Limited Edition today!  I bought 2 of the Limited Editions to either give as a gift, or use as prize in contest. Sadly one of the boxes was ripped. -_- (Oh yeah and I got the Toon Link Amiibo too!)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Twin Guards Of The Sun Priest

Hey guys, I got a double pleasure courtesy of Lastmanouthere.  What better way to start the Valentines weekend, but with a hint of twincest?  Meet two of the other guards under Yoluks command the brothers Coyopa and Cakulha.  These two love taking the night watch.  Watching over Ixy as he sleeps, patrolling long, empty hallways filled with the cool night air, where the only site worth taking in is the mirror image of themselves,they could not be happier.

Lastmans picture is freeze frame from a time long gone by.  An age of innocence and burning desire in a primal world.  Captured for us is a moment where two twin brothers, feeling that they are safe and alone in their duties, are working up the urge to give into the desires towards one another.  They have been patrolling close to each other for many long hours in the silent and sleep filled temple.  Once in awhile the brother in front feels the others hot breath on the nape his neck.  He starts to become addicted to the soft caress, waiting through endless minutes for another breath to by chance entice him even more.  The hot sweat on their bodies are starting to make their clothes see through.  This causes them to notice the fine features of each others muscular bottoms.
  Every so often the brother in the rear takes his chance to move a bit closer and closer to the brother in front.  Soon he is slightly grazing his brother as they walk. The other brother feels his advance and slows down. Hearts race.  Cocks slowly fill with blood and escape from their cloth prisons to swing low and in full site.  The brother in front stops allowing, his sibling to finally make his move. They caress, cock meets hip. An arm is raised and place on the wall for balance, as he readies for a sword fight and possibly to bring his brothers head closer to his.  Their hearts race, blood starts filling their tingling cocks.  And then, a noise and they look to find they have an audience....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Captain Of The Mayan Guards

Long ago in the ancient days of 2011, FallenAngel, Raul, Karolux, Yelmo, Sirio and myself created a big birthday bash for Lastmanouthere.  We drew many fun images, including the story of Ixy's 'page boy', an over overzealous guard that came to be named Ixtan.  In the months that followed that wild day, Lastman started working on many new characters.  One of these was left on the drawing board for close to 4 years. After having lost much of the work done on him,  I'm happy to say that he has been resurrected!!! 

Originally just an every day Mayan guy, Lastman found the idea of fleshing the rest of Ixys private protectors intriguing and so he was given a status upgrade!  Ixtan needed someone to keep him under control.  Someone who was higher in social stature, maturity, age and sexual prowess. 
The character below is Yoluk and has one of the finest bodies in all the sun priests domain....

Yoluk wears a light, sheer sarong instead of a breech cloth, like all temple guard at Tikal. This allows them to discard it if needed for some extra mobility during a fight. He also uses a complex neckpiece, which shows his rank as top guard there. Like his trusted underlings Coyopa and Cakulha, his weapon of choice is the spear.  Like all good Mayans they are very skilled at throwing the Atlatl, or Mayan lance.

    Did I mention he has a crush on a certain Mayan god-avatar, who also happens to have a crush on him? Sadly, they are both impeded by their respective stations to act on their feelings, so they each pretend to feel other nothing but respect for each.  Thus they are ignorant of the others real wishes. If they only knew...

Iktan the bodyguard has his place under Yoluk's guard, of course. However, due to his age a low social class, Iktan had to start as a page to Ixy (nobles go right into the files instead of having to prove their worth first.) As Iktan grew up and buffed up, he became more of a bodyguard than a page.

Next time, the reveal of Coyopa and Cakulha!  Hope you will swing by!


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