Saturday, February 7, 2015

Huub Chan Gets FUCKED By Mizlilhuitl

Get's I gotta tell ya, Lastmanouthere has been showering me with amazing pictures as of late.  Most of which I have already had the honor of posting for you guys on this blog.  But this morning at 6 AM my ipod was going nuts with the bling blings, as image after image was sent my way!   Being awaking by sounds of incoming sexy men and meeting the day first with their beauty, really puts one in a stellar mood, I gotta tell ya.  It's been a rough week, to say the least, but meeting the day in such a way, certainly is the best medicine, to kick start the heart.

 So now I present to you, two of our Mayan boys from way back in 2011 Huub Chan & Mizlilhuitl having sex upon the soft grass of a quiet meadow, on a cool, cloudy, spring day! Mizlilhuitl has Huub spread out, so that he may penetrate his love as deeply as possible. Mizlilhuitl's dick size remains a mystery, but with the pure penetration already sending sweet, simple Hubby into orgasmic ecstasy, I would gather, it's pretty darn big!  A lot of people wondered if Huub would end up with his childhood friend Ixy, but he seems to have found love among the top ranking of Janatus warrior's.  Unlike Nehme, who still holds a torch for Janatu, Mizlilhuitl's heart has moved on, finding its place beside a kind young man.  It's not surprising, as Huub is exactly the kind of wonderful person Mizlilhuitl became a warrior to protect.  The little seashell echos with the beats of both their hearts now.

Thanks very much Lastmanouthere for this ever so hot and romantic piece!  Wait till you see what he has in store for us next! I am bursting to post it. ;D

Want to know more about Huub Chan and Mizlilhuitl?  Check out their original posts:

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