Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nehme and Janatu Embrace, Janatu Show Off Your Sexy Face

Eh?  What is this?  Janatu actually taking notice of Nehme?  Nehme that odd soldier with that ridiculous birds head? Oh it happened alright.  One day, Janatu took Nehme deep in a cave.  While the two of them were alone, Janatu gave Nehme some private lessons.  He wanted to bring out his newest recruits potential by showing him how to attack and defend properly.  For hours he gave him instructions on how to fight like a warrior.  While young Nehme was studying his technique, Janatu was studying the body of his student.  He noticed for the first time how charming this young man was.  How elegant and avian like where his moves.  How well muscled and built he was. He started to notice more and more the bulge that lay beneath Nehmes loin cloth and grew eager to view it's contents.
 Nehme was very much in love with Janatu, but at the moment he was taking his training very seriously.  Janatu hid his true feelings well.  That is, until he decided to give much closer instruction.  He got very close as he adjusted Nehmes hips into a proper stance. He drew Nehme so close against his leg, that with one slight motion he popped Nehmes massively thick uncut cock right out of his undergarments.   A little embarrassed, slightly naive and overwhelmed by the sudden attention, Nehme was not sure what exactly was going on. Janatus smile followed by "Your bigger then I could have imagined." assured Nehme that they were both on same page.  He quickly grabbed his teaches bubble butt, hoping to hold them together in this embrace as long as possible.  Janatu then takes his glove and wipes the paint from his face.  For once Janatu is the shy one.  He let's out a nervous laugh as he smiles cheek to cheek.  "I want you to see the real me."  He looks at Nehme with enchanting eyes and Nehme looks back, into heaven. 
Sadly, just as Nehmes dreams were coming true, a voice called from the cave entrance. A battle had started.  Janatus leadership was needed.  They would have to continue this another day, but would they ever get the chance again? 

These two gorgeous images appeared a couple days ago courtesy of Lastmanouthere, of course!  Another gigantic surprise all the way from frigid cold Norway.  (I do believe there are reports of summer like weather around his house these days.) He certainly has brought a heck of a lot of warmth into my life.  He even included two making of videos, so I could share in the complete process.  It also seems that he is at the point of proof reading his novel featuring our many Mayan men.  This looks like it's going to be the year of Lastmanouthere on DPK.  It certainly has been the hottest February on record thanks to him.

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