Thursday, February 12, 2015

Twin Guards Of The Sun Priest

Hey guys, I got a double pleasure courtesy of Lastmanouthere.  What better way to start the Valentines weekend, but with a hint of twincest?  Meet two of the other guards under Yoluks command the brothers Coyopa and Cakulha.  These two love taking the night watch.  Watching over Ixy as he sleeps, patrolling long, empty hallways filled with the cool night air, where the only site worth taking in is the mirror image of themselves,they could not be happier.

Lastmans picture is freeze frame from a time long gone by.  An age of innocence and burning desire in a primal world.  Captured for us is a moment where two twin brothers, feeling that they are safe and alone in their duties, are working up the urge to give into the desires towards one another.  They have been patrolling close to each other for many long hours in the silent and sleep filled temple.  Once in awhile the brother in front feels the others hot breath on the nape his neck.  He starts to become addicted to the soft caress, waiting through endless minutes for another breath to by chance entice him even more.  The hot sweat on their bodies are starting to make their clothes see through.  This causes them to notice the fine features of each others muscular bottoms.
  Every so often the brother in the rear takes his chance to move a bit closer and closer to the brother in front.  Soon he is slightly grazing his brother as they walk. The other brother feels his advance and slows down. Hearts race.  Cocks slowly fill with blood and escape from their cloth prisons to swing low and in full site.  The brother in front stops allowing, his sibling to finally make his move. They caress, cock meets hip. An arm is raised and place on the wall for balance, as he readies for a sword fight and possibly to bring his brothers head closer to his.  Their hearts race, blood starts filling their tingling cocks.  And then, a noise and they look to find they have an audience....

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