Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Collection With Amron

Continuing our Valentines 2015 fun, tonight I have Amron drawn by the excellently talented Luisazo.  Amron is looking super adorable as he collects some very creamy valentines in his straw hat. After many donations from the biggest baddest cocks around, Amron has reached the point of no return and made a contribution himself.  Ubanmusiq felt the image was very 'boner inducing' and I certainly won't argue that! Luisazo did a legendary job on Amron and those big juicy cocks!  Hope your Valentines is filled with as much hotness as Amrons is here.  (Don't we all wish???) 

Here is a scruffier version, with Amron sporting his usual 5 o'clock shadow!  

I have not received any valentines cards, or chocolate filled hearts, but I did get the New 3DS Monster Hunter Edition along with Majora's Mask Limited Edition today!  I bought 2 of the Limited Editions to either give as a gift, or use as prize in contest. Sadly one of the boxes was ripped. -_- (Oh yeah and I got the Toon Link Amiibo too!)

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