Monday, January 26, 2015

The Mature Aztec King Tlatoani By Lastmanouthere‏

Hey guys, brand new OC hot off the tablet for you boys to enjoy tonight!  This is Tlatoani, who is the leader of the Aztecs.  The Aztecs are the rival kingdom of Mayan of which our heroes Ixy, Nehme, etc are a part of.  As you have seen Lastmanouthere is greatly expanding upon the world of Ixy of late.  (The Ixyverse?)   As you gaze up his stone throne, past his perfect feet,smooth legs and broad chest, you will find the handsome mug of a man that has little use for fun and games. The cause of his humorless demeanor may be due to years of ruling with a bloody fist, the guilt of sending so many young soldiers to their deaths, the many sacrifices he has encouraged, or maybe, just maybe that rather unpleasant piercing across his piss slit.
He's well defined, but the extent of how defined his chest muscles are, or aren't is conveniently hidden behind his medallion, adding a very nice touch of mystery to his first outing.  Perhaps his chest not being as defined as it once was, is seen as a vulnerability, one he chooses to hide?  I don't think this imposing ruler, sitting high, full of pride on his fiery throne has much to worry about in that regard.  Not the way Lastman has created him anyway!  He is only set to play a small part in Ixy's adventures, but Lastmanouthere bestowed him with as much love as he would have a cast regular.
Enjoy guys! :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Smash Bros Skinny Dip! OR Shulk Foresees A Sword Fight

I had to share this the second I got it.  FallenAngels really cute take on my concept for a Smash Bros Skinny Dip! Looks like Mangus has a new twink to fawn over and Pit isn't going to take this betrayal lightly!  Who can blame Mangus with the Duck Hunt duck moistening up that slender bod right in front of him? Instant boner!

I don't know much about Shulk, outside of what I have seen in Super Smash Bros 4.  When I found his swimsuit outfit, I couldn't help, but have naughty thoughts. (That's what it is there for, come on.)  I guess I will have to pick up the 3DS remade later this year to find out more about him, as the Wii game is super hard to find now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fingering Foreskin By MiOworks

Continuing my catch up blogs, tonights entry comes from all the way back in January 2013.  This particular piece by MiOworks helped keep me positive, in what was just the beginning of a very sad time for my family. The events of those days clouded my memories, I guess, because I thought I had posted this in 2013.  Based on a sketch I did back in late 2012, MiOworks took on Deep once again and for the first time Dimata!  I am very happy to finally share this with you.  MiO did a bang up job on illustrating Dimata and Lil Deep enthralled with exploring each others foreskins.  The massive dicks are super hot and the men, really so very cute. This will probably be the final image done by MiOworks for this site.  He has since changed his pen name to Charlietooga.  Since this was done over a year before the change, I decided to keep it under MiOworks. 

I really love this piece and wanted to share with you guys an early sketch MiO did.  As you can see there are some slight differences worth sharing! 

 Another piece that really helped cheer me up from the exact same time as MiOworks, was this cute picture of Vann Illia by FallenAngel. I think Vann wishes he was big enough to play the same way as Dimata and Deep! :P

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vann Illia Strikes a Dramatic Pose

First Vann Illia post of 2015! He's ready for a year of adventure, sex and most importantly treasure! FallenAngel has him all classic barbarian novel cover style here. Every time I look at it, all I can hear is the theme from "Dave the Barbarian" for some reason. :P Can't think of a better way to start the flow of Fallen, then with these two images!

FallenAngel has really been kicking it into high gear this year.  On top of this image, he's created an original pirate character for the Facebook character designer contest for January! Take a look!

You can check it out, along with tons of other entries HERE.  He submitted him around the 10th of January. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Little Mac Punch Out Orgy By Hanzise

What better way to end a long work week and start the weekend, but with an orgy?  And an orgy in a steam room after a boxing match, featuring Little Mac, doesn't get much better then this!  This glorious piece was drawn by the artist Hanzise, based on a concept I sent his way.  He did a totally wild job on the various cocks, especially Macs extra long, bent, cut cock! This was his first attempt at a drawing by using Paint Tool Sai and I would not have known, unless he told me. (Drawfed my first effort by million, that is for sure! LOL.)  Big thanks to Hanzise for this. I look forward to future projects with this artist.  Though I will deduct major points for him for posting this up online before I had a chance to see it myself.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Return Mini Comic

Tonight I have a special treat!  It's a little comic that Sirio and I started working on, just after the digital release of Hot Chocolate. It features two characters that are from the book. One, the Golden Gladiator, he other, the Silver Angel. (Okay so I just make up names for them!)  Sirio and I used the Gladiator waaaaaaaaay back when, in what I believe was our first project together.  Now 6 years later we are bringing Patrick Fillions pin up powerhouse back for another spotlight in our 2 page comic.  I hope you guys enjoy this.  We took a lot of inspiration from Hot Chocolate, picking my favorite cocks and some poses and working them together into one fun tribute piece. Sirio did a fantastic job, working really skillfully on each panel.

Our story starts with a young hero, who has been mortally wounded....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

XhromeR Has Dinosaur Prince Stroking It

Hey guys!  Continuing my 2014 Catch up blogs, here is a piece of palace life by XhromeR.  He's got the Dinosaur Prince up on his leopard skin covered throne, joyfully stroking his dick.  He's been at it for some time, trying to reach orgasm ever so slowly.  He finally lets out his silky soft sperm all over his new throne cover.  Anyone want to clean it up? ;D  Thanks very much to XhromeR who did a perfectly princely job on our dinosaur monarch.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Precursor Pit

Hey guys.

I fucked up my hand pretty good tonight.  I was doing too much at the gym.  I guess I want to look like one of Maduinshorns muscle men, that he has been flooding his tumblr with these days.  Super Smash Brothers 3DS certainly has inspired him a lot.  I asked him if he would be so kind to take on Kid Icarus for me.  Seeing how Pit gets muscular at the end of the original title, I think you will agree that Maduinshorns take on him is very fitting. Too bad Nintendo never went down this path again.  These are the funny sketches he sent, as his cock is first release and then his clothes fall off.  This is just the start.  Maduinshorn and I have even more fun in store for the Icarus angel! 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Apis Bull Touch Up

Today's 2014 catch up blog features a very nice gift from the artist Lenn.  He took it upon himself to touch up one of my original Apis Bull drawings.  He fixed a lot of the errors in the anatomy that I made. :P He also added his own touches, like different skin tones, hair colors and as well, a new hair style.  Thanks Lenn for the wicked gift!
You can see the original concepts here:

Friday, January 2, 2015

Kraw Lash On The Rocks By Hydaria

I'm starting my 2014 round up with this awesome sketch of Kraw Lash, our reptile warrior, lounging around by Hydaria.  It was drawn back around the end of April, at which time I tried to have it coloured.  Sadly, those plans never came to fruition.  I feel he's waited long enough, so here he is to enjoy!  Check out the detail on the rock strata Hydaria did.  The design really helps give the piece a savage world feel.  This is the second time Hydaria has drawn Kraw and once again has done an outstanding job.  That half erect cock, with the thick shielding of foreskin over the head, looks extremely heavy.  It's slowly rising as it grows.  Once it is fully erect it will flop down on his abs and the fun will begin.  Kraw Lash is getting hard, watching you, watching him!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015! A New Year, A New Start

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and are enjoying the start of the new year. Lastmanouthere has a special treat to share today. It's one he worked on all through the holiday season, while he went from Europe, to Mexico and back. This image of Ixy and Nehme, two bitter rivals locked in tender embrace, is the perfect way to ring in the new year. An image of burying the hatching and the beauty of starting new exciting relationships, brings a invigorating message of hope and peace. (Nehme's cock is on pillar of peace is it not?  Couldn't resist...It is gorgeous isn't it? :P) In a world where we still face so many hardships as gay men, I can truly appreciate, the image of enemies finding peace with one another. Thank you Lastman for creating this. I hope everyone has an exciting new year filled with adventure and new opportunities. I'm going to be doing a 2014 round up of images I never had a chance to post last year over the next week starting tomorrow.


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