Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lerhoo the Lion from that Amazing Adonix!

Continuing my massive effort to get caught up, I very proudly present to you guys this new character created by super talented Adonix! I have been holding on to him since mid December and it is about time I unleashed him to the world. The responses to him by friends have been more then positive. He has already been stealing hearts and capturing imaginations for weeks. Adonix has a real untamable lion here! In Adonix own words, Lehroo is the opposite of his Lil'Deep, a wild and dangerous character. His lust is out of control! I will have a lot of fun fleshing him out with some stories and images in the coming months. He drips sexiness. I can see him running through the jungle springing down on all fours, clinging from high tree tops, constantly on the hunt for travelers to add to his list of conquests. The men in his jungle wear very lose fitting clothes just in case they cross paths with him. :P The sex would be very rough with Lerhoo indeed. Perhaps he has a harem....With a character as beautiful as this, the ideas just pour from my mind! Hope you guys like him!


  1. RARRRRRRRRR! >:D hmmma lion man pouncing unsuspected, travelers and villagers in the jungle and humps them none stop like a real King of the jungle :D can't say his "victims" would groan that he's been humping them like a whole day and left them with a swollen butt XD

    Awesome design!

    - FallenAngel

  2. Really fun design. ^^ I gotta say, I love the hair. XD It's out of control and crazy. I feel like it makes the character. Nice stuff!

  3. Being fond of these colors, this special mix of orange and yellow, I can just fall in love with this character. Awesome job !

  4. Wow thanks you three! Adonix was very happy to see his little creation getting such a warm welcome! :) Looks like he is going to be used a lot with such a warm reception! XD



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