Sunday, January 2, 2011

Epic Start of 2011 thanks to Aneros

Guys I have had one of the craziest holidays of my life. I experienced my own little holiday miracle. I really should share that story. Cause of all the goings on, I am very behind on just about everything in my life. At the same time, I feeling energized and will strive to make this year the best ever. :D I wanted to start the year off with an image that Aneros sent me as a Christmas gift yesterday. It's really explosive, so you might want to stand back when you click it. XD

I discovered this late last night, a much needed pick me up after many days of stress. Aneros hinted he had a little something for me, but I was not expecting a two character piece like this. I gotta really hand it to Aneros, this is one hell of a dramatic picture. Nothing like two warriors sparing with their cocks out! Those cocks are really yummy. Apis pink tip hanging out drives me wild!!! Dude knows his foreskin. I had to tell him that he should be very proud, for this I feel this is his most extravagant piece ever.
While a bit harder to catch on this lower res, all the textures on the characters look fabu. He did an especially nice job on the sweet gloves on Apis. They actually look very much like real leather, with cracks from use.
Janatus the Brave Ones face is quite sexy and so cartoony at the same time. There's lots of great expression there that really gives the character a heart. That splash of blue on his face looks fantastic. :) Loving his long sexy torso and massive legs. It was very exciting to see him making the cut.
The Apis Bull I could write a book on! His body is to die for and his face is just soooooooo freaking sexy. Blazing blue eyes? DAMN. That contour line above his hot mouth, massive chest, fuzzy skin tone, arms to die for and pillar like legs? Forget about it, this guy should come with a box of tissues. Now I have to admit, I don't think I ever thought about giving him a sword and shield and he looks so natural wielding one, I am glad to see this side of him.
Thank you so much Aneros. What a way to start the year. You are so awesome!


  1. Happy New year to ya, DP! :3 Hope it'll be a fun 2011 for you. Lol that sounds weird though. That's like I am assuming you could have multiple 2011s. I guess if you had a time machine.... :U
    ANYWAYS. Nice surprise present! :3 He does some good stuff lately, I've seen. Really lovely and dynamic!

  2. Awesome battle :D - FallenAngel



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