Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's gonna Snow for Jacy's Birthday, Final Fantasy Style!

Just a few days ago Ink-B was thinking of his best friend Jacy J. Her birthday was fast approaching, so we made a few calls and got Fallen and Urbanmusiq on the scene to produce some wonderful pictures of her favorite Final Fantasy guy Snow! She's been away studying for some time now and we all wanted to send her some love from home and around the world. Since this would be the first January birthday Jacy would experience snow, I think these are very fitting! :D

Ever see Snow Sparkle like this before? :D

First up is Ink-Bs which was the final one completed. He worked really hard putting all his magic in this one, doing a style he knew Jacy would love. (And yes she so did!) Inks art reminds me of the classic Orange Road anime art. It's very beautiful. Snow is one heck of a hunk when Ink-B takes the reins. With that incredible skin town and soft blond hair blowing in the wind, he will have girls and guys swooning! Who wouldn't want to plant a big kiss on this yummy lips while getting lost in those baby blues? XD Absolutely fantastic!

Ink-B was quick to remind me that Jacy's favorite food is pasta, so I thought why not ask Fallen take on the idea of Snow having dinner with a mysterious someone on her birthday? XD Ha! Okay the hand was all his idea as well as that really cool napkin design. I want napkins like that!!! As cute and adorable as snow can possibly be by FallenAngel! His skin looks so young and smooth! YUM! FallenAngel was a total gentlemen, working on this late into the night to make sure Jacy got it on time for her big day! Big hug to you Man!

Use your Fork Snow! :P
When you are that sexy,
you can get away with messing eating eh Fallen?
Those eyes excuse anything. XD

Last was actually the first image that was completed. Urban living far off in Australia wanted to make sure he didn't miss the date and had this ready really early! XD

Urbanmusiq really wanted to present something exceptional with Snow in his original outfit. And my God, he did that. He is just so sexy! He looks like a real person. I was not expecting Urban to go so above and beyond. I thought he was just going to do a simple sketch, but dang! He shaded it in very nicely and added some shine to this snow! His face is so captivating. Just check out that big bouncy chest and the muscles on the neck like two steel cables attaching to his frame. That is HOT!

Thanks boys! You made Jacy's birthday one she will never forget! Her response was one I won't I know that! :D

Happy Birthday Dear Jacy!!!


  1. HAPPY BDAY Jacy :D

    and nice handsomeness from Ink-B and Urban's version, wanna grope those chest rawrrrr! - FallenAngel

  2. Happy birthday Jacy ! ^^ These artworks are awesome but please don't say that Snow "sparkles", it sounds so Twilight like ! lol

    Pretty nice and fast Snow gallery, all in different styles and sexynes xD



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