Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cute Apils Bull Man made by Cheesestrings. (There's a cow innuendo joke in there somewhere.)

Hey! I was going to take the weekend off, but screw it, I gotta show off this amazingly Cuddly image of Apis by Cheesestrings! He's offering some sweet deals on comms and I was more then happy to help out a fellow Canadian. :P Cheesestrings started doing his cute bara style about a year ago. He soon became known as being a very good natured artist. Back when he started he even drew a cute image of Rikuo for me. Tonight he even gave me some art pointers! ^_^
I am very pleased to present this image of Apis for you guys to enjoy tonight!

Pretty sweet huh? He gave Apis quite the beefy body. He's got a nice muscular body with just a little bit of chubby going on. More to grope! Nice powerful legs too. That blush had me laughing. He certainly brings a new level of adorable to the character. Cheestrings worked on this today, he started it around 4 and had it done around 8, so that is really great. If you are interested in getting a nice picture like this done by him, check out his page here:

A cute lighter cock variation. :D

Bare Bum Rikuo On The Beach!


  1. Kick ass Apis bull :D rawrrr- FallenAngel

  2. Really nice stuff, as you always showcase. The Rikuo booty one is actually adorable and hilarious at the same time. I think it's just the cheek proportions. XD Nice.

  3. LOL yeah Bu! He looks like he might be pushing his buns up against a glass window. :P Glad you like Cheeses work! He is a sweet guy.



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